November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 007

Sheep to the Slaughter?
The great con job upon Humanity

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Why is it that the majority of the human race acts more like sheep and cattle more than self-determined free willed agents? And why is it that cattle and sheep are fed and yet led to their slaughter? Can you imagine while roaming with a flock of sheep, you decide to break away and check yonder over the hill to see what is happening?

Now all the other sheep are orderly and in one area and they remain behind with the flock. But you decide to do what none of the other sheep will do nor do they even aspire to. You go beyond the set boundary.

You return after your journey, you then alert a few sheep telling them. Please come with me, there is a slaughterhouse over the next hill, our shepherds do not love and care for us, they are guiding us to our death.

A debate ensues, the other sheep scream, if this were true someone would discover it and they would not be able to hide it. You then respond, I have seen it and I am warning you, and donít expect anyone else to inform you, how could they, everyone else is afraid to leave the flock.

Then the cries comes out, you are a conspiracy theorist, a nutcase, a kook. Why would anyone listen to you?

This is the greatest hoax on humanity when the very ones being led to the slaughter are also the gatekeepers to make sure no one believes anything differently. The greatest fear of truth, is when truth reveals the flock is in danger.

It is then everyone seems to clam up, they hide their proverbial head in the sand. They become frightened. For it is much easier to believe the lie for safety sake, than to have to answer to the truth that reveals danger abounds.

But why are humans like this? The answer is why are sheep like this? Why are cattle like this? Because it is programmed into them. But who would program humans to follow towards their own demise. The answer to this question is also why humanity does not understand.

They are afraid to think for themselves that maybe they were conned. It doesn't matter whether you are religious or agnostic, the same principle applies. People refuse to hear the truth because it means we may be in danger, so it is easier not to believe.

I have stated this for a very long time. Why was the Devil in the Garden of God. Why did God allow the newly created male and female to be deceived by the Great deceiver? Why did God even allow the false tree in his Garden of perfection and then say donít touch of it lest you die?

Remember, this God gave them laws and rules to live by, and yet in some sadistic fashion he allowed the great deceiver to enter his domain and deceive the two humans that sadly just followed their tempter and set the standard for the entire human race to be deceived.

Thus two humans broke the law, they disobeyed the rules, and then were banished and the curse was placed upon them and their generations to follow. However, if Satan was not allowed in the garden, nor was the tree of good and evil allowed, would this have ever occurred?

Of course not! The tree that was in the garden was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It almost sounds like a magicians act whereby they never reveal their hidden secrets that are used to deceive.

But think, what is Good and Evil, it is God and Devil.

From the very beginning humans were locked into a duality of forces to cause them to be confused, to lead them astray as captive gullible sheep. If you do not want harm to come to your children, do you then hire a rapist and burglar to enter your home while your children are home alone?

I have revealed that the tree of good and evil is the family tree of the fallen angels and their fallen spirit, versus the Tree of Life, which is the family tree of the Aeons of perfection. However there are multiple meanings.

And one of them is, the tree of knowledge also references our false lower programming. We have two trees within us if we are the true children. The one is the Tree of Life connected directly to our divine parents and family via our soul-projected spirit and can if used properly, bypass the human biological tree.

And the other is the tree of death connected to these false gods of this illusory world via our human containers. Our human bodies unbeknownst to most every religion in this world are not the creation of the Divine family.

Our bodies are frail, they are deteriorating, nothing about them is life eternal, but there is another aspect within us, it is our soul, which is connected to divine spirit. Our human bodies are a mixture of good & evil, God & Devil, just like our human intellect and mind are mixed and confused.

The physical aspect of us is carnal, sold under sin. Now think about that, who sold us under sin? Who brought us into a garden that had Good and Evil, God and Devil? My friends, both God and Devil are not of the true Tree of Life, of our divine family.

These fallen ones are usurpers, they are frauds. It is the greatest con ever in the history of the universe, it is called Ordo ab Chao, creating purposeful chaos to be enable order to be brought forth Elohim style.

How loud do I have to scream to finally get it into the other sheep's minds that we have been programmed into a duality to keep us forever lost, confused & stranded while being slowly led to the slaughter every lifetime.

And in every life we are sentenced to a prison leading to death; from the moment we get here, it was a life sentence. We are the sheep bound to the slaughter, because we continue to believe it can't be happening. Yet it is happening and it will continue to happen eternally if need be, until we awaken and break away from the internal programming that constantly leads us into hell.

By: John V Panella

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