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Become a Child again
Unless you become that little child again, you shall in no way enter the Kingdom of the Father! Special MP3 audio included!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

One area I have been talking about and writing seriously for decades is the subject of faith and what it literally means. I feel it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in all walks of life. Lately I have been digging deeper into this area because so many do not understand something about faith, and that is why they will always have a disconnect with the Father and Christ. 

The best way I can describe faith, is the ability to let go. Release pride and ego. Move away from fear, and completely submerse oneself in the hands of the Father. What I just wrote will no doubt go over the heads of many never realizing the key. Faith is not exactly desiring something and hoping for the best that you might receive it. Faith is letting go of your own natural process and letting a higher power regulate the outcome. In simple terms, one must surrender. 

Until you get to this point, you will never fully understand what faith is. You might get the feel of it, but it will never truly be real in your daily life. We as humans are told we must act, we must control, we must have the power. This is the opposite of real faith. True faith is allowing your Father/Mother, and Christ to regulate the outcome without you or anyone elses interfering. If we get in the way at any point, we stumble and this is not perfect faith. 

Yes, faith comes in portions, some have a modicum of faith, others have a different view of faith. It matters not, because perfect faith is letting go, surrendering, giving up the ego. It takes something amazing to be able to grasp what I am teaching. In my experience in life, 99% of the people I have witnessed that declare they have faith, are not even close. What they have is called "hope for something", yet having no understanding how it may come about or how to obtain it. 

Many things in life have deluded us to the belief that there is no real reason to have faith, as we go through our day, most things are either under our control or someone elses control, but often the need for real faith is not even projected in our personal illusion. Faith is often sought for when there is no where else to turn. Where something happens that is out of our control. Maybe a health issue, or maybe a legal or religious issue. Whatever it may be, most discover that faith is needed the most when things are beyond our personal control. 

And this brings me to the KEY. As a child, we may hold on to our parents hands when we go into the public. We need to be fed when we are hungry. We need protection from all the negative elements surrounding us. As a child we simply let go and allow our parents to control. It is when we get older we then begin to take back some of our own personal controls, we don't need the parents as much, we don't need much of anything as time proceeds, we begin to believe, the world is our oyster and we must search for the pearl. 

What is happening is, we pull away, we begin to realize that we can make our own decisions, we can create elements in our own life to garner our own protection, and to overcome negative aspects. In fact, it becomes so powerful many do not even believe they need help anymore. 

Often in this world when we lose control, the world itself offers guidance and protection. We have insurance, we have lawyers, we have doctors, we have priests, yes, we seem to have all these substitutes for faith that we rely on when things do not go our way or as expected. From cradle to grave we are taught how to separate from the divine, and become our own person, and when events occur that remove our control the world itself offers a substitute that gives us back some aspect of power. 

Over the many years of our life we forgot what it was like to be that little child that simply allowed the parents to make our way in life. Christ often spoke of the little children. In fact, one of his most amazing remarks was, become you therefore like a little child. He also revealed, that unless we become like that little child, we shall in no way enter back home to the Father. It was also stated, without faith it is impossible to please the Father, this is a book in itself of why this is true. 

In all of our perceived glory as humans, we forget that to the Father/Mother and Christ we are simply children. We still need to be nursed. We need to be guided and led by the hand. But in our perception, this is silliness, because we are grown adults now and we can control our own way and direction. We have spiritually become rebellious kids, thinking we can do it on their own, which was the problem in the fall of Lucifer in the first place. 

This is why if we do not become like that little child again, who is able to trust and give over their entire life to the Father and not some impersonal God, then we shall forever remain lost in our own ignorance. Faith is so much more than we have ever been taught or even realized. 

In retrospect, what most do not understand, is this world is the programming to make sure we never become like that little child again. Yet, if we do not, then we are never going to break free from the cycles of life and death. Therefore, it behooves me to teach one lesson, and this is the key. We must be in faith at all times surrendering our will to our divine parents every single day. But what does this mean? It means perfect trust in our spiritual Father and Mother, it means contact all the time. 

Nevertheless, here is the problem, when we were children, we could feel the hands of our parents, we could see their control over our life. It was easy to trust.

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But when we become adults we don't see that concerning our spiritual parents. We cannot see our divine parents guiding and leading. 

Here is our predicament, we cannot see our spiritual family, thus it takes faith. I want to try to help you understand something more valuable than life itself while experiencing this world. And that is, Faith is much more than hoping. It is total surrender of our lives in the hands of our invisible parents. 

Do you understand what I am trying to reveal? Real faith is based in absolute imagination. Yes, just like a child's belief. Being able to imagine yourself fully protected, and guided by magistrates of mercy and kindness, and genuine love. 

It is the ability to believe that you are completely protected, yet while having no visible signs of such power. It is in the knowing that you possess this belief that gives you courage in the midst of tyranny, that you are in good hands. But how does one let go like this? They must know their parents personally. However, this is still not good enough. What I am about to say is not going to be easy to handle because our entire lifetime we have been taught the opposite. 

We believe life in wjat we do here is the absolute of obtainment. We believe our existence on earth is who we really are. My friends, it is not even close. Real faith is the ability to let go of the illusion, surrender your very life so that you can obtain a greater glory. Do you understand what I just said? Real faith is the absolute confidence that no matter what, we are bound by the will of our divine parents, and we must accept their decision, even if it means losing this life's awareness temporarily. 

It is the undeniable belief that whatever happens is meant to be. However, this belief comes with an additional caveat and that is if it not meant to be, it won't happen, and there is nothing you can do to change it unless you force your own will and then the results will be tempered by your own false indoctrination. 

That means if you are meant to live on, nothing can change it, unless you change it, even if you personally do nothing when trials arise. There will always be help. You shall always win, if you trust. It will seem to others that you are lucky, but you shall know the truth. And if it is meant for your time to expire, then you shall also have the faith to let go and not try to hang on. This is real true Faith. 

To allow this kind of faith one must truly know or get to know their divine parents. You must feel their love, their guidance, connection and direction. You must know they are in control. And yet 99% of humanity have never experienced this. I have and it is amazingly wonderful. 

Once you come to understand what I am talking about through experience, then you will begin to understand a greater reality beyond this world. Once you truly believe what I am revealing, then you shall know, that life here is actually death, and what we desire towards is our true life. 

I cannot express this enough, that we must become like that little child again, and place our entire life and trust in the hands of our divine parents. And only until you can accomplish this, you will never know what true faith really is. 

When I see people talk about faith I want to cry because I know they do not even understand a tiny portion or morsel of what perfect faith really is. They say they have faith but rely on themselves or others of this world to accomplish said faith and then they give credit to an impersonal god whom they really were never trusting anyway, as their fruits proved. 

Christ said, if you only had the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains. And yet most have no clue what this means. Real faith whether it comes in bundles or a tiny seed, is still enough to accomplish anything. You know why, because our divine parents who have all power, make it so, if you believe. 

It is like obtaining an elixir in this tiny capsule, and if you swallow it, you shall be completely healed of all sicknesses. Now does it matter if this elixir comes in barrels, if a tiny pill can do the same job. Do you understand? Simple true belief! 

I have had this knowledge since I was a child. And 60+ years later throughout my life I have experienced real and true faith. I have also experienced the world's view of faith, and the two are nowhere close together. I have also experienced having no faith at all and it is a world of darkness. I have had many divine occurrences happen in my life that are beyond human comprehension, but to me it is natural. It is expected. But to the world it is a miracle. It is unknown, unseen, can't really be true, but it is. 

Yet, does this make me special? no more special than that little child holding dearly to the hands of their parents trusting and knowing that all will be fine. It truly is that simple, but in this world most have been so separated from their divine parents, it seems unreal. 

Therefore, imagination is our true link back to our divine parents, and to have that intimate reality we must become like a little child again. If you are too grown up, to adult, then you shall forever be lost in the world of darkness. We must seek our true life in our imagination of our divine parents guiding and leading. And once we do this, nothing can stop or interfere with our true life, which so happens to be in another time and place long before and after this world already ceased to be. 

Do you get it, do you understand? You will never ever be fed a true piece of the bread of life like this unless you take this KEY and digest it internally...It is the bread of life. I sent this audio out for people that have read my books, but I feel it is so powerful everyone who desires should listen. 

The Final Key mp3 Audio

BY: John V Panella

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