October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 002 - Article 006

Appreciating the Gift Within
The process!

Domico May
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Domico May

Appreciating the gift within the process...I have to remind myself of this, periodically. I say this because this world has a way of wearing us down and if we are not careful, we can begin to lose our ability given to us from our Father via Christ, to keep our experience in this world in its proper spiritual context and perspective.

However, in order for us to to become appreciative of the gift within the process and to endeavor to remain so, we must first become aware of the fact that we have been presented a gift and we must gratefully and humbly accept it.

Until I had read the Divine Secret Garden series of books, I had been totally unaware that I had been presented a gift. A gift whose value is beyond measure and is wrapped in the wrapping paper of this human experience...let me explain.

I used to view the process of the 'human experience' as a curse and as something I no longer wanted to take part in, but had to endure until its end. Because I felt this way so strongly, I was catapulted in the direction of wanting to find out how and why I ended up here.

And in regards to the 'how' and 'why', the stories I had been told and the reasons I had been given--from the various perspectives, religious, philosophical, new-age, etc.--just were not cutting it anymore.

During that time in my life, I was angry. And to be honest, I had lost all and any hope when it came to me finding any meaning to life. I say this because I had come to the conclusion that the 'God' of this world did not have my best interests in mind.

His world is one of decay, death and mindlessness; his world's foundation is a parasitic architecture that feigns cooperation but is rooted and based on competition with and dominance over another. We are born, we have a few laughs and good times, our sufferings are all but guaranteed, and then we die...that pretty much sums up human existence.

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In understanding this existence, I had seemingly come to a dead end with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Like I said, I had lost all and any hope.

Then along came the Divine Secret Garden series of books, I read them and my life has been forever changed. I learned of the 'how' and the 'why'. And I became aware of the gift that is wrapped in the wrapping paper of this human experience...the gift of redemption and restoration that my Divine Parents have given me via their first born, the True Christ.

A gift of enduring and going through a process that will culminate in undoing what I have done. And if you are here, reading this newsletter along with the Divine Secret Garden series of books then, you, too, are becoming aware of the fact that you have also been presented this same gift.

In closing, there is a Nag Hammadi scripture I would like to share. It is a scripture from the book entitled 'On The Origin of The World' and it goes as follows:

'So when the world came into being, it went about in error and confusion all the time.'

This scripture, after reading it, always makes me feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck because this scripture succinctly sums up not only this world but our human experience...in error and confusion ALL the time!

But see, here is the thing, unlike this world, we, as true seeds, go about in error and confusion due to our ignorance, indifference and rebelliousness. And our Father via Christ, and our Christ via his messenger, our brother John V. Panella, has provided us with the 'key'.

Hence, ignorance can no longer be our excuse that keeps us in both error and confusion all the time and that also hinders us from being aware of the gift we have been given. However, indifference and rebelliousness can still serve as stumbling blocks for us if we do not gratefully and humbly accept the gift our Father has given us through Christ.

So with this in mind, we need to pray to our Father via Christ for the spiritual zeal to overcome indifference, and we need to humbly ask for forgiveness and repent to overcome our rebelliousness. And In doing so we will grow in both awareness and in appreciation of the gift within the process.

BY: Domico May

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