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Conversion - Litmus Test
What Truly is Conversion

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I have debated how to reveal this because the level of conversion is not the same in everyone. Many are still greatly part of this world. They think WORLDLY thoughts when confronted with difficult issues. When I speak of a relationship with the Father and Christ, I am not addressing issues with words that have little meaning. I am revealing the ultimate reality of true conversion.

I have learned over my lifetime that people love to speak lofty spiritual words, but when push comes to shove they are the first to respond worldly to possible harm. Let me ask you a question, if you have a relationship with the Father and Christ, do you realize they are the greatest power and force in all universes. If the Father desired, he could blink and everything in existence would blink out of existence.

There is no power greater than this. And yet what baffles me beyond scope of reasoning. Is when some tell me they trust and fully adhere to the Father's will and Christ's direction, but when potential harm comes they are ready to pick up human weapons of destruction to save themselves, even if it means murdering someone else. This is the height of carnality and human failure.

They have all the excuses in the world, I am protecting my family, I am simply doing my part, god can't do everything. These are simple rationalizations of people who cannot let go and completely surrender to the Father. And this is also why many are led astray, and are easily tripped up because they are not truly converted. Why do you think Christ said, he that tries to save his life shall lose it, and he that is willing to lose his life, for Christ sake, shall save it?

I wanted to dig deep today in the reality of what true conversion really is. Christ and the Father are not part timers, either you subject yourself to them fully, or they are not YET with you, period, they cannot be made fools.

You cannot serve two masters at once, you either serve one and reject the other. So often I see deeply into others that claim they are of the true, but they have this blindness to the truth and fail to recognize it until it removes them from the true path completely.

Some have said, yeah easier said than done, but when you are in that situation, let's see how you handle it? Again, excuses, due to not having a real relationship with the Father. It doesn't matter what anyone else does. It cannot be faked, you will be outed...

The idea that we surrender our will, also means we surrender our life over to the Father, real conversion begins when we give up our lives and the control of our lives and place it into the Father's hands. You do not give it to humans, or human creations, you give it to the Father where it belonged in the first place. And then you will continuously be revealed miracles beyond even one's own expectations.

Let me reveal a secret, which is not a secret at all to those who know and have witnessed this greatness and glory. When we give our will and life over to the Father, nothing can happen to us, unless it is time for us to be removed.

Read that again and again. We are already protected. And if it is time that we are to be removed, then why do we resist to try to save ourselves when doing so could very well lose our promise because we harm someone else. And this is not the way of our Father.

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Now there is a secondary reason. Sometimes something nefarious is allowed to occur so that we and others can witness the response team of the Father's dedicated angels coming to protect us against the enemy. But I assure you they will not be there if you are trusting in yourself or weapons. I know this flies in the face of pretty much everything you have ever been taught, including many of the differing religious disciplines.

I pray daily my wife and I are protected from harms way. This is our weapon, it is called prayer, it shows our trust is not in a magnum 44, but our Father. And this becomes the litmus test not only in saving ourselves from possible harm, but it goes into all things we do in life and at differing degrees and levels. Do we really trust the greatest power in all of the universes combined, or do we have our stopping point, where we cannot let go to that extent?

I have no desire to force anyone to come to this level of trust. This is where you come in. No one can make this happen but you. And what is really strange to me, is if you had the greatest power in the universe bar-none, or if you had a colt 45, which power do you really want to trust in? Why do I even ask this question? Because where you place your heart is what becomes actionable in your soul.

It is not one versus the other, people who cannot totally trust in the Father, it is because they do not totally believe. Read that again. I ask it again, if you had the greatest POWER of all universes as your flank, your watchman, do you need anything else? Of course not and all of you would agree with this. Where the problem comes in is, not all of you really believe in this. And this is the epitome of the litmus test of conversion.

You are either of this world or you have been converted to a new mind a different way, a greater understanding. But I am not here to judge you, nor am I desiring for you to change simply because I said it. For let me tell you one thing, if you are lying to yourself, you will fail the ultimate test.

I am only trying to get you to understand a higher level of conversion, and until each and everyone of you come to this level, you shall not escape this world. Even if you save yourself, your true life will then be forfeited for another go around. Trusting and having faith is much deeper than parading around with a bunch of sanctimonious words. It is who we really are at the deepest level.

Our lives can never be more important than the Father's WILL. If it ever becomes that way, then we are deceiving ourselves. There is a world's way of doing things and then there is the Father's way, choose. I am not here to judge, as I said, I am here to reveal the ultimate way. And yes for some this is hard to know and accept, others may understand, but in all truth, it must be who we really are.

I have had many people tell me they cant wait to go home, they cant wait to leave here, and then in another breath they say if anyone tried to harm me, I will put a bullet in their head. They just exposed themselves as a fraud. My friends the true way is not part time, its either thee WAY or not. There is no middle ground.

Keep your excuses to yourself, because that is all they will ever be, excuses for why someone cannot fully trust in the Father. And it all comes down to one thing, they don't really and never have believed. How can you have true faith and not even believe?

BY: John V Panella

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