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Lying to your Child
The Consequences of Example!

Kimberly Oulton
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Kimberly Oulton

If you have not read John Panellaís article 'The Frequency of Siní, I would recommend reading it before proceeding with this article.

Lying to a child, it is so easy to do and often times we donít even think about it. It can become a habit very easily. Why? Because children ask us a million questions a day and as parents sometimes we just get tired of answering them so we make something up to appease their little minds and let ourselves get back to whatever it is that we are doing, specifically when we know the real answer will lead to more questions.

Any lie is a sin, even a small white lie. As John had wrote in his article, ĎThe Frequency of Siní, ďA white lie might not bring you that far down, it still may keep you at a higher level of the frequency matrix band, but it is still the Matrix. Once we sin any sin a disconnect occurs from the Father, our channel changes, and unless we repent, desire to change and return back to the proper channel, we will sink lower and lower into the destiny of error, matrix bound.Ē

So, you see, even that small little white lie to our child may seem harmless enough, even when the question is not of great importance in their life, but doing so will keep us trapped in this matrix especially if we make a habit out of it, and in turn we could keep them trapped as well.

We always want what is best for our children, and we donít lie to hurt them, but telling them the truth, always, will have a far greater outcome. Have I lied to my child in the past? Yes, have you?

Johnís article that I mentioned above was a big eye opener for me. It made me realize the importance of truth. Remember, the Father is incapable of sin. Sin does not exist in the Kingdom and if we want to walk through those doors before they slam shut, we must walk in the way of the Father.

Telling the truth will not only benefit our children, but it will benefit us as well. If there is a question that comes up that you donít feel comfortable answering for your child, we can always tell them ďIím not sure I am ready to talk with you about that yet, letís come back to that another day, please.Ē

When speaking of lies, we cannot just practice this with our children, but with everyone. We lead our children by our example. We show them the way of the Father. If they see us lying to others, they believe itís ok for them to lie too.

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I have learned, that if someone believes they have gotten away with a lie, then they will continue on this path and in turn, grow farther away from Christ within and ultimately have a disconnect.

Telling the truth always to our children and others may take much practice, however, if we catch ourselves in telling a lie by accident, it is important to repent out loud, in front of our children.

This will teach them that lying does not produce good fruits, and repenting our sins should be an important lesson that we teach them. As I mentioned, leading by example is the best way to teach a child the way of the Father and Mother through Christ. Their minds are like sponges and they soak up all of our words and actions.

If your child lied to you, what would you do? There would be consequences. We tell our kids, ďlying is wrongĒ, so why should we be exempt from this rule? Well, here is ome truth for you, we are not. A lie is a sin and sin is a frequency, that is not of the Father but of this Matrix.

We as parents cannot be hypocritical, our job as parents is to correct our children and lead them down the correct path. But what example will we show them if we are not willing to correct our own actions. Our children can teach us just as much as we can teach them.

If we raise them properly, we should have no fear of how they will act as they get older. Of course we will worry at times if they will make the right choices in the future. My advice is, donít worry about the future, lead by example today.

Show your child the fruits of the spirit, teach them to talk to the Father, teach them to look within and find Christ, show them the way of faith, and if we do, there will be no need to worry. Remember, the Father has our backs, always.

When we teach our children to turn to the Father each day, to talk with the Father like you would your best friend, they will produce good fruits and they will make good choices.

As a parent our job is never done, we will always be there for our children no matter how old just like the Father is always there for us even though we have sinned, we got ourselves trapped here, but He will never let go of our hand, each time we reach for it.

He will be there to guide us through Christ within, just as we are always there to guide our children. But just as a child will tell us they are sorry for their wrongs, and we expect them not to repeat them, we must also do the same, we must take joy in correction and repent of our sins, we must walk in the way of the Father and always lead by example.

Proverbs 12:19 NKJV

The truthful lip shall be established forever, But a lying tongue is but for a moment.

BY: Kimberly Oulton

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