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Tempting the Father
Can we Tempt the Father in real Faith?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

One of the scriptures in the Bible that has been used by many to reject faith, is when Satan took Christ upon a high mountain, he basically was pushing him to do something to prove he really was the Son of the Father.

In one aspect in Luke 4, Satan said if you be the true Son then jump off the mountain, for it is written in paraphrase, he will give charge unto the Angels to protect you. It is revealed often that Satan really is weak, his thoughts are so misaligned that he doesnít even realize how foolish they are.

Christ told him, that shalt not tempt the Lord. Many have used this to water down the truth on faith. First of all, the Father cannot be tempted. So challenging him to operate under your directive is a lost cause. Meaning, we do not go around jumping off mountains or cliffs or buildings to prove that we are the Children of the Father.

There are laws that regulate this world, and if you set out to disobey a law then donít expect to be instantly protected, it doesnít work that way. The knowledge and action in faith is based on trust, not reckless abandon.

We trust the Father to aid and protect at all times via the normal and abnormal circumstances that occur in our life. We do not put a loaded gun to our head and say, look, the Father must protect me because I am his Son or Daughter.

Again, it doesnít work like that, if you break a third dimensional law purposefully just to gain a response from the Father, you are going to lose. Not because you challenged the Father to prove his power and then he was moved not to do it, and not because he was tempted. The Father cannot not be tempted.

The Father simply will not intervene, because there is no true connection. If you have full trust in your divine Parents you donít have to prove it to yourself or others, you already know. There is no temptation, there is no adversarial thought in the Fatherís mind, if you try to tempt fate, the Father will not be there for you because that is not how the spirit works. Again you play this game you are going to lose.

It reminds me of scriptures where it stated, that we can be bitten by deadly poisonous snakes and no harm will come to those who trust the Father. So we have daring misfits that actually allow snakes to bite them to prove they with be protected by God.

Some of them actually survive while many do not. And others believe that God did protect them. Again, it doesnít work like that. If a snake arbitrarily bites one sure one can be protected and spared from its poison if they trust.

However, often snakes have what is called a dry bite, meaning no poison was sent. So, if you are tempting fate, and you didnít drop dead, it wasnít because of divine protection; it was the luck of the draw.

If you purposefully shoot yourself it is possible that you can live through the ordeal without hitting ay vital areas, many a suicide victim actually lives through their attempted effort, it doesnít mean they were given protection. But if you purposefully set out to to harm yourself, then you just bit yourself in your own Arse. That is called foolishness; because it is not faith, it is trying to tempt fate. And it does not please the Father.

Yet on the other hand, many have used these scriptures to say that trust in the Father is hit or miss, so you had better do everything for yourself. And then they do not trust the Father for anything. Oh, they may say they do, but the fruits usually prove differently.

Their is a major difference between Faith and fate. They cannot even be added into the same category. Faith is a childlike trust in their Divine Parents, and they knows that all of their needs will be tended to, even during times of trial.

As the child grows and continues to please the parents in their daily activity a parents love is a foregone conclusion, it will always be there. The same with our Divine Parents. We must always trust them, rely on them, have faith at all times.

There is never any excuse to say, well I do not want to tempt them, if you are acting in real true faith. I have seen this my entire life and it is a major reason many do not have a personal relationship with their Divine Parents. They simply do not believe.

I would go to any end to trust my Father for my protection, health and life. My Father is my doctor, my priest, my parent, my care-worker, everything I need or would desire; I can trust my Father for Everything! I have heard some say, but you better not tempt him. This is why many become deceived. It is not temptation to trust. Try to understand the difference.

Many simply do not understand the spirit in the WORD. ĎTrust is not temptationí. Playing a game against fate is. I do not tempt my Father, because my Father cannot be tempted. On the other hand, I do not break laws intentionally just to prove my Father cares for me.

Do you recognize the difference? Do you go out and run in front of car to test your parents to see if they really care for you? Yes, I know some kids how need attention have done just that and have committed foolish actions.

We do not need to prompt our Father and Motherís love for us. Our Father and Mother wants more than anything that we trust them in all things. When we replace that trust using carnal humans and their technology then that is like challenging the Father and Motherís love.

This is like saying I am not sure you really love me, so I better do what others tell me. Satan will do everything in his power to deceive, coerce, drive lies into the mind that make us feel we are all alone out here.

Understand, what I am revealing here I know this to be true beyond all things, our Father wants our trust more than anything else we can possibly offer. I have said it before and I will say it again, without Faith it is impossible to please the Father. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

So if we do anything outside of complete trust, the outcome is not going to be rewarding. It might have the appearance of success short term, but faithlessness will have done more damage to the soul growth than anything else.

This does not mean we are no part of the process. We live our life the best we can and our ability to take care of ourselves and our family and to help and aid others as we are able. However, if something goes beyond our ability, most turn to professionals of this world and not the Father.

And the reason is, they do not truly believe. If you do not understand what I am saying you need to dig deeper into your soul mind via the spirit of Christ. Here is a litmus test, what can any human do for you that the Father cannot do or will not do?

Can you honestly answer this question? Think about it. If you truly need help, who better to turn to, the Father or some human? Who has your best interest at heart, your Father or some human? How many believe; well the Father doesnít get involved if it is something humans can do?

How deep is your trust? Do you really believe, or is the Father a last ditch effort when humans have failed at everything else? Do you think our Father likes playing second fiddle to someone else who may have knowledge in this artificial dimension when the Father has the knowledge of all things in all dimensions, that supersedes all intellect?

Do you really believe? It all comes down to this. Do you really believe? Do you really have a connection? Everything Satan does, is built on the foundation of fear, which leads to doubt, which is the archenemy of Faith, which creates the disconnect with our Divine Family.

If our actions that we take end up replacing trust in the Father for trust in humans, it is normally done out of fear of possible consequences beyond our control because we really do not believe the Father can or will take care of it.

This is why we are pummeled daily with fear of this or that or the unknown. This is the stranglehold Satan has on humanity until they become free to have real trust and faith. I have said it so many times, I would rather be guilty of trusting in the Father, which leads to my death, than trusting in a human method which leads me to living longer.

How many of you can say this? Not many, I already know. I say it, and I mean it with all my heart, mind and soul, and my lifeís past actions have proven this time and time again. But this world and most religions do not teach this kind of faith, because they donít even believe it.

To understand the full joy of being close to the Father & Mother is the belief the Father can do anything greater and more perfect than the most intelligent human on earth using their play-toy technology. To have this kind of faith and knowledge is powerful. Knowing you can trust in total belief that the Father will do whatís perfect for you, even if it means your death. WHAT! are you crazy?

My friends we are not here to figure how to best extend our life in Hell, we are here to be led to enter back into Paradise. However, the love of the Father and Mother via Christ is beyond any love of humans. If we cannot fully trust them, then we have not really begun the ride to LIFE ETERNAL YET.

Remember, the Father cannot be tempted, however the god of this world will use temptation just like he did on the mountain with Jesus and will challenge us break the trust in the Father, by tempting us into believing the Father doesnít truly care for his own child.

So never believe you are tempting the Father or Mother because you trust them to guide and watch over you at all times along with their angel messengers who guard our physical life while our divine Parents guard our internal and eternal life.

I know what I just revealed will fly over most heads and not connect to mind-central, because many still do not grasp the depth of these words. If you want to challenge the Father and Mother, to believe they are real, testing whether they are truly your Parents. And you fail to Believe that they love you more than any other human does. This is not trust; it is doubt.

Do not place yourself purposefully in harms way just to see if your Divine Parents will react. Do you recognize the difference? If you are attacked, that is beyond your control, and it takes trust to deal with the situation.

If you harm yourself purposefully just to verify whether the Father will help, then you have failed to have real faith. I wish I could tell you from my own experiences exactly how to respond or react, however, you need to learn this on your own or it will never become real to you.

No one can give you advice, you must learn this on your own. If you want to make a true challenge, then believe the Father & Mother will be there for you when you need them. And the secret to this is, remember: our life in this world, is not as important as our FAITH & TRUST.

Do you remember what Christ said? Those who try to save their life shall lose it, and those who are willing to give up their life... shall gain it. Mysterious words, but very true.

The day will eventually come, when you realize the divine truth about this last statement. When you are willing to sacrifice your life in this world while being in faith, there is no greater testament of your fruits.

The world does not understand this! The material world has never been as important as the spiritual world, and this is beyond the most comprehension and it may be beyond yours. But the day will come when all of the true children will be moved to have this kind of faith and nothing less.

By: John V Panella

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