October 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 2 - Article 014

The Watchmen
Being ever so vigilant because we do nt know the day or hour, but we know to watch.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

People often ask me how do you remain patient after years of waiting? I was taught something when I was young, and it always stuck with me. You cannot live your life feeling the world is going to end tomorrow yet at the same time knowing it may. You must plan and prepare as if you have your entire life to live, but always be cognizant it could get aborted.

Many ask me how I do it, but few like my answer. Those that do not believe in prophetic events don't want their world to end. And those who do believe in an abrupt-ed outcome, can't stand for life to continue anymore. Either the priorities are wrong, or the knowledge is skewed. Either way one must be prepared for all things.

There is a seldom known fact that at the turn of every century going back as far as we have historical data, a large portion of humanity believed it was the end of the world. This is not new, it has been a continuous constant belief for ages. And in every case they were right, it was the end of the world because eventually all died out, revealing their world had ended.

New generations come forward and the past including all that lived were relegated as history. Of course it was not the anticipated end of the world, but it proves one thing, you must prepare to live out your entire life whatever those parameters are, individually.

In my books I actually wondered if it was smart to reveal prophecy at all, I wanted the reader to understand where we are and how we must exist in these mortal coils until we are delivered. Our job was to help others along the way. This is the greatest part of our journey, prophecy is not.

However, I decided to add prophecy so everyone could see the hand of providence in this life, realizing there are controls beyond what is seen within the invisible. There is a script, a play going on down here, and when one understand the basics of it, it becomes more real to them. 

I feel prophecy is a tuner, an actuator, revealing life is controlled from beyond the visible. It is necessary but not of absolute importance we understand the macro illusion of our smaller play. Why is it so often people never see the outcome of their beliefs? Why do so many believe in events to come but never witness them?

The answer may not be what you desire, but each soul must contend towards the reality that their life is finite. It has an end no matter what happens on the larger scale. Think about it, when the disciples were taught of the end times, and what they would be like, do you think any of them thought that it must be the future beyond their lives?

Of course not, everyone of them believed they were living in the last days. So did Christ lie to them, was this a deception? Well from the point of view of the people it may have seemed like that. But in reality, those same disciples are here right now experiencing the end days just like they were told.

When Christ told them, why do you stand around watching me float into the heavens, go to work, feed my sheep, for as you see me rising you shall also see me returning. Well again, this is a problem, how could they see him returning if they all died before he returned?

Christ said, feed my sheep, do my work. When people feel the end is now, they tend to stop doing the work they just want out of here. But that is not why we were called. We were called to do the work, feed the sheep. 

So are they deceived thinking the end of the world is upon them when it really wasn't? No, because all time is the same time, remember, I taught that our many lives are simply a long continuous journey of the one life separated into parts or acts of a play.

Back in the 60's there used to be T.V. shows, that were broken down into acts, like act one, and act two, and so on... and then finally the Epilogue, or the ending. You might say your many lives are acts in the same play of this long running movie.

But why is it structured like this, why do we have to play these acts, why can't the end just happen and be over with it. Did you forget why you were here. It was a serious fault within you that now needs to be restructured.

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We can't screw up and then expect it to be removed and forgotten until we overcome the part within us that created this failure.

Understand, all time is the same time, the end of the world is the same for everyone. Just because in act one you were told you would witness the end days, and then you died without ever witnessing it, doesn't mean you were deceived. It means you were in 'act one' of the end of the world.

The mystery is, you will also be in the epilogue. Do you understand why this is so? Because we must always be prepared for the end no matter which act we are part of. If you were in a movie called, "The End of the World", every scene is part of the same movie, but not every scene is the end of the world. There is what is called many parts leading up to the end.

When I used to dabble in writing movie scripts back in the early 80's I was taught about succession of scenes as well as the mundane, which leads up to the climax of the movie. You build the desire, the hope, the emotions to a certain point and then pow, you lower the boom, creating the final expectation.

Christ told us how to define the times were living in. He said, one can discern the weather by peering into the sky and witnessing a storm is coming. On the other hand he said, but they cannot discern the sign of the times. 

We are given clues throughout the entire movie what signs to look for, and when those signs all come together, we know we are close, and yet it says, no one can know the exact date, only the Father knows.

I have explained often this is because we are within a liquid illusion, it is not static, it is not set, it changes, it moves, it floats, it drifts simply because it is a mind game, not a reality. Remember in the Time Loop Chronicles, the end had different dates it was never the same ending.

As I have said often, this world is not real, but our experiences are real and how we deal with them are real. Just like the simulation that trains individuals to become pilots. The simulation is not real, but the training is real.

Christ did not want us sitting around doing nothing, he even said, when I return I want to see you keeping watch. Now what does that mean. In the Old West often there was a Scout on wagons trains, like a point man in the military, which is sent out to check the lay of the land as well as to see where the enemy might me stationed, and they return to reveal what they witnessed. 

They are watchers so to speak, there job is to be watchful so the rest are not led into dangerous areas or are attacked by enemies unaware. Our job is to be the scouts, the watchers, the point men/woman. We are sent out early as protectors of the people. Part of our job is to warn about potential disasters ahead. We must prepare the people for any inevitability that comes our way.

However, no matter what happens there is always a destination, a plan that must be fulfilled. Our job is to make sure it is fulfilled. It is so important that we understand the job given to us so we don't get into that complacent mindset and stop watching. Thus prophecy is always the guiding factor.

Just like I mentioned about the disciples, why tell them something that was never going to happen in their life time? Well first of all, if they knew this to be true, they would have stopped watching, and secondly it was going to happen in their lifetime, just not that lifetime.

Sometimes we get so concerned about the end aspect of it all we begin to stumble and forget to do the job as watchmen. It is like a heavy weight boxing match, even though you might really want to knock out your competitor in the first round, you may have to stay their until the 15th round. It will be brutal and very difficult, but it is what you have been trained for.

My friends, I am not trying to dissuade you from believing we are in the last days, because we are, the signs of the times are all around us. I am trying to say, we need to reexamine our priorities. We need to continue to be watchmen, but at the same time we are still on the wagon train heading West. 

We are still having to live life, to eat, to work, to assist other travelers, and to entertain and be entertained. And our destination is still ahead of us. We must assume we will be on this Wagon train until the end, whenever that will take place, but at the same time realizing, it may all end early. But if we are good watchmen, we will be prepared.

BY: John V Panella

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