November 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 003 - Article 011

You aint no Prophet
Are you stuck in prophetic timelines,
or are you using the spirit?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Some have asked me if my prediction about Trump was incorrect. Again as I have stated continually, I make no predictions, I give insights into the prophetic background using the spirit. But as for being a prophet, I am not, and never claimed to be.

I find it very revealing of the massive amount of revelation I revealed about spirit and truth, some get hung up on predictions more than the spirit. This is why I did not even want to add that part in my books, they would have been powerful enough without them.

However, I wanted to reveal the sign of the times we are living in and I wanted to give you insights to prophecy that most have never understood. And therefore the second half of Book Three, details a very long historical calendar of events leading up to our day and beyond.

Of all that I revealed, some got hung up on one insight, and that was when will things happen concerning President Trumpís term in office, people wanted to know exact timelines. I even gave possible dates, and I wish I didnít. Because it has led some astray and sent them back cascading into the worldís confusion.

I had stated that Trump would fulfill the prophecy in 1260 days. Because I believed that certain prophecies were based on his Presidency. Some then claimed, uh huh! You were wrong. Well I could have told them that back when President Trump first took office, I knew he was not fulfilling those prophecies, as of YET and I revealed this to everyone around me, that it is not happening yet!

I had begun saying way back in 2017 that the timeline is off. What I had perceived since 2015 was not exact. I expected him to fulfill key prophecies in his first term in office. I did not expect a second term. And because of this some were removed from their pedestal of hope and false desire. And what Is ironic, I didnít even want to see this prophecy come true. It was never my desire.

Very sad, very sad indeed that some get hung up on wrong precepts. So was I wrong? I do not believe I was wrong in the prophetic insight. Where I made my mistake is it would take a second term for President Trump for the prophecy to be fulfilled. And if you have been watching like a good watchmen then you would understand.

My insight that Trump was chosen, and he was the one to fulfill these prophecies has not changed. It was simply delayed based on the fact, the prophecy never stated the timeline, but I did under my own theory.

The prophecy revealed about the man who would perform this job. It revealed that he would reset the foundation of his country back to its founding Fathers, or the foundational ones. And that is exactly what he has been doing.

However, there were more prophecies that revealed the exact nature of this work, and that part was not being fulfilled, YET! And I recognized that right away. Did that mean he is not the right man? Of course not, there are many layers to an onion. It means his time was not granted yet to fulfill key prophecies. ďNot by might, nor by power, but my my spirit saith the Lord...Ē

I spoke all through my books about timelines and their functions, Even in my Time Loop Chronicle books I revealed that timelines change or are not set. But the events that play out are usually accurate not the dates in question.

However, more prophesies included what the chosen one would have to accomplish, and that part was not being fulfilled, as of yet. I think the fact that I gave this insight was pretty astounding since it has been part of my work for over 30-years. And everything has gone as I believed, except for absolute knowing of days and hours of said events.

For 30 years I have been teaching how the United States would be removed from the Global Empire of Darkness, or the New World Order and that key events must take place. And by September of 2015 I recognized that Donald John Trump would be that man to accomplish this task, because no one else would or could. No, Russia didnít place Trump into this position, the Watchers did.

I find that quite amazing that I have been so dead on accurate of the events and how they play out, but people get hooked on dates and then they discard everything else because of a failed date, but they themselves fail to understand the over all aspect is still very true, that nothing has changed.

It is still Donald Trump. Now if he were to be defeated in his second term, I will admit my insights in this prophetic area were dead wrong. I would be a fool not to.

But nothing has changed. It is all still going as revealed but much slower than I first realized. One should give me credit for all that I did reveal that was valid and not get hung up on dates. Donald Trump will win again, because he must finish the prophecy.

There is no one else that can or could have done this job if you correctly understood what I revealed. He is still the Elijah, the Joshua, the Zerubbabel, the Cyrus and even George Washington along with a few others, that were spoken of about this period. He is fulfilling prophecy.

This alone should astound people that I gave insight into these variables for decades. But no, some get hung up on absolute dates. My friends you better hope and pray I am right because if I am wrong, pain and suffering are coming much faster and hardly anyone will escape. Let the added time be our grace to fulfill what it is that we need to do to help others.

Having to rebuild the foundation of America/Israel as I have been teaching after it was completely destroyed by the enemy is a major feat. Yes I thought it may happen during Trumpís first term. Yet soon after he took charge, I knew it was not happening as revealed, but I still believed he was the chosen one even though I was perplexed why he was not fulfilling the prophecy.

However, no longer am I perplexed I now understand. There is more work to do because Satan has done so much greater damage than was first understood.

Two things didnít occur to me, a President can have two terms, and both terms are their presidency not just one. Plus as long as it is the same person, no matter how long they are in office, the prophecy is still being fulfilled. But maybe there was a little bit of impatience in me because I want to see things improved for a little while at least.

I could have gone back into my books and re-edited that part of my statement on dates long ago, but I didnít, because I made it plain it was a best guess and I never claimed to be a prophet. So I left the onus on the back of the readers to discern correctly; but not to wrongly judge me incorrectly.

I am not here to be correct on prophetic dates, I am here to reveal spiritual insights and then it is up to the reader to use them. This is what I must do also. Just because I missed my target date, you donít throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater. The fact is, everything I revealed dealing with centuries of time, were played out exactly. Yet they happened in their own time and way.

If you turned bitter and walked away from this foundational truth I have been revealing just because of a missed date, then you never understood my work in the first place. You were looking for fast track out of here, or you were simply waging all your bets on the wrong issue.

I had many over the years write me and ask, when do you expect this or that will take place? I was very uncomfortable because they were centering their hopes on the wrong issues. I would like them to talk about spiritual development and awareness, but concerning oneself of dates and times is not why I spent a lifetime on this work.

Most of the people who were only concerned about dates and times are no longer with us. The rest have spiritually grown beyond measure. Because they centered their heart and mind on spiritual things not carnal things. And they have reaped a great reward.

My friends, if you are not ready, if you have not prepared, then no matter how perfect you understand prophecy you wonít be protected or saved anyway. It is those who keep their lamps full of the spiritual oil that will enter the inner temple, not those who can prophesy exact dates.

Christ told us, those who watch, to warn of the thief in the night and that they must get their house in order, because we do not know the hour or day, but we must prepare as if it is upon us, but be ready to continue to move forward if it is not.

Where is your heart and dedication? Is it upon knowing dates, or is it upon overcoming and learning the things of the spirit? Only you can answer that. If all you care about is the events of the end time, then you will not be ready to escape them even if you know the exact day and hourÖ

I created a forum for my readers to discover who is really understanding what it is that I have been revealing for a very long time. I wanted to see if others were using the spirit of the Father or were they only concerned about saving their own skin.

The forum produced miracles, but it also revealed the inner heart of the readers that had a different agenda. The forum is no longer necessary, but the fruits of its true harvest have been reaped. We now have leaders and teachers and not just followers. I never wanted anyone to follow me, I wanted leaders.

I want people who can teach others what I have taught them using the spirit of the Father via Christ. I was always seeking teachers, and leaders, and guides, and never followers. But I had to see the spirit within, first, to allow them to proceed.

Too many are centering their concerns around their own needs and desires, and have no real desire to teach and lead others according only to the Holy Spirit. Christís final command was, Feed my Sheep, he repeated it three times.

In these last days, many are called, but only a few are chosen. Those few will become the leaders and guides for others as they train to become Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of the Father. The same principle since the time of Jesus is still occurring now. But I couldnít just tell everyone that was the goal or we would end up getting fraudulent guides and teachers who can follow rules but are unable to follow the spirit. That had to be the Great Test...can you follow the spirit from within?

My friends, the testament of this work has always been about the Holy Spirit. It is not about the words written, or the status of people. It has always been about the true Spirit. And that is what I was seeking and looking for in everyone.

If some had attitude problems or had issues that were not congruent to the spirit, they can not be used. If someone could not follow simple directions of propriety and order, or follow a simple path of philosophy of serving one another, they could not be used.

To be a true leader you must be able to be led. If one is unable then they fall by the wayside. It took about a year to to discover and establish leaders who understand and are following the spirit. They are not led by prophecy or dates and times, they are led by the spirit.

And one thing I learned is, you cannot fake it. It must be real and internal. Because fakers are outed every time. They simply canít keep their proverbial mouth shut when it comes to verifying their use of the true spirit. They always reveal their true inner intentions.

The work I began via the spirit of the Father and Mother via Christ has now morphed into a more powerful work to share and help others, but mostly to feed the true sheep who have been scattered in the wilderness by all the false programs and false teachers.

We are not here to save you, but to awaken the forgotten true children to the truth Jesus taught but had been removed over the centuries by demons. Our job is to reveal this before the final cycle of cycles, called the Harvest, at the beginning of another time-loop.

The tiny seed I planted has now gone worldwide. And it has borne fruit as to others now becoming teachers of the Divine Spiritual truth. And this newsletter is another stepping stone to our ultimate reality. Now the reader can see the spirit in action allowing them to be fed in a greater way even beyond the books.

By: John V Panella

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