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Correct Love Part 1
When one loves another they must always correct or else they defy true law and teach hate and anger instead!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Some have said, that anger is never used or needed by true Christians. My friends, that is a false concept taught by Satan. There is something called, Righteous indignation. There is also something called, tough love.

When Christ walked into the Temple and saw what was going on, he lost it, and began turning tables over in anger, he was exceedingly upset. Some contend a true follower of Christ does not get angry.

Some have even contended that if one is of Christ then if they show anger then they are not of the fruits of the spirit. The moral fabric of this world has destroyed society and deadened its ability compromising true ability to discern.

This world teaches, do not correct children. Do not show anger in anyway. Just be loving and peaceful. My friends this is not the true spirit. For the true spirit teaches if one truly loves another, correction must be made manifest, or else there is no real love.

Everything we do in life we must first be the student and always be willing to be corrected. No, it is not easy. No one likes to be punished. But it must be done. When some err, they must be corrected or else the error will not be removed and the individual will eventually be destroyed from within.

If a parent truly loves their children, they will correct them. The child needs to be guided so they can avoid falling into wrong attitudes, mindsets and dangerous situations. This is common sense and it has all but been removed from society. Let me tell you a little story that happened in my house 45 years ago.

My mom and dad baby sat for a 5-year old girl of a church family. This little girl was a spoiled rotten brat. Her parents never rebuked her, never spanked her, and never corrected her. She screamed, cried, gave her little temper tantrums of rebellion and she always got her way.

However, did she really get her way, or was there a more expressive reason why she acted this way? You are going to be shocked, you are going to learn the true spirit about Correct-Love from a 5-year old child where even many adults ten-times her age do not understand this simple truth.

When this little girl came over, she began pulling off her tantrums, and disruptions, and all around became unruly. This is a sign of rebellion forming early and if it not nipped in the bud it will destroy this child as a adult. I will reveal more about rebellion later.

My mom looked at this 5-year old girl and said, ‘your little games will not work in my house. If you do it again, you will be spanked.’ That is all my mom said. The shock on this little girl’s face was priceless, because she never heard that term used when it came to her family.

Now most would figure, okay, that was a threat but you know kids they will always push the threshold to see how much they can get away with. However, that is not what happened here.

This little unruly brat walked up to my mom and said, ‘Mrs Panella, would you please spank me.’ Whoa, What? What did this little girl say? I was standing right there at the time and I was really amazed wondering what this child was attempting to get away with because I knew that was a horrible plan.

My mom didn’t even hesitate, she lifted her off the ground on her lap and spanked her. I watched that 5-year old devil turn into an angel from there on out. She was perfectly behaved. In fact, after this incident she would request to come over our house multiple times.

Yet I was shocked, I could not believe my eyes or ears. I had to ask my mom the 64-million dollar question. Why did you spank her? My mom's answer was spiritually sound and dynamic and it is the bedrock of all truth. She looked at me, and said, ‘because she asked me to.’ I said, ‘yea, but why did you do it.’ My mom said, ‘John do you understand why she asked me to spank her?’

My only reply was, ‘yea because she is nuts’. My mom said, ‘no, not at all, try to understand, when children act up they want your attention. They are telling you they are not getting attention, something is wrong and they are spiritually angry within their own heart. Really a child can be spiritually angry?

They do not want you to acquiesce to their behavior as it might seem, they want to know something, a very special something.’ I asked, ‘what is that mom?’ She replied, ‘they want to know if you really love them? Correction is a form of love.’ Yes, read that again, correction is a form of love.

If a child is never corrected they will not ever know real love. This little girl was begging to be loved and her family didn’t show it. Her family thought, just give her what she wants and that should settle her down, but that is not love. That is a form of hatred, because it forms great damage into the psyche.

That little girl was not a bad girl, she acted out because she wasn’t being loved. Even a child knows that correction as hard as it is, is love. Otherwise, they feel you don’t care.

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2nd Column

In our life you cannot live unruly or you will not make it in society, you will become filled with mixed emotions, never really understanding protocol and morality. You will be subjected to all forms of indecency and you will follow after it because you never were given any guidelines, instructions, and protocols.

When one grows older, they have to go to school. What is the first thing a child learns at school or at least at one time they did. They learn they are the pupil and the teacher is the boss.

The teacher begins informing the student of the do’s and don’ts. He/she regulates the classroom via guidelines. If the student does not follom listen and obey, they will be corrected. If they keep acting up they could be suspended. If they turn rebellious they will be expelled.

This is the law of the world, and one will discover it never ends. Next, they go out to get a job and they discover, there is a new boss, the employer, and he/she expects a dedicated worker to obey and follow the rules. If they choose not to, they might get fired and kicked off the premises. In everything we do in life, correction is a must to keep things running correctly and smoothly as a society.

Those who sit in the office of correcting officers do so to keep compliance high. One can’t do anything in this world without being corrected or else there would be nothing but confusion, turmoil and eventully lawlessness. Once this occurs society breaks down.

When or if one decides to join the military, a soldier cannot mouth off and get their way by throwing temper tantrums, their commanding officer will knock them down so fast they won’t know what hit them.

There must always be order in all things or else Satan will get his dirty stinking hands in the coffer. Satan is the author of confusion, he hates correction, he loves turmoil, violence and hatred leading to rebellion. We were told that the spirit of Satan is the spirit of rebellion and that it is first formed in the children of disobedience.

Ephesians 2:2 “Wherein in times past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:”

Satan has done everything he knows to try to remove correction from the world. He want’s everyone to do what ever they want, and be free to do it however they like. This is spiritual poison.

Proverbs 13:24 “He that spares the rod hates his children: but he that loves them chastens them many times.

”You do not tell your child not to play in the streets because you are lording it over them or bullying them, or abusing them, or stopping them from having fun. You love your child so much that you want to protect them from getting killed. Now doesn't that make sense? Yes indeed, but ONLY to those who understand what correction really is and why it is needed.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way they should go: and when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

If you truly love your children, you want them to be well behaved, to be able to join society as a decent member of the clan. They must be given this instruction. And if they are taught these protocols, then they will never forget and they will also train their children up the same way for generations to come.

However, never forget this, Satan always wants to counter the truth using extremes. Some people have beaten their child, some have tortured them and horribly abused them. My friends, this is not love, nor is it correction. This is a demented mind who acts as a parent or guardian but never should have been, because they were never corrected in love either and now they still act as chldren trying to get their own way.

When a child is abused they will often grow up to abuse their children or do nothing at all as in correcting them, they just let their children do whatever they want. It is all a form of hatred. Satan always uses extremes to mark his deadly goals and desires. He doesn’t want correction, he wants civil unrest, disobedience and most of all rebellion.

There is no such thing as everyone believing or doing what they want and calling it civil. It is rebellion, plain and simple. What is the opposite of rebellion? It is meekness. What is meekness? It is the lacking of pride, ego, and self-righteousness. It is humility. Being able to be corrected when one commits an error.

Meekness learns from its mistakes and does better. The greatest of the spirit of meekness is when one is corrected and then they apologize and then they move forward to change. Often these types move ahead and beyond everyone else as true leaders in society and other endeavors, because they showed meekness.

What does this tell you? The greatest teachers were the best students. If you can be corrected then you can lead. If you cannot be corrected then you should never be in any form of leadership. Sadly today, those that are leaders are the rebellious ones, the ones who could never take correction, and this is why our world is gone down the abyss, and many even in the so called spiritual world have followed this faulty direction.

------------------------------ END PART ONE

BY: John V Panella

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