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Contradiction or Misunderstanding
Yes the Bible has a mix of truth and error, but it is not black and white

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Many christians believe that killing in self-defence is supported by scripture and Christ condones it. You have made your argument, but how can you really prove otherwise?

Any time any true child of the Father kills, whether in battle of war or even for protective reasonings. The initial feeling that comes within the soul is one of dread, pain, hurt, remorse, sickness in the gut and disharmony. These are all signs that it was not supported by the true spirit, however, the mind can be programmed to accept anything eventually.

One can be trained to become hardened and their consciousnes is cauterized to become calloused, to deaden the feeling where it becomes of little effect anymore, basically remorse is removed, and so is the spirit of the Father.

However, the initial response in every true soul, is from the depth of the soul deep within, not from the programmed flesh. When something, anything is supported by the true spirit, you will only feel the fruits of that spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience etc. If the fruits of the spirit are not felt then it is not ordained by the Father. It is a very simple process.

If something you do literally makes you sick deep inside then do you really believe the Father places his mark of acceptance on it.

However, In the Old Testament it seems to be accepted and even strongly enforced, to kill your enemy and even take their land.

Yes indeed, in the Old Testement laws were of the flesh, a law that was heavily enforced was an eye for an eye, if you do it to me I do it to you. However, this law was removed for true Christ followers, those thet seek the spirit of the new law of love. However, he did not remove the old law for the world as it is still in effect for as long as the children of light remain.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."

Did you notice he did not say get our you Magnum 44 and blow that person away? There is no way around this, if someone wants to honor the old law of an eye for an eye, then they shall accept its karmic reality. Christ nor the Father will defend them if they choose that law.

Some also ahve asked me that I have stated that the scripture says to love your enemy. But you say you do not agree. Isn't this choosing and picking what you want?

Good point, again one must rely on the spirit. There are two types of enemies, the first type is not really an enemy, they are just deceived, the second type are children of Satan. You cannot send forth your love to them. Christ didn't party with Satan, he told him to get behind him. However, let me explain deeper.

I wrote an article about the WORD vs. the word. It is important we understand the depth of the meaning in spirit. If one doesn't they wil fail to realize the deeper instruction. Just like good and evil, this is pretty black and white, but what about grey areas. Like love and hate, what about grey areas. Like maybe disliking, but not hating. THere is no real terminology for this in scripture.

Christ also said these words. "if any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

That is pretty strong language from our point of view. First he tells us to love our enemies who try to harm and destroy us, but then he says to hate your own family. He then goes on to say... to hate even yourelf, and yet the whole new law is about Love one another as you love yourself. Isn't this a contradiction. Well yes using the "word" but not using the "WORD."

"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

If we use the spirit and break this down, we can come to a greater understanding. The terms that were used in Language definition are too disfunctional to understand the spiritual intent.

Love and hate are pretty black and white. If we are to love our enemy but hate our own family then something is not copacetic here. Something is wrong, and maybe it is our undersanding of the terms being used.

The sequence of events began with that we are no longer under eye for an eye, so we must begin to preface everything from this starting point. Christ said if the enemy asks for a coat give them your cloak also. If they ask you to walk a mile, walk two. He also said if you are in the way of your enemy, meaning confrontation, then agree quicky lest you pay the uttermost farthing, which is death.

The idea we agree quickly is that so we do not confront the enemy head on, lest we will no longer be protected. It is our choice, if we desire to support the old law, they it is all up to fate, because that was the entire law, it was all about fate of the flesh.

Kill or be killed, persecute or be persecuted. Fight or be defeated. This was the law. But this is not the law of Christ. Therefore, if someone threatens you to love them is to not fight them, or else someone is going to be possibly killed either you are them. So not fighting is a form of love for them and you, but it is not really love, it is a grey area in where you decided not to harm them because they wanted to harm you.

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But what if they kill you? Again, above it said,"yea, and his own life also", this means to fulfil the law of love you may have to give up your life, this is a form of hating your life and loving Christ more, for these were his wishes. Do you understand yet?

There is no guarantee that we shall live in the flesh forever, and there will come a time we have to let go. However, until that time comes, nothing can happen to us, so why fear it?

There is a scripture where it says, a soft answer turns away wrath. Instead of fighting, build a compromise, or relationship to halt the disorder of killing and bring in the harmony of life instead. This is a form of love.

What Christ is saying in very simple spiritual terms is, the old law allowed you to kill your enemy if there was confrontation or fault of the law. However, Christ is now saying, not to confront them or kill them, rather agree quickly, this is a form of love, albeit a grey area.

Christ is not saying hate your family, as we understand hate, he is saying there is only one master/spirit we serve and love and that is the Father via Christ. Nothing can come between that first love. Not even your father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband, even children. But this does not mean you hate them because the spirit of the Father is love.

And you cannot serve two masters, therefore, whoever you agree with first is the one you love the most. Do you agree with the Old Law where it said, an eye for an eye? Then this is master you serve, the one you love the most.

However, if you agree with Christ first, then you cannot agree with the old law, thus, in these terms you hate the old law and love the new law. But do you really hate the old law? In balanced fairness, if it comes to a choice, it will be determined on what you love most vs. what you love least.

Therefore, love your enemies is not telling us to love them as we might understand, it is saying not to fight them, confront them, or to do evil unto them, This way you show the true spirit of the love of Christ where he said not to kill or confront, this is your love on display, and you can even pray for this loveof non-conflict to benefit your enemy so that someone is not harmed. This is showign a form of love rather than hate. Do you understand yet?

Only the converted mind will understand this, because the programmed mind wants to save their own life by taking someone elses. But Christ said, he that tries to save his own life will lose it, and he that loses his life for CHRIST'S SAKE/LAW shall save it.

Meaning if you do not follow Christ as the one you love first, then you shall pay the penalty, which means forfeiting enternal life as well as phsycial protection. However, you may desire to save your own life or your families life in this endeavor, and that is your right under the old law, but that means you forfeit the new law and its protections.

We must begin to learn spiritual harmony and not support an endless physical life. No one is to love a pedophile or murderer or rapist without repentence. Jesus did not say if any harms comes to the young a millstone should be tied aroud their neck and they should be cast out into the sea, as his form of loving your enemy.

Love is a reciprocation, it is only reciprocated when it meets the same kind of frequnecy, else love is aborted and hate takes over. If you love a pedophile, then you are sending a reicprocating energy of acceptance to the evil.

When we love evil we are saying we accept it. And this is not the love energy Christ was referring to, he was referring to not reciporcating that energy with the same energy. In fact he said they should be punished. And it was not in a way that was showing love and concern, it was brutal, MILLSTONE ROUND NECK AND DUMPED IN THE SEA?

What he is revealing here if you do not come under the law of Christ then you are still under the law of bondage... There is no other way. There is no other path. Either you follow the one or the other... Under the law of Old comes laws of civility, morality and physical life or death, if you break those laws there is government/law powers to interject punishments.

The law must be enforced to those who are under the law, and I agree with that even though I come under the law of Christ. In this world I agree if one is not serving the Master Christ then they must serve their Master, the old Law. And this is what Christ is referring too, that anyone who harms a child in such a way should be deleted in the physical domain, this is the law of old.

Christ is not speaking of what he would do, he is speaking of what the old law commands, He is in not speaking of spiritual domain because he knows there is no place for evil there. If the Father loved his enemies as we understand love, then everyone should be in the Kingdom and that is not going to happen. Thus if it is not love then it is hate under this terminology.

When Christ said his last prayer on earth, he said he prays only for the the true children that the Father represents, he said, I do not pray for those of the world. Wait what happened to praying for those that persecute you or try to kill you? Again, learn the code.

The way I phrase it is, anyone who does evil shall not be awarded the Kingdom without full repentence. It doesnt matter who they are. But if they are doing evil without repentence, then the Old Law shall judge them to death one way or the other. They will never see true life. And as for me until they repent, it is as if they don't even exist.

BY: John V Panella

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