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Christian's Article 'Team Player'

Outstanding article Christian you truly do have the talent to write and express things in your writings, inspirational to, it amazes me in what you are able to do and say and I know the spirit of Christ is within you to be able to do this, keep it up and don't lose it, great article....and so true humility is the key and people have got to know what that means and see it in there lives, to learn and grow, stubbornness will not get you anywhere but outside looking in.....

Michael - Ohio USA

Panella's Article 'Contradiction or Misunderstanding'

Dear John, I love your work and appreciate the news letters immensely. I've gained alot of insight into spiritual truths that were similar to my own, but clarified; some new things too! Many continued blessings to you and your family and to your work for the glory of the Infinite Divine Spirit! Thank you! -

Traci - Florida

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