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Dead Man's Bones
Many protect that which is already dead and fail to protect that which is alive!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Matthew 23/27Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.

I decided to write an article about something most do not like to talk about and that has to do with the greatest fear of all, the fear of death.

People are so worried about dying they will do whatever it takes to survive even it means harming others. Their entire reality is based on their life awareness, and they will not and cannot contemplate the idea that they are not only going to die, but that they are already dead and do not know it.

I have revealed how we live in the world of death, it is completely opposite of anything remotely connected to the Father's realm of life. This world and its illusory universe is about decay, dying and death.

Everything here is dying because it is already dead. Our values, and desires in this unholy realm are of death. That which might appear to be life is death. Take a look below, the picture is a picture of everyone. Notice the similarity. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.

It is not about race, creed, color or culture, notice who we are really.

This is what many try to defend. This is what many try to uphold. This is what many will kill for just to keep this image going. The fact is, the scripture above about being dead man's bones wasn't just for the hypocritical Pharisees of Christ's time. It is for everyone.

These avatar bodies covered over with the figurative fig leafs, are simply masks covering the reality that we are all dead but fail to realize it because the masks, or the outer seems beautiful, gorgeous, lovely. We even decorate it with all sorts of additions with clothing, make-up, and hair style.

Many want to create this illusion that they are beautful and yet every single person is the same, they are a bag of bones wrapped in some sort of outer layer to appear appeasing to one another.

And yet Christ made it clear we are nothing but dead men's bones that try to make the outer become so pleasing but it is still covering the same dead men's bones. Whether male or female, it doesnt matter, it all begins at the beginning of Birth.

Even that little bundle of joy is still a smaller version of dead man's bones... Now why would I speak of this today? Why bring this up? Isn't this morbid, and uncouth, and not a proper conversation for spiritually aware individuals?

Well you see that is the problem, 99% of humanity is not spiritually aware they are spiritually asleep, which biblically defined is, dead. Let me ask you a question, when does does someone arise or resurrect from the dead?

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It is when they are awakened unto the truth and the WORD as Christ. When Christ begins to live within, then they are resurrected from the dead.

Christ in the man Jesus told us that flesh and blood cannot please the Father, it is impossible. We were also told, flesh and blood has no inheritance for eternal life.

Our bodies we wear do not have an inheritance. I don't care how beautiful or spectacular you may think you are. Or what color you are, or from whatever race. It doesn't matter. Everyone is exactly the same, dead man' walking.

So what is it that goes on to live for eternal life? If it aint your body what goes forward? It is the divine counterpart called Christ, which was in Jesus that must also be formed in us. Not in the body but in our true spriit. We must be born again. As we are born again in the flesh to become flesh, we must be born again in spirit to become spirit.

It is not the first time, we are to be born again, but this time we must have the seal of 'Sonship', which is Christ in us, to manifest a change in our true beingness, to bring us past the threshold of death into eternity.

The Father seeks a broken and contrite heart, meek and with faith. These are what we are to truly be. The Father asks us to honor him and cherish his will through Christ being developed in us. This is the true person we are to become. It has nothing to do with these carcass's we wear that many spend so much time on, to appesse the fellow traveler of dead men's bones.

Most are ladened with fears of that which has already happened, we are already dead but we are not aware of that fact because we are under the spell of illusion, or the artificial spirit. We died when we were born here after we fell from our true realm. And now we worry constantly about keeping ourselves alive, which can mean doing horrible attrocities to one another just to maintain our illusory world due to fear of our death.

Those who try to save this life shall lose it, it is already in the cards, those who will lose this life for Christ sake, shall save it. These words now have much greater meaning. Those who live by fear constantly worried about saving this life, do not live awake, but are still asleep/dead.

Romans 13/11 "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed."

Often the bible refers to death as sleep. It's interesting to note that the above word Sleep comes from the Greek word, 'Hypnos'. It means a hypnotic trance... The other term sleep is often the Greek, 'katheudo', which could mean either sleeping like we do when we go to bed, or dying or being dead.

Therefore, the majority of humanity is asleep, they are dead and under a hypnotic trance. Only those who have awakened are in Christ, whom is creating a way to remove death by giving us a new body, not of flesh, but of spirit. There is no other way.

If we are truly conformed unto Christ we must resist this world in all forms, even in fear of death. Because you cannot save that which is already dead until a resurrect/awakening unto Christ and in Christ occurs. And once one is awakened, then they shall know they have been dead all along.

If we continue to act like those of the dead, then we shall remain dead. We must go by faith only to another spectrum of reality, which is not sanctified by the world of death, but sanctified by the world/WORD of life.

The thing humans fear the most is fear. And fear is the opposite of Faith and without faith we cannot please the Father, there are no excuses. As I used to say all the time and it was correct long ago and it is still correct today. That doubt and fear are the arch-enemies of faith.

BY: John V Panella

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