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The Fallen Ones
Just who are the watchers and the demons.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

A very long time ago, our world began with the Watchers, or Lucifer's angels including her creation of Satan, which then spawned the Demons, which were Satan's creation who also worked alongside with some of Lucifer's angel Watchers. And also there were the true souls, which were deceived in the great rebellion and the Wars in Heaven long ago.

This was a missing link in traditional religion. The true Souls are still connected to the tree of life via their spirit. The demons have no connection. And the watchers are the Angels that once served the Father, and now come under judgment...

Some of the watchers began to enter the newly created humanity and they were birthed into the avatars like the true souls, and so also did the Demons infiltrate. Some of those demons did not follow the rules and they began to mate with human woman producing horrible offspring.

Obviously a spirit cannot mate in fleshly terms, it was their avatar they had in the lineage of Cain, the Serpent's child and they mated with the women of the Seth lineage, Adam's first true son. Thus the enmity began long ago.

In the beginning the demons and watchers also were also wearing avatars called alien costumes before humanity was created. So they existed long before the foundations of the earth, and there had been war between the good and evil, or Demon's of Satan and Angels of Lucifer.

When this mating took place, it became so bad because the demon spawn that were born from this mating were mentally sick, hostile, gigantic, and brutal and the Lucifer plan could have been destroyed. Yes indeed we are under the Lucifer plan.

Therefore, some of these demons were taken and thrown into prison, (Lower 4th Dimension) along with their demon spawn. Understand, I didn't say all demons were thrown into prison, just the ones who broke the most critical rule.

What does this mean? Long ago when Lucifer created Satan/Lladabaoth, however it was a dreadful mistake, the Gnostics called her, Sophia, which means wisdom, and Lucifer was known as the shining star of the dawn who was also called the Wisest of all the Father's creation.

Lucifer was sitting at the top with the highest Aeons, The Father/Mother, and Christ, but she was removed due to rebellion and entered a lower level. Upon Lucifer's wicked creation, she repented but was not to be given her domain until all the fallen chldren, which were seduced and deceived in the great fall that she created by her rebellion, until they will be led back by the law of friction.

Lucifer had to create a new tree as oppsed to the Tree of Life, she created the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, to allow the true children via friction to regain their status as Aeons once again.

Lucifer had decided before repentence, to cast Satan away out of the primary realms lest her sin be revealed to the Aeons which did not approve of her creation, which came from the sin of rebellion, thus her creation was adversarial which later was called, Satan the adversary.

When this happened, Satan was given his own realm called the 9th Realm where he created this fallen universe using his mother's energy. Within the Knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil spawned both Watcher and Demon gods who warred with each other on other planets and galaxies within the lower 4th dimensional projection.

This occurred until Lucifer repented and created the Earth Plan. And Lucifer as Sophia became the first mother of all living as Eve to reconcile her sin by personal development. However, Satan raped Mother Eve, and she conceived twins, Cain and Abel. Or evil and good of the false tree.

From this point Satan's children were spawned via the lineage of Cain, via the rape of Eve. This revealed how evil came out of Eve, like Evil came out of Sophia/Lucifer. Thus the scriptures revealed due to the grevious error of eating the fruit, which meant seeding. Evil was never crreated by the Father, only by Lucifer which spaened Satan.

The law of enmity was imposed upon humanity that the Serpents seed/children, of Cain, would be at war with the woman's seed from Adam, known as Seth. And there began the lineage wars until the flood. Enmity was the curse unto all humanity one versus another where war would be non-stop.

Satan had been cast down to remain within this fallen realm that he created to be the God of the fallen world, which is still subject to Lucifer. Lucifer was still the God in Heaven along with his Watcher alien-angels of many different species from long ago in the ancient times before the foundation of this world. Satan became the god of the Matter world and Lucifer became God of the Ethereal-4th dimensional world/Heaven as well as the matter world.

From this time forward demons and fallen angels could also become humans through the incarnation method. Some were of the "Dark Energy Veil in the illusion" as Devils, some were of lighter energy of Good, called fallen angels. And some were Souls, children of the Father, called the perfect humanity, who were tricked and deceived to fall in the rebellion.

Over time the process has never changed. Demons still incarnate. They meld within family lines who practice dark incantations of rule and power and they do great and wicked things.

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However, due to the birth process, the demon does not remember their origin until they are awakened or triggered, just like the true soul. But there is one litmus test that reveals the difference between demon spawn and Souls of the Father as well as Watcher' children.

Even though we as souls suffer, we still sin, we still fall, however, in our depth; we desire what is good, proper and true. We still have a sense of compassion, mercy and forgiveness. Whereas the demon spawn do not have these capabilities. They do not even understand mercy, compassion and definitely not love. Everything about them is contrary to that which is good, thus a adversarial creation of Lucifer and Satan.

They hate law, they hate balance in society. They hate family. They do whatever it takes to create confusion, destabilization and anarchy. A movie that represents this separation was called 'the Good Son'. It truly reveals evil within a human that is not truly human beyond that of its cover. Many do not understand that many demons are among humans wearing the same avatar fig leaves the rest of human kind wear. They Live and are among us in great numbers.

Therefore demons incarnate into society under the veil of a human, but as Christ said, you shall know them by their fruits. They cannot show the fruits of the spirit because the Father did not create them. Satan was created in error, and his demon spawn are also of the same error.

Hopefully you can better understand how demons are infitrating side by side within the clan of humanity both wearing Human avatars, but they are not soul-filled-humans. So we are not talking possession per se', what we are talking is incarnated demons. Everything about them is to destroy good while promoting darkness. And this is not even speaking of the demons which were imprisoned long ago, but many have now been released upon the world.

Now many demons are self serving, only serving their own needs and desires. But when triggered they then learn they are the children of Satan and then they show absolute obedience to their master. And nothing is taboo for them, they commit the most grotesque evil anyone could imagine.

Their initiation is pedophilia, child rape, murder, blood drinking and cannibalism. It is time everyone awaken to what we are battling here. Just like gangs, have initiations, why do you think this occurs?

It is to establish how dark and deep an incarnation really is. If a true seed falls for initiation traps, due to ignorance and many connected problems, they can only go so far until their true seed connection begins to realize the depth of the evil they have entered, and sometimes it is beyond the point of no return, and they must be removed.

Only the demons can go to that next level of pure evil. If a soul goes beyond its personal boundaries, as the Bible even stated, they are to be turned over to Satan so their flesh is destroyed but the soul can still be saved. Always remember, flesh and blood is not who we truly are. It is what is animating our bodies, as in such our souls are what we are.

Therefore, faulty souls are called back and the body becomes vacant for a demon who is without a body, or it remains a programmed robotic. I wrote this to help others envision what is happening on our earth, is that the leaves on the fig tree are taking over, meaning, the demons far outnumber the Souls, now. And it is becoming more and more apparent. Now you better understand why fig leaves, they are the corrupted avatars we wear. The Father did not create the Human he create the spirit which projects the soul. This is why it said, we were born via corruption but we must change to be incorruptible

Some ask why would the Father would call the soul back, again? The Father does not control this world nor it's soul migration via reincarnation, believe it or not. All of this is part of our fall until we can be redeemed from that fall and then restored in a new body in Christ.

Everything of this lower realm is all handled by the tree of good and evil, the gods and the devils. When we awaken, and when we are called unto Christ we are then given our chance to repent and then connect once again with the Father and do his will via Christ. Then and only then does the Father take back over control as we yield to his will.

Until then we are controlled by either good or evil of the fallen tree. Remember, the good side is opposite of the dark side, and yet it is of the same tree, nothing here is of the tree of life except the in born souls that are linked to spirit of the Father via Christ, but are probably asleep, they need to awaken or resurrect.

Even though this world does not operate by the Father, the watchers have laid the rules down for human behavior. It operates under control and balance, but the balance is good and evil. The dark side attempts to destroy it all. It is the eternal trap called hell, until redeemed.

Nevertheless, it is time to now understand how demons are stationed all over the earth, and they worship death. They despise life. They are unconcerned about the death of their human body or anyone elses, because they know they can jump bodies or return in a dimensional change, they simply do not care. So they function and worship everything that abounds around death.

The true souls are given the chance now, to awaken, to return to the fold, or else they will be removed and toiled under until the next harvest time. Without the Father/Mother and Christ it is not possible to defeat Satan. He has so many contrary controls you will never be able to keep up. And those who think they can are already trapped and don't know it.

BY: John V Panella

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