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At Present
It is in the moment, now, today that we become!

Christian James Casselli
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
Christian James Casselli

It's not just about the destination; but the lessons learned along the way.

Indeed, our eyes are set on the Kingdom. We all want to make it back home, and cross the finish line so to speak.

Even so, if we are constantly looking towards the next moment, we will be missing the process of what's happening right now.

I'm sure we've all come across those new age gurus who tell us to focus on the present moment. Funny enough, this piece of advice is true when properly applied and I'll explain why.

There is some truth buried in new age beliefs, otherwise people wouldn't believe it. The whole aspect of this artificial illusion continues to play out because there are pieces of truth hidden within the lies presented to us. Yet previously, we were unable to discern truth from lie because we didn't have the inner connection to the Father via Christ.

Remember when Christ Jesus told us, "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

This sounds almost like a new age quote from Deepak Chopra or Eckhart Tolle. But in fact, it was first said by Christ Jesus to teach us a very simple lesson on being present.

Although the past and future do exist, they are hidden from us. Everything occurs within the present moment. Even when we think of a past memory or plan for the future, it occurs right now. This does not mean we shouldn't think about the past or future, it means that we shouldn't run from fear.

We cannot escape the present moment. But many of us want to. We want to be in the Kingdom right now, and not deal with any of these unpleasant situations that come our way.

It is fine to imagine the Kingdom to align ourselves with the Father's frequency, to feel peace and joy for the celebration awaiting us in the near future.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed or anxious, we must go within to feel the Father thru Christ, and realize that everything is a-okay. This is so vital for us to individually replenish our spiritual oil, which is key for staying on the narrow path in these end days.

If we are not constantly seeking the Father's connection within ourselves, we will not be spiritually filled to pass the unknown tests that sprout up. These tests only get more difficult, and require deeper faith in order to pass through the final doors.

However, if we are simply using our imagination to hide from the world, this is when it may trip us up. This is because we still have work to do here, and our job is to be humble servants of the Father. We are instruments of faith used to carry out His Will as we aid the true seeds to also be Christened.

This brings us back to my main point for this lesson... it's not just about the destination, but the lessons learned along the way.

We are becoming transformed as the Father's Spirit becomes integrated with our soul as we become one with Christ. And this realm is the training ground to hasten this marital process so that we discard everything that isn't part of what we truly are.

Remember, currently we are dead in this world... buried in the darkness of the earth as seeds which are growing unto eternal life as we awaken from the dream.

This slow metamorphosis within death is a process to grow into sharing the Father's glory. But His glory is being revealed within us.

And the process occurs right now, as the learning occurs in the present moment. Yes, these are spiritual lessons for our future glory, but the process of growth is happening now.

And when we reach the Kingdom, our experiences will still be rooted in the now.

We cannot escape the present moment, and this is key. Most people who are afraid of fear, will shy away from looking within by occupying their mind with random, mindless thoughts as a form of distraction.

They are afraid to deal with certain thoughts or situations, so they run from it. Although oftentimes, they will not admit this is what they're doing. They may tell themselves they know the Father, but they still do not grasp the inner connection or understand the process.

We however, must learn to sit with ourselves and be peacefully content. We cannot run away from anything that bothers us. Because when we run, we are trying to escape Satan's ruses, which cannot be extinguished unless we face it head on.

We must look at the unpleasant situation straight in the eye, and overcome it via faith in the Father. If we do not seek the Father in present trials, we are delaying the integration of that eternal spiritual lesson.

There is a big difference between distracting ourselves from Satan's attacks, and extinguishing the attacks. One produces stagnation, the other growth.

Anytime we successfully distract ourselves from attacks, we are simply putting the issues on the backburner to resurface at a later time. We never really purged it, but subconsciously hid it for the time being.

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When we understand the satanic tricks of the illusion, we see that fear is nothing to be afraid of. We have the power of the Father supporting us, and it is our unwavering belief that protects us from all the illusory boogeymen.

If we have this mindset of faith grounding us, we can finally look at these fears with the proper perspective, and with courage watch them evaporate. It is one of the most beautiful realizations that come with Christ, because we are finally seeing through the illusion of fear that previously enslaved us. The fear is nothing more than a hypnotic spell that can be broken.

This all occurs in the present moment. Remember, foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. In the same way, we have nowhere to run or hide, but we also have the need to do so.

We are here, experiencing this illusory world right now. When we distract ourselves, we are doing it right now. For all intents and purposes, right now is all that there will ever be. If we cannot do it now, then when? "Someday" is always projected in the future, it is always ahead of us.

This is how the people of the world have been fooled, they believe happiness or contentment will occur someday in the future. They are like the donkey with the carrot suspended from its head.

"Once I get money, then I'll be happy! Once I finish work today, then I'll be happy! Once I move out of this city, then I'll be happy! Once I reach the Kingdom, then I'll be happy!"

Do you see? It's always ahead of them. They are mentally running off to some other place and time, but their problems will always follow them. Because they are avoiding the illusory nature of this whole realm.

We think the future is different than the present. This realm has tricked us into believing that, so that we never look at what's in front of us with the right set of eyes.

This is why we are not forgiven until we actually repent of our sins. We tell ourselves, we will get around to it next week. And then next week comes, and we push it off another week.

And when the harvest comes, those that avoided dealing with present moment issues will be rejected as bad fruit. And there will be bitter weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Imagine if we were let into the Kingdom with this mentality of procrastination. If the Father allows souls into the Kingdom who plan on repenting soon, but never actually do. It would be a disaster.

This is why those new age gurus who tell us to be present are right in this regard. We should indeed be present, and not run from ourselves. Because we are running from illusory fears that we don't need to hide from. If we have genuine faith, then we will see through the illusory problems that try to trip us up.

To be a harvestable soul capable of serving others, we must understand the process of how this transformation occurs. It is not in some future time, but is happening right now. The training wheels are coming off as we integrate with Christ to properly discern the myriad of fears designed to pull us down.

Why must we be afraid? There is no need to be. The fear is fake, it is part of the program. It is not who we really are. But have we realized that yet?

The Father's goodness is what's real. But remember, we may experience fear as being 100% real. We may allow ourselves to let illusions control us and subtly pull our minds away from the Father's frequency. Yet the fruits of the Spirit are meant to be felt now, not some other time.

If we are connected to the Father via Christ right now, we will be connected next week, next month, next year, and so on. Our future in this world then takes care of itself till we are harvested.

This means we are well prepared to serve in the Kingdom, because we will be serving right now as a precursor for what's to come. And we don't have to worry about the future anymore, for we will be living with faith today.

This is why the Father places so much emphasis on the journey, and not the finish line. These are eternal spiritual lessons to create eternal character.

We lost some good friends along the way because they didn't realize this simple truth. They wanted the Kingdom to arrive right now. And when prophecy didn't play out the way they imagined, they become frustrated and bitter. They blamed us, and ultimately blamed the Father. In truth, they lacked the fruits of the Spirit like patience and faith.

The ironic part is that they will continually lack patience and faith until they make it real right now. If prophecy was fulfilled and we were harvested, our lost friends would still not have been ready.

And since the Father cannot be fooled, there may always be a new test to ensure that we are on the right track of spiritual growth for eternal realizations. That way, when we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye to receive our new spirit bodies, the step will be natural. We will be reintegrated with the Spirit, and this celebratory marriage will fit like a glove in hand.

This world is a testing ground to prepare us for the eternal day in the Kingdom. Consequently, if we are not applying the spiritual lessons now, we will not be prepared for what's to come.

If someone is lacking faith now, they will be lacking faith tomorrow. Conversely, if someone is rooted in Christ now, they will be rooted in Christ tomorrow. Plain and simple. Selfless service tomorrow begins with selfless service today.

Therefore, if we truly understand this inner connection then we should be enjoying this transformation process while still being in this world. As well as recognize what it means to feel and know the Father now, tomorrow, and forever.

BY: Christian James Casselli

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