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America in Prophecy
America and President Trump were predicted
long ago, the question is, WHY?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Christ did not get involved in the Politics of his day where he chose sides. He simply taught one another the spiritual values that the Father had handed to him, and he spread the truth that way. More and more I am coming to understand that we must not be involved in the political sports arena.

For that is what it is, there are two teams vying for the win at any and all costs. Just like I wrote in my books, both sides have certain points that are valid. And although I would tend to be more Conservative in my values, there is some truth on the other team's side.

When we take sides we become blind to all of the other issues. I have been having a discussion about how do we function in a world of good and evil. Obviously, we want good over evil, so we tend to lean to one side more than the other.

But how often is it simply a trap for souls? Are we being trapped by our dedication of one value over the other. What do I mean by that? I wrote about it in my books, just because someone has a value or belief as your own, does this mean we completely sell out to them? What happens if we completely side with them and they have other values that are not ours?

Where do we draw the line? I believe Christ already drew that line. We were told, Come out of her my people and do not be partakers of her sins lest you partake in her plagues. It is becoming obvious the more deeply I dig into this, that we truly must come out of the world, in all forms. 

This is not our world, it is a foreign land. It is not even our job to change this world. For this world does not belong to Christ or the Father. We must live in it, but we must not be part of it. Like a traveler to a foreign country. You can watch and learn how they live but you are not there to change them.

We were told to stay away from the evil of this world. The evil is the trap, but how is evil defined here? It is both good and evil. Whoever you join with, eventually you come back to evil. You cannot become free of it because the very foundation of this world is both good and evil. So as it said in the movie, War Games, the best choice is not to play the game.

I have been meditating on this topic, and I have concluded we must not play the game. Part of not playing that game is not allowing ourselves to be emotionally involved... Recently I told some friends of something that happened to me back in 2015 and 2016...

Based on everything I knew and understood, I was revealed that Trump was going to become President. Because the prophecy revealed to me the USA must be removed from the beast powered system, which was entangled with the United Nations.  When I came to realize what Trump stood for, a 30 year old understanding that I had been aware of finally revealed the next step on the horizon... The Father told me Trump was going to win.

I knew Trump was going to win. He would become President. By October of 2016, however, being human I began to doubt my understanding, because all evidence that we were getting not just based on the polls, but based on the fact that there was a grand scheme to steal the election by the other side, as it has been done many times before, it just appeared there was no way Trump could defeat this dark controlling factor?

So I went back to the Father, I said, Father, I put my reputation on the line telling everyone Trump was going to win, because he perfectly fulfills key prophecies. But it doesn't appear that at this point that he can beat the cheaters, and we are just a month away from the election and it appears he has no chance of winning, some polls had him down 93%-7%. Father help me to understand.

Do you know what the Father revealed to me? He told me basically, take it to the Bank, Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Those protecting him will stop the theft of the election to make sure he is victorious. 

All I could say is, great, thus it appeared he would win and begin the restoration. However, it was what the Father told me next that had basically plagued me from that time forward. Here it is, I am being shown in advance that Trump is the one who will restore America at least for short term. That I had already realized, because unless America repents her destiny is plastered all through prophecy, and it ain't good.

However, I knew what was going to happen if HRC won, and it meant sure devastation for tens of millions of Americans and maybe hundreds of millions around the world, in a very short time. They were planning and all out assault on humanity.

In fact in 2016, I had personal awareness that truckers from all over the country, under command of the last regime using FEMA, they were being sent inside the earth with massive amounts of supplies to keep the elite comfortable, in underground city/bunkers while America burned in flames. You know, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

This was all part of the plan, to bring America upon its knees to globalists socialists, and they almost pulled it off. So Trump was like a godsend no doubt, however, he was not sent by the Father. And that brings me back to the second thing the Father revealed to me. He said, after he told me Trump was going to be the next president, he gave me a personal added warning. He said, "Whatever you do, do not give your emotions over to this man!"

Excuse me? What? Here it is Trump is like the rider on the white horse coming to save the day, saving our lives, and I am being told not to give him my emotional body... Why? I didn't understand it then, and for 3 1/2 years I still didn't fully understand it until recently. 

As I stated, politics is like a sports venue, you choose who to route for, whoever you choose they have you locked in. It is like going to a football game and you route for your favorite team. It doesn't matter how they win, you just want them to win.

In the last 3 1/2 years the game was between Conservatives and Progressive Liberals. The red team and the blue team, all along the way Trump has been holding rallies, which is another thing you do to drum up support for the team. You need cheerleaders at the game.

How can I ignore the fact that Trump saved our lives and it was even prophesied? Can I simply ignore this? Well of course not, but the Father warned me, do not give your emotion, or better stated do not be a fanatic, do not be a team fan. This is not your team, this is the world's team. "WHAT?"

Why would the Father warn me about this? Well he knew me for one thing, I would support the one who is seeking good over evil. I would support the one who is standing for what I know to be truth over error. So he was giving me a little notice, be careful, but why, are we not supposed to route for good over evil?

Obviously there is something not copacetic in this deliverance that we might have had perceived or had hoped for. Don't get me wrong, that still doesn't allow for the opposite side to win in anyway, they have proven they are totally from the dark side. However, what we are watching is a game being played, but not by humans.

This game is being played by the Gods of good and evil, Meaning, the Watcher Angels and the spirit demons. But who are the Watcher angels, they are the fallen angels. And the demons are the creation of Sophia's/Lucifer's falsely created son.

And what is the game all about, 'balance' as it always has been. When evil begins to become more powerful, then the good players jump in to balance it out. Now watch closely for the key. The good in this world is not about removing the evil, but balancing it. Did you catch that?

They do not want to remove the evil, that is not the game plan, it is to balance it out so the good and evil remain equal. Why would they do this? Because until Sophia is restored and redeemed she must play this game by the tree she created. Good and Evil. Both must remain. It must remain; because without the friction of evil the true children of the Father do not learn their lesson about imperfection.

However, in our Father's house there is NO EVIL at all, period! So how do we get what we desire in a world that is designed not to function according to our true design?

You stay out of the game. Do not become a fan, just a viewer.

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Once you know the outcome you sit back and watch as if you are there but not really there. Where I learned my lesson was, I became a fan, I became an overzealous fan that needed to win the game by removing all evil. Just win the game.

But every time Trump and team were about to or could have scored a winning touchdown and won the game, they decided to punt. It is like they wanted to keep evil in the game. They continuously kept the evil in the game even when they could have defeated them and this was driving me and many others as fans crazy.

Here all these wicked and evil entities on the other team which should have been removed they were being allowed to remain in the game and it never changed. In fact, even some of the cheerleaders on our side kept telling us, don't question the game plan, trust the plan, just believe it will work. But what exactly is the plan. To keep evil viable, obviously.

It was then I began to realize why the Father told me not to give my emotions over to this man, because he had no intention of cleaning house as I and many others would have expected, he is only doing what needs to be done, and that is to keep the "game" active.

I became frustrated, I began to ask the serious question, if this man was sent here as divine providence why is he not doing what needs to be done? Well first of all he was not sent here by the true Father & Christ, but he was sent here by the Watcher angels, the heavenly gods of this world. 

And that leads me to the next revelation. And that is; who is this man really? Remember, the revelation in my books where I revealed in my opinion, not as a prophet but one who spiritually discerns... a powerful truth was given unto me that until now I do not suspect the majority really knew or understood this. When John, James and Peter went into the high mountain with Jesus and they witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus, along with Moses and Elijah...

That was pretty powerful stuff, but when the Father spoke directly to the three disciples, he told them, this is my SON, LISTEN TO HIM!

I explained why this was so important. Jesus was the Christ, not Moses or Elijah, but the people of the day inluding all of the disciples looked to Elijah and Moses as types of Christ, but they were not Christ. I stated they were of the watchers. 

When the Father, not Jesus, told the disciples to listen to Christ the SON, he was saying quit following Moses and Elijah they cannot and will not save you, and in truth they have no desire to. As soon as the Father said this, Moses and Elijah disappeared. And the disciples were told not to reveal this to the others it would have been seen as blasphemy.

Do you know what the Father really told them, he said, whatever you do, do not give your emotions over to these others, only give it to Christ.

This is why for 3 1/2 years there has been nothing but frustration, we may of wanted the evil to be cleaned up and out, but it continued to remain and surface. In the world of Good and Evil, evil can never be removed. It will remain as a game for as long as the Children of the Father must be tested by the friction so they can properly choose. 

Sure some may say, trust the plan, don't become doubters. Just believe. Well my friends there is only one place that evil cannot exist and will never be allowed to penetrate and that is the Kingdom of the Father. This idea that evil will be removed is built on false beliefs that this world belongs to the Father, and it does not.

Even those who tell us to believe also tell us it is a one big game. And that is what it will always be, a game. A game between good and evil. Sometimes good wins and sometimes evil wins, but to those that are playing, it is simply a game.

If we get caught up in this game we will become very unhappy campers. Because what we desire ultimately can never occur here. I am sure we shall witness some events where the evil is removed, but there will be enough left to continue the game and sure enough even prophecy reveals that the game switches back to the evil before the end of this world.

Why do you think there is a great judgment day when an unknown number of people are executed for their beliefs in Christ? If we turned to good and removed evil, then why does evil ramp up again? I revealed in my books what happens to the United States via prophetic warning, and it all comes down to the same thing it always came down to, and that is the people were not right as living by spiritual truths of the tree of life, but they remained in the tree of good and evil.

It is always the warning to the people to repent of their sins or be destroyed. It is like if you took a glass and ran it across the bottom of the river, and you end up removing the rocks, there is still mud and dirt in the water. If you do not clean that out your water is still not drinkable.

Just because some of the rocks are removed, doesn't change the pattern that the people are still living in sin. And if they do not repent, there is no hope for change. This is written from the ancients who all suffered because the people would not change.

Sure many would love to see the leaders who have led people into dismay and horrid situations, sure it is nice to see them removed, but if the people do not change, the removal of the leaders is meaningless. Prophecy revealed that a man would restore America, I wrote this in my books. And he would bring it back to the way it was supposed to be. But it will not last. In fact it will be very short lived.

Prophecy reveals the people will not change from their evil ways, and thus the end will come faster than lightening. Christ is the only way out, not Donald Trump or ELijah, and we cannot come out until we give our will unto the Father, else wise we shall enter darkness again.

We can hope and desire that President Trump and team removes as much evil as they can, but until the people are told to repent of their sins, it is no different than removing rocks and leaving the dirt. My friends, what we truly desire is the Kingdom of the Father, this is where we really want to be, this world can never offer that, because its foundation is built on corruption, good mixed with evil.

We have been lied to by so many that most do not realize the end time doesn't happen once, it is a continuous narrative, a time-loop that never changes until all the true children repent. And then and only then, will this realm be removed forever. Then we shall have a new heavens and new Earth. For the old shall pass away. However, until then the game will go on.

Those of the true children want  desperately to see perfection, but we shall never see it here. It cannot happen here. And thus we shall always be frustrated because what we desire never happens to the extent we know it needs to be. It never has, in all the time of this earth and its existence, along with all of the time loops, nothing has ever changed away from the central theme of good and evil. It is the game of death repeated.

If we could have perfection here then there would be no need for the Kingdom of the Father. For this realm is not the Father's realm, nor shall it ever be. 

As I stated, I revealed there is prophecies, and not just one but many that reveal America will be restored, but then after the restoration it enters what is called the Great Tribulation. The problem is most people are unaware of who the United States of America really is in prophecy, and because of this they have no clue what is in store.

I thought the restoration would take place in the first 3 1/2 years of Trump's calling, but it didn't, he never got the chance to truly restore America and remove the rocks, because the ones he needed to remove to accomplish this task to bring America out and away from the Global World Order, could not happen as of yet, until these blocks are eradicated.

But the prophecy has not changed, it just extended time a little longer, in that since he didn't do it in his first term, it is going to win a second term. The watchers placed him as President to do this job, and they will continue to use him until he completes it. 

As I stated in my books and I have seen nothing to change this, he will still be the last President of America in this time loop. After the job is completed then the end shall come.  And as many who seek and desire to see change, you must understand, to be granted that change we must enter the Father's Kingdom, which means being prepared and ready.

For this is not the Father's Kingdom!

BY: John V Panella

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