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The WORD versus the word.
The Greatest Mystery Unknown!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

The greatest misunderstanding is one that people will fight and die for, yet they are in error. It is because they misunderstand the WORD. Christ is and was the spoken WORD, yet many believe the Word is the Bible.

I am not here to slander, or make the Bible of none effect. I am here to clarify a belief that has led many astray. The Bible is a great aid, a helper, and a magnifyer. It elucidates one to the higher principles of conduct and protocols of the spirit. But it is not spirit, it is not the divine WORD, it is however a three dimensional creation that tries to define the ultimate truth.

Why am I saying this? Because our language of the flesh no matter what cultural background one has, does not have the ability to define the WORD. It can express the ideology of the WORD, but it is not the Word.

The WORD is spirit. In the bible it was stated, that the letter kills and the spirit gives life. This is an expression I am trying to reveal today. The letter is the written expressive word at its highest level, yet it cannot even come close to expressing the TRUE WORD of Christ, it is not even the same format.

The spirit definition is more invisible, not tangible, like how do you explain ir. If we didn't have air, we could not survive. Yet how can you describe it? Take the wind, we see that it blows by the evidence of the objects that move in its wake, but we cannot see wind or air. Yet we know it is there.

We cannot see spirit, but there is evidence that is exists if one knows and understands where to look. And yet with the eyes, one cannot see it. Words are expressed in languages of humans. Words are used to express what our five senses reveal. However, when we cannot see something how can you express it via language.

How do we decode this enigma? Christ told us, that the Kingdom of the Father is within us. He also revealed the true spirit is within. Christ is to become one with the student, Christ must be within us as he was with Jesus. One cannot see the spirit, just like one cannot see the wind. But within we can feel and acknowledge the spirit exists.

Even the bible said, the true law is not written on stone, rock or papyrus, it is written in the heart. It means it is not words, it is feeling, it is knowing, it believing, but not seeing, just like faith which is the highest principle of the Father. The biblical word is for the eyes and it is humanistic. It explains in humanistic terms values that we cannot perceive unless the key decipher is within.

Therefore, many scriptures in the bible are not evidence, nor conclusive. They are humanistic variables. The only way to understand is the coding of the spirit must be within the individual learning. If it is not there, it is impossible to comprehend the true meaning.

Some aspects of the Bible are confusing when words are spoken or written, but it is the intent, or the context and the spirit we must follow and seek for in the scripture and how it ties to the will of the Father in spirit.

Some have stated, Christ told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. They took this humanly speaking thinking this implied the right to go to battle...Yet it had a spiritual meaning, and only those who can tie the will of the Father together within, in spirit, would understand, the rest would only view it as a human expression.

Christ already taught us, he that tries to save his life will lose it, and he that will lose his life for my sake will save it. This is the highst expression variable of the Father via Faith. Now does it still sound like one should be armed with sword of war, or maybe something else?

Christ also said, He that lives by a sword shall die by the sword. There seems to be a major inconsistency here, but is there. Yes, in the physical word there is obviously contradiction and it has confused many.

Nevertheless, in spirit it is clear as a bell. He also corrected Peter when he chopped the ear off of Malcus the Roman soldier when coming to take Christ to his crucifixion, Christ told Peter, in paraphrase, this is not our way, and then he went and healed the ear back on to the soldier. Wait, this does not add up? Yes it does if you are following the true WORD and not the written letter.

If there was ever a time to use this scripture of obtaining a sword to fight, this would have been the perfect time. However, this is not what Christ meant.

Everything Jesus taught was spiritually implied. Just like Christ said, when I return I come not to bring peace, but to bring war. And many get confused about this also. What Christ was saying is, the spirit of Christ is an adversary to the spirit of this world. So his very coming would create war and not peace due to the conflict of the two natures.

However, this does not mean he doesn't bring peace, he is PEACE, it means what he does bring will cause war and bloodshed, because it is conflicting with the nature of this world. Everything Christ did was symbol and parable, a teaching using mysteries. It didn't have to be a fake Christ or even a bad translation all the time, as I have taught there is good and evil in the world, better stated there is life and death in the word. Christ revealed this in mystery using the parable of the seeds.

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They are mixed with good and evil. The Bible is mixed with good and evil or spiritual intent versus physical knowledge. There is a major difference.

When he said sell your cloak to access a sword. This was to appease those of the fleshly word. But the sword is truth, the helmet is salvation, the breastplate is faith and love...

"But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation."

The armor of GOD/Father as written in scripture is an analogy to fleshly araments of war, but our armor is for peace. The whole armor of God are spiritual weapons of love and not carnal, meaning of the flesh... But unless one is converted they will not understand this mystery...

We must understand the written word is not the WORD of Christ, The Word of Christ is within the soul projected spirit. We are to unravel the symbol in spirit to convey the real meaning of the Word within us.

The world cannot do this, they only recognize the literal letter/word. This is why so many are deceived, and they are stuck in the letter of the word, which kills and not the spirit, which gives life. Therefore the law is not written on rock, or papyrus or anything, it is written in the heart...

Obviously, using sword for war is not life enhancing, it is death enhancing. So who does it benefit, Christ or the world? Do you understand? Christ often used terms of the flesh to awaken his followers as to things they could understand by parallel. I have spoken the difference of the Law of Bondage, which was given to the Israelite's, but it was not the law of Christ.

The law of bondage was a physical entrapment to enslave us unto death, if you follow you are blessed, if you disobey you are cursed, all in the flesh. The spiritual law is a law of life, you follow and obey you are granted eternal life, that which the old law could never offer, because those that offered it could not give life. But Christ came as the WORD 'S'piritual Word, or S-Word, or Sword of Truth.

This is the principle I am teaching, there is a word that leads to death, and there is a WORD that leads to life. One is human language the other spirit language. The latter must be imprinted upon the projected soul of the spirit, meaning within you, not the Bible.

Therefore when reading the Bible you must seek for the intent in spirit within you if you are a true child of the Father, and not the word in flesh. I wrote in my books, one is poison whereas the other gives life.

Many have been poisoned because they could not translate the word unto the WORD. And because of this they stagnate, they do not grow, they remain idle in spirit, and they continue to die in the word.

There are contradictions in the Bible if you read it as the word. But there is no contradiction if you understand the spirit. Because the letter of the law was never given to provide life eternal, it is not embedded within. But the true spirit does give life eternal.

Christ spoke in John 6, how he was the bread of life, he that ate his flesh and drank his blood would have live everlasting. Now these are some strange words. Eat flesh, drink blood, what was Christ a cannibal? Well according to the word, yes indeed. But according to the WORD of course not.

When the people pleaded with him to give them bread to eat to gain eternal life. They could only see the word, The physical. They believed Christ meant that there is some amazing bread he had that would make people live forever, but that had nothing to do with it.

He was not talking physically eating or drinking anything. He was saying, he was the WORD incarnate. He that takes in and eats and drinks that WORD shall live forever. Even til this day the people still don't understand, Christ came as the living WORD from the Father.

When we accept Christ, we allow the spirit of sonship to enter within us, and we digest the living WORD daily. However, the people didn't get it, as they dont get it today. They are still looking for something physical to chow down on whether it be the bible or food.

They are unable to go within, so they seek the external realm to access the eternal glory. And it cannot be done. Therefore Christ had to clarify it for the people of his day. In paraphrase he said, listen, I am not talking about really eating my flesh or drinking my blood, I am using a spiritual parallel to help you understand, That I; Christ, am the WORD, and he, that takes within what teach, which is the WORD that I speak in spirit, and that WORD is life.

Very simple, very easy, very explainable if you are eating those same WORDS. If not then it is impossible to grasp what he was explaining. And thus the people were so fixed upon something physical they would not let go of their fallen ways.

In john 6:66 it states everyone there who was following Christ except the original all abandoned him, because they were in the spirit of antichrist, not seeking the spiritual but they were sekeing the fallen realm.

They wanted the word for the flesh, not the WORD for their spirit.

BY: John V Panella

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