November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 002

The False Gospel
We are being Transformed by Grace using the illusion of Time, it is not instant

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

There is a false Gospel being promoted in many Christian sectors providing the belief that all things will mysteriously change and then we shall have a wonderfully blessed life.

Yes indeed there is a fragrance, an odor if you will, a stimulus that is being offered to the masses to protect one from awakening to the realization that the world and everything around is not what we had believed nor taught. And then lo and behold a message of hope entreats the masses, but it is still steeped with ancient incantations, deceptions, rituals and false teachings.

What I mean by that is if the message empowers one, then it is a broken message. Empowerment is the deadly snake in the false gospel, although it seems to feel so real and feels so right on the surface, it rejects the simple truth of, "The Father in one does the good works, 'of myself I am nothing and can do nothing.'"

If you really take the time and listen to so many different people from many walks of life concerning a time of an awakening. Concerning a time where everyone will be taught and understand what has taken place. A new world, a new reality. A rise in consciousness. It all sounds so appetizing. There are many so-called prophets, and teachers who seem to be dedicated unto truth, and they are out there speaking of this rejuvenation of our lives. A new country, a new world, all we got to do is believe and have faith.

They feel that a new world tomorrow is coming, where Earth will become the promised land of paradise. The message is happy, it is fun, it is filled with all sorts of Alice and wonderland attributes. Nevertheless, is this the true Gospel? Is the Kingdom of the Father & Christ truly coming to this world?

Luke 17-21 "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of the Father is within you."

So what does this mean? It was revealed that the true kingdom is something beyond the visible, something you will not see or understand in this realm. As we look deeper...

Luke 17-20 "And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of the Father should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of the Father cometh not with observation:"

We were instructed that the true Kingdom is not visible from this world or realm. This world is not of the Father, and it is not his domain. The real question no one ever seems to ask is why is this realm not the Father's realm? The answer, it is because it is the realm of Good and Evil, it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is death not life....Our world is built upon imperfection, decay and decadence, and it always leads to destruction, this is not the Kingdom of perfection or the TREE OF LIFE, it is an artificial spirit. A fake counterfeit, it is an illusion.

Think about it, a Lion shall dwell with the Lamb and a little child shall lead them... unless of course, a 'wolf' takes over. I was brought up this way my entire life to focus on this grand opera of the Kingdom coming to Earth until I was awakened to the fact it cannot happen here. The Kingdom of the Father cannot exist here in any sense, thus the true kingdom is not external, belonging to this dimension, it is internal, belonging to another dimension. You cannot see it, touch it, taste it, hear it, nor smell it. It is not of this lower realm.

Scriptures reveal Christ comes back to take his people away from here unto the promised land, paradise. As he said, where I am now shall you be also. So we are to go to where he spiritually exists, he is not to come here to this realm and take over. If this was his world he could have taken it back long ago. And he even said this in so many words. Instead he was killed, he was tortured to death by the God of this world. A false God, a fallen god, who truly owns this world and everything in it.

Other scriptures were added to create even more of this confusion. Some scriptures seem to reveal Christ comes back and sets up the Kingdom of the Father here. This is so contrary to everything the true Kingdom is about. Which do you think is of the spirit and which was added by error? How do you bring perfection into error and expect to garner perfection?

Outside what I have written in my books there is a myriad of reasons why perfection cannot intermingle within imperfection and somehow turn out glorious. Changing environment in an imperfect world will have no lasting effect.

Maybe this is why Satan is constantly loosed to deceive the entire world to deceive them all over again, because, it is the tree of good and evil. How could he do this in a world of perfection? Obviously, the people in the kingdom were not very perfect were they if they could be removed from truth so easily?

My favorite reason was if Christ is the King of the World and he begins an everlasting domain, allowing Satan to be loosed again would be Christ's responsibility and his error. Who could you blame other than the King of the World that would allow this to happen? If he is the true King of this world, the magistrate of perfection unto the Father and he takes back this world and rules it as his own, then why would he turn it back over to Satan so that Satan will deceive the whole world again?

Think about it, if Christ the true power of all dimensions spent one-thousand years ruling and perfecting the environment, then how could Satan change this so quickly? Is there something about perfection that is not so perfect after all. Well this is an obvious question to the intent of these scriptures.

This is what happens when we desire an instant fix to all our problems in a world of good and evil. Nothing is ever really fixed, thus the doctrine is in error. Many have been taught a false doctrine.

One of the hardest and most difficult areas in my work was to prove Christ was never intending to come to this earth and rule for a thousand-years like so many believe. Think about it, Christ as ruling King over the entire earth, doesn't it sound wonderful? Yes, but it is not practical or expedient.

Other prophets and teachers have taught and preached a gospel of change coming to us. The Awakening! The new spirit! The transformation! It is the same old gospel, that everyone will be forgiven if they simply repeat Jesus name. And sometimes Jesus is not even a requirement, you just use your own power, and make it so..

And some have had amazing transformations and have awakened and begin to go to churches and prisons waking other people up. Many so called Christians truly believe in these seeming spiritual transformations. However, I am not against it, at least they are not promoting evil, 'but it is not the Father's work'. All of it is a ruse. Not that they personally are attempting to deceive, they may really have had an awakening, but the message they were given is a false message of hope and not repentance.

It is a hidden message that says, you are perfect as you are, just accept the lord or take the power you have and change yourself. It is a subtle message about how everything is going to revert to truth and positive natures, when it has been so steeped in evil.

And I will be honest even the message that many have learned about called Q, it seems to be presenting the same message of ultimate change and a greater world. They do not understand the tree of good and evil. It has never been taught to them. They either side with evil or they side with good, never knowing it all the same tree.

However, if you must choose, then choose GOOD, but it is not the ultimate answer nor will it save anyone. We must return to the Tree of Life and there is only one WAY.

Allow the Father, Mother via Christ live within us to create the transformation, and we simply follow and allow for the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE- the TREE OF LIFE, to become part of the real transformation from the fallen world-the tree of death, so that we may enter unto the perfected realm.

It is sort of like if you are an alcoholic where would be the best place to go to be treated, a bar or somewhere where you are not tempted to drink? And where is the best place for the Kingdom of the Father, Earth? Or someplace that is within perfection already, paradise!

Most do not understand we are all responsible for what and who we have become no matter who deceived us. We have always been given choices, whether we chose right or wrong, it is what we choose. If we chose wrong, we must reconcile that which is within us that led us to that faulty choice. It can't just be erased as if, oops, my bad, let's go on. We are talking about spiritual aptitude and training.

This takes time to develop and for some it takes lifetimes. We just can't sit on our death bed after we spent our lives living improperly, and say, Lord I accept you. And Boom, instantly, all is good, all is right. No one ever asks the question, who would the true individual be, the sinner, or the repentant? Think about it, you spent your entire life making wrong decisions and you lived for the lust of the flesh, and then at midnight, you say, oh I am sorry, and expect it to all wash away. It doesn't work that way. You must bring forth fruits of repentance and change.

What would be left if your entire being was filth and scum? And then wash the exterior away, you might be shocked to see dead man's bones remaining. You cannot clean the outer in a world of imperfection you must wash the inner. If you are standing in a lake of Feces and urine and you use the water to clean yourself off, are you truly ever clean? Of course not because you are still standing hip deep in the mire that made you filthy in the first place. You cannot ever be washed clean while being dressed in dirt.

It doesn't work like that and we can be thankful it doesn't. And we really do not want it to work that way. A person not to long ago asked me, when we enter back into the divine spirit, who will we be? Will we be something else, or someone else? Does anyone want to disappear and become something or someone else?

Not me, you want to become who you really are and what you really have become. Example: when we have sinned but we repented and changed from the way we were. Would we want to become like what we were, the sinner? Or what we became, the repentant? Do we ever want to go backwards once we have tasted the results of a better situation?

Growth is not creating a new you or me to become something we are not, it is polishing what is there and perfecting it. I want the perfection when it is all said and done. Not the garbage that attached itself along the way. Now was the garbage really me?

Yes at one point it was me and all of us, but if we overcome it using the power of the Father via Christ working the good works and fruits from within, We then become. Now, which one do you want to keep, the old or the new? Obvious answer I would hope. But unless we truly become the new we are still the old.

If an individual is riddled with error, and you remove the error what is left, probably an empty jar, a tire without air. Whatever is left will not identify anything. Therefore we must change, we must become filled, forgiveness is given to allow for change, it is not given to sanctify one to become perfect instantly, nor would or should we desire this.

Now we cannot make this change ourselves because we are embedded within error. However, when we allow Christ and the Father to work the miracle within us, they can accomplish this change and transformation that will eventually create a developed personality, character and spiritual make-up, a new you and me.

These things do not happen over night, I assure you. And then we can be removed from the realm of death and enter life. We don't want to stay back in the same filth with our new creation. Just like you do not park your brand new car on a wet and dirty road.

Now most are on a life-long journey to rid the error while adding the truth. It is a long battle so it will eventually be internalized. We must become what we seek. If we seek the truth, we must become the truth. We must become the living WORD. The CHRIST that was in Jesus, must also be within us to create the transformation.

The false Gospel says that goodness will all come to you instantly. Now some say we are all GOD. Once the good is restored around one then you will become good. Sorry, that is not how it works. If you have dirt on you and you fail to wash it off, you will still have dirt on you when or if any outer change occurs around you. Thus a country or world cannot change unless everyone in it repents and becomes new. It doesn't work to change the surroundings and then hope everyone will be perfected by fiat.

This is why I say our transformation must take place and time is our only healer. Does this mean we will ever be perfect in this world? No, of course not. We exist within imperfection, it is our very nature. But the environment creates the needed friction for the soul to learn beyond the body and world environment.

This is the problem with all these people who seek instant remedies and changes. They never reveal how we are imperfect and our bodies are imperfect nor how the world and universe are imperfect, because they believe it was all created in perfection. It wasn't, This is all part of the ruse. The body we wear was created in error so the soul could join in for a Mr Toads wild Ride! REMEMBER?

It is no different than creating a metallic robot and then linking our soul to the computerized mainframe other than these bodies are biological computers. However, the bio-bodies deteriorate much faster, which was all part of the operation in the first place. We learn through the cycles of life and death. But why do we need to learn anything if it is all is going to be erased like magic and we are handed the keys instantly? But that is not how it works!


Why do we need to build character, because once we return home we will choose never to become anything other than what we have become. And that cannot ever happen if there is anything within us that still desires something else.

Question: Why does it say we are changed in a twinkling of an eye if it doesnt happen instantly?

Answer: The change is the transformaton where we are brought from the illusional world unto perfection, or from the illusory flesh and blood where the soul returns back to spirit. But this process does not occur instantly, we must have already been in the transformational process so the ultimate transformation would happen instantly. Thus no one living a lifetyle of sin shall ever enter the Kingdom, you must remove the sin, and then you are instantly rewarded.

By: John V Panella

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