November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 015

Who is the Father
Just who is is our Eternal Parent?

Stephen Winder
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Stephen Winder

In the Divine Secret Garden series John Panella writes extensively about the Father.

This is a further exploration of who or what is the Father. It is also an exploration of Eastern concepts of the Father and where I feel they fall short. Is the Father a biological entity, spiritual entity or mixture of both? Well we know with Jesus, the Father was revealed biologically in the form of the man Jesus who was co-joined spiritually with Christ, the firstborn son of the Father. But in the pure higher sense the Father is spirit.

Eastern religions, Iím thinking especially of Advaita Vedanta, talk of a creator being. They talk about various stages of liberation from this world that can be achieved through right effort and dedication over many lifetimes.

Eventually, in this way of understanding, one can transcend the worldly and lower spiritual limitations all the way up to being one with the creator. From hence onward all sense of self and individuality is gone. One has merged with the great ocean of being that is the source of everything.

Although such mystical union with the 'Omniscient All' may seem like a great way to transcend all suffering and to be one with the divine source of everything, there is one major lack from the divine perspective.

What is the point of creating individual entities if their only real purpose is to merge with the creator and lose their own identity? The Eastern thought believes the creator then recreates individuals and reabsorbs them repeatedly over extremely long periods of time, over billions of years indeed. This is like an extremely long time loop that repeats unto infinity.

What the Eastern religions envisage is not the Father. The Father is an individual and the children of the Father have being given just as much individuality as the Father. For the Father to reabsorb the children and remove the childrenís individuality, like Eastern religions ultimately think, would be to limit and suppress the infinite eternal nature of the Father; part of which is to be fruitful and multiply spiritually.

The notion of negation of a spiritual entity is a notion that comes from the fruits and desires of the flesh. Such notions of negation of a spiritual being that some Eastern thought idolizes is not a fruit of the spirit.

So what is a very brief outline of the spiritual order? First there was the nothing, the all potential, the eternal mind in the great deep. Then arose the one, the Father of all. Then the two, the Father and Mother.

Then the three; the Father, Mother and Christ, the son. Further groupings occur through to infinity. There is no limit. There is no taking back from eternal life's expansion. But all that have eternal life have life through the Father. It is your life eternally but your life is in relationship with the Father and all the other children of the Father.

So where is the Father? The Father as the creator contains all that is created. The Father is beyond to the further-est reaches of the further-est dimensions of time and space. And the Father is within in the very heart of all the children of the creation.

And how do you know the Father? That is indeed a personal question. Just as we are persons why would the creator of existence not be a person? How could we have attributes that the creator does not? Thus to know the Father is to know the personage who is the Father.

And how we get to know the Father is to develop a relationship with him. Like John Panella has stated, to have a relationship with the Father is to talk to the Father, to share your innermost hopes and dreams with the Father constantly.

To have a relationship with the Father is to realize he is your best friend and most trusted confidant. I like to visualize myself and the Father as two entities that are gazing at each other and enjoying each others company, just peacefully co-existing together. Also I like to visualise the Father as my innermost voice and conscience.

More abstractly I see the Father as the eternal flame of which the true children are all sparks. The inner light that teaches the higher principles of truth and righteousness comes from the Father. Our need for spiritual nurturing comes from the Father.

Our moral compass comes from the Father. The Father has provided everything within necessary to have a meaningful relationship with him. But there is one essential ingredient we must bring to the table for the relationship to work. Commitment.

BY: Stephen Winder

Editors Note: When you truly contemplate the idea that all return to some blended ocean of the all Omniscient, removing personal identity; it would be tantamount into believing the Father has done all of this just to expand his own personal glory and greatness.

Yet everything the Father does is to share his glory with everything & everyone He created. Just like a human parent desires the very best for their children they want them to come into their own glory.

The 'all in one' idea is more of the spirit that Lucifer had that purposes the idea about self and self service. Whereas the Father is selfless and exists to serve others.

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