October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 2 - Article 015

The Battle of the Ages
In the Liquid Illusion we call Human Life.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

My friends and family, no one ever said that our battle would be easy. The very idea that only a few from humanity in any given age will ultimately succeed, reveals how difficult this operation truly is.

I liken it to a boxer in training, they must train daily, exercise, push the body further than one could possibly imagine, and all for what? To gain that edge, to have the ability to defeat the enemy combatant. One punch in the most vital area could end it all in a second.

Yes, the battle is difficult, and one not to be cast off as a simple endeavor. We are not hear to train to box or any other physical activity from a spiritual perspective. We are not here to run races, or become aficionados in some sort of earthly activity. We are here to battle an unseen enemy, that has power over the airwaves and one that can remotely operate within our thoughts to cause us great consternation.

We are fighting for our lives to gain access back to our true home. Our battle is a spiritual battle, and our training is all about accessing one key aspect. We must be connected with the Father/Mother via Christ. I know it sounds cliché, but it is a fact. We of our own cannot win a war against a hidden enemy which attacks us from every possible unseen angle.

An enemy that knows our every weakness, and is hell bent to exploit it for some demonic twisted desire. An enemy that can use anyone that is complicit in being maneuvered as a helper or gatekeeper to aid in this devilish attack.

The attacks come from mysterious origins, and range from between simple thoughts within the mind to creating doubt to even manifesting bodily injury. When you truly understand the war we are in, it is advisable to comprehend we cannot win this battle, we cannot defeat this enemy, by our own abilities.

There is nothing we can do that will influence the result. We are helpless. But this is not meant to frighten one, nor scare anyone off. It is meant to register in our mental thoughts, that we must have the power of the angels along with the Father/Mother and Christ to defeat the enemy and win this battle.

Our job is to unite, to become like them, and seek their character of spirit. As we draw closer we begin to take on their spiritual flame. We adapt and we begin to become more like our divine family.

Do you understand, none of us can win the war, we cannot defeat the hidden and even seen enemies by human means. It would be like cutting a sword through air; it is impossible to do any damage.

However, we can open the doors to allow the real victors to enter our mind and realm. The Father & Mother via Christ, which gives us the spirit of peace, knowledge and faith from within, while their angels combat the enemy externally on our behalf.

If we live a life becoming like our divine family, we gain all the benefits as an heir to a great kingdom. Daily we must seek for them to be in our lives, to activate the spirit from within. Our divine family should never be ignored. There is no weakness in needing their help at all times.

Talk to them, engage in conversations often. Reveal your weaknesses and even hopes and desires; but always realize the Father’s will be done not ours. Be ready to conform at all times, always trusting as a child.

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Soon you will begin to feel their power from within, their love from within, their security from within. Soon you will feel that connection that no power on earth can divide or separate. It takes time to break free from the controls of this matrix.

Like boxing, or playing a musical instrument, or what ever it may be, we must engage in being engaged with our divine parents. We need them at all times. We cannot do it without them because our enemy functions from another dimension and level of mind and spirit.

It has taken me a lifetime to understand about the liquid illusion and ripples in time. I am beginning to grasp even more about the invasion of our sub-consciousness.

For so very long demonic possession or the take over of the body seemed as an individual act. What I am sensing now is that the lower spirit world is bringing a lower dimension, one that the demons were imprisoned in and lifting that dimension into ours.

They are doing it by the ripples in the water effect. When you throw a rock into the water it sends waves and ripples in a 360 degree area, and in time the ripples subside and the water seemingly becomes normal again even though something invaded its space. I feel what they are doing is creating some sort of ripple effect which blends two or more dimensions together, and they are trying to posses the entire dimension with their darkened spirit mind.

They are taking over thought, reason and intellect by a mass group possession. I began to realize what the statement meant by, Come out of her my people, be not partakers of her sins or else you will be partakers of her plagues.

We must not fall into the mindset of the world as it is being re-possessed. This is the time to pull away from the world as much as we can and keep our conversation active and open with the Father & Christ aling with all those of like minds.

This is not the time to be connected in conversation with the world and all those in the world. Now granted many are stuck due to jobs and other activities, but we must do our best to disconnect from the mental and emotional connection to this world. We are galactic travelers in a sense, just visiting.

This demonic cabal and their followers are trying to change us, they are trying to group possess us, and for many they have already accomplished this evil act as we see all around us. It began to dawn on me why people are changing dramatically, it is because of the mass influence and everyone who is connected too deeply to this world will be graphed into their nature of mind.

We must begin to separate emotionally and mentally from this world to allow our spirit to be lifted up back into the proper frequency. And this is the key, Frequency, they are trying to tune us OUT away from the spirit of the Father, when we need to be tuned IN.

There is no greater time than that we go deeper with the Father and Christ, this is not the time to allow the world's emotions and mental aspects conquer us. We are in a battle for our spiritual lives, and there is nothing we can do to fight it other than draw closer to the Father and Christ and then they will fight our battles.

This is our time to learn about separation from the world. The more we draw closer to the Father & Mother via Christ, the further we are from this state of mind of the world... Come out of her my people..

Therefore, be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove, and always remember no matter what the battle, we have a power behind us that all the armies in the universe will not be able to defeat. Realize who you really are behind this illusory construct in this forbidden artificial spirit.

BY: John V Panella

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