November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 001

The Invisible Path
Reality is Invisible - The Illusion is Visible!

John Martinez
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John Martinez

One of the biggest gifts and realizations that I have had since reading John Panella's Divine Secret Garden series is the gift of discernment between the flesh and Soul/Spirit, the separation between the wheat and tares.

The keys to this discernment was always within me but I didn't fully realize this until learning the mysteries and knowing for myself the difference between our true "family tree" of life and and the tree of the knowldge of good and evil. Johns Panella's books helped so much in making this discernment clear and easy to differentiate when using the keys within.

I realized two paths were set before me yet all existing within the same experience. There is the external path of the flesh whose fruits are duality (the mixture of good and evil ie: god and devil or lucifer and satan).

Then there is the path within of the Tree of Life; and it is this path which leads to eternal life via our Father's via Christ fruits, and both could not be more different from one another!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the good and evil in this world (because that is all that is around us and all that we can see via our fleshly senses) that we forget that there lies a true path that is not tainted with this mixture of confusion and can only be perceived by the spiritual senses.

Have hope my brothers and sisters that there really is true goodness but it lies within us and is invisible to the fallen flesh of good and evil that is covering this truth.

How ironic it is that what is visible is actually the illusion and what is within and is invisible is our true reality and more real that anything we can experince here. We are taught the opposite growing up here in this world. We are taught that it is what is external that is what's real and what matters.

If you are reading this you may be coming to the realization that eveything in this world is an artifical sprirt, a fallen copy of what is real. Our true reality is always present underneath it all but we must go within because it is not found externally.

This reality/path is Invisible to this world because the world knows not the spirit of our Father and Mother via christ it is hidden within each of us as seeds within the avatar/death/dirt.

There is the duality of good and evil externally which we see all the time then there is the Fathers path via Christ, which is where true goodness lies.

The Father and Mother never forsake us while we experience this illusion here; in fact they are closer to you than your own heartbeat.

Through Christ we have always had the ability to discern and ferret out the good from bad but most have been lead away from using our their true keys within and left wandering the external path looking for truth in a world of confusion, lost in the woods.

This gift of internal discernment via the personal connection to our Father and Mother via Christ is what John Panella's books help to restore. Once restored we don't need any middlemen to help us discern. Through experience we are learning to hold onto the good while here in order to build character via a process of being covered in illusion/death to eventually choose the path of life.

True goodness that is not diluted by the confusion and mixture of good and evil is only found in the kingdom not this world and yet Christ said the Kingdom is within you and that flesh and blood cannot please the Father. This is a powerful message Christ was trying to tell us!

This world will never be eliminated of this mixture for when we become aware and awake we realize with all certainty that this is not our world, but it belongs to a fallen mind, a hollow illusion, a game or dream we are experiencing. It is through the invisible, it is through a child's imagination that we connect to this reality within.

In fact the only true life and light in this world is within the children of the Father, the seeds of conciousness within the avatar of illusion. The world is an illusion, but our Soul conciousness and Spirit via the experiences within are real and this world is the friction that causes us to build spiritual character.

Both the Fathers narrow path and lucifer/satans wide path are both present in the same garden but could not be more different as one leads to reality and life eternal and the other leads to being stuck within limitation and illusion of the mind.

The Fathers path is always available to us but we must know the fruits and also know that this path is the invisible path or doorway that lies within and beneath the external tree of knowledge of good and evil. fruits This path cannot be found in this world, therefore to walk this path we must come out of this world and follow our Fathers will through the internal path that Christ paved for us all to follow just as he did.

When walking this path we are never alone and have the best support and true power of our Father and Mother guiding, protecting, directing and controlling our life from this invisible realm via their characteristics, which are the fruits of the Spirit, which are powers in and of themselves.

Faith is our link to this path and these powers which if used, become more real than any knowldge, wisdom or material gain we can receive from this world!

By: John Martinez

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