September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 006

Where does your Church really gets its Doctrines?
The dark untold Secret

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Have you ever asked yourself a question about acceptable religions, especially in America? Most people do not realize for a very long time, a religious belief is not considered valid unless it has worldly credentials. What do I mean about this? The Government secretly encoded a religious tax break called 501C3. Many know about this, but few understand its demonic intent.

If you do not accept this code under the guise of a tax break then your institution is not accepted as a religious belief. In fact, it is deemed fraudulent and heretical. But the 501c3 is much more than a tax code, it is the dos and don'ts of what is allowable in doctrine. Satan got his hands on the doctrine of Churches long ago, in the guise of saving or even making money. Once again, filthy luker is the demonstrative devil in the details.

Often pastors, ministers, bishops, priests and other leaders are granted status because of a college they attended that was funneling doctrinal beliefs into the students. It has never been about the spirit moving people from within. If you do not have the credentials, then your belief system is relegated as fraud and conspiracy.

I am amazed when people ask a teacher of faith where did they get their credentials, what university did you go to? And if it is not accepted, they are deemed lunatics. So it has never been about truth, but where your beliefs came from, and if they came from a higher power, oops not acceptable.

This is another aspect of selling your spiritual soul to the devil all for physical gain. Even the church I came out of which seemed to be a group led by those who followed the spirit were also sanctioned by the 501c3 protocol. Our leader of our church rejected the idea that our world is being operated by secret societies. Because that was not proper thought for a group getting their tax breaks.

The Leader of our church which we had believed was home grown by the spirit of the Father was in fact serving a false god, in so much so, he was invited to the opening of the United Nations as well as he was invited to return at the 40th year celebration. Now why would the most godless group on earth want anything to do with a man of faith.

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It has never been about God, or the Father or even Christ revealing truths directly. It is whether you are sanctioned or not by the devil. These are pretty strong words, but they are the truth, and most people who belong to a religious group are unaware they are being controlled by the Government and not faith. Thus many are being led unto destruction.

Sure the oince leader of our church might have taught a unique insight, but he was still governed by the powers that be, and when he was told about the movement of the deep state and their demonic control, he actually threw people out of the church for even believing this.

You simply cannot get around it, or the Government will break you financially and destroy your work. But the true work was never supposed to be about financial gain, but spiritual gain.

And why is this? Because the true work of Christ is not organized on earth, but from heaven or from within, which is the exact opposite of what is deemed legal religion. Whenever men/women organize the work of the Church you organize the Father right out of the picture, and thus no religion really teaches the significance of the Father, and now you know why.

This is why so many have had a bad experience in religious groups because truth was bartered for Government acceptance and the people never knew anything about it.

If the Government legalized abortion or homosexuality, and if you want to keep that tax break, you must not teach against it. And thus many groups have gone the way of Balaam. Teaching false doctrine only to suffice the Government caretakers of your beliefs. Thus most religion is not about faith in a higher power, but faith in Government/Satan institutions, and most never knew it.

And this is what I never understood as I grew up, why do churches accept the devil's work as their own. Why do they teach and promote false doctrines and worldly ethics and they are all the same. Every religion is the same but they have diverse protocols making it appear as different, but at the end of the day it is all the same.

My friends, without the Father via Christ there is no way to access the real truth, it has been covered under money. And this is why in America on our money, it says, 'in god we Trust', because it has always been about trusting the money/mammon/Satan and nothing else.

BY: John V Panella

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