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Correct Love Part 2
When one loves another they must always correct or else they defy true law and teach hate and anger instead!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

If one lacks meekness, they often turn to rebellion, which is simply hatred towards any form of guidance, instruction, law, correction, and direction. They want to do their own thing and they could care less about how it make affect others.

Because it was never about others to them. They have always been this way. It was always about self. When they were a child they never really learned love, because they were never properly corrected/guided in love. So they grew up believing they can do whatever they want. And always become miserable and unhappy without ever experiencing true joy!

They then become one of the rebellious ones. And what truly is rebellion?

1 Samuel 15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity... Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee...”

I have had people call me terrible things, saying that I am filled with hate, that I do not follow the fruits of the spirit because I dared to correct them in my own setting, which I am in charge of. This forbidden spirit is a form of witchcraft. I never corrected out of hate I did so because I cared for them and I saw the direction they were heading was off a cliff.

Some became so bitter that I dared to correct them that they called me horrible and disgusting things. They come into my group and they decide to flaunt the rules, my suggestions and what I desire. And they see my protective stance for others as a form of hatred.

It is actually balance, moderation, unity and togetherness. You do not walk into someone’s classroom and begin to tell the teacher what is what. You can’t do that in any form of life, and you can’t do it here.

Is this hatred? Did I get angry and become this terrible person, just because I want things orderly and in good fashion in my class/group for everyone here? Is this truly hatred or invalid anger? Or is it love?

Am I this horrible person that I wont allow dissension, argumentative, and disloyal displays of action. Am I supposed to just allow everyone to say whatever they believe even if it is in stark contrast to this entire platform.

Did I show some sort of deviance, because I had to remove some for their disloyality, for not keeping with the spirit of things here? Am I supposed to surrender my duty of keeping order just so others can have their opposite say?

Where in life can you do this? "Nowhere!"

Or is the teacher in this case supposed to be under command of the students?

Is this what you desire or want?

Is it normal for the teacher to surrender their duties to the students? Some might say, who gave you the right to tell me what to do? Well, you did the moment you joined my class. Just like the moment you went into any school, the teacher automatically has full rights, to guide, direct, lead and harmonize.

And the student must become teachable. If you can’t honor this protocol then you will have to be removed. You can call the teacher anything you desire, but it wont change the fact, you are now gone, and there is nothing you can do about it. You ave become a pariah due to rebellion. This is LIFE!

And that is something to wonder about, why would anyone want to be in someone elses factory but they do not want to listen to the boss?

I am going to tell you why, it is rebellion, it is a rebellious spirit of, how dare you tell me what to do, you are the enemy, you are the one that is wrong, they say? But it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, if they were corrected and they refused correction, they will be on the outside looking in. They have now become meaningless to harmonized society. The queston is was it worth it.

Every attack against a teacher is useless, because those attacking them are in the wrong simply because they must follow procedure like everyone else. Even if I came to someone else's business and began acting up then I would be in the wrong, and I should he removed. So the true spirit of meekness is two fold, the teacher must be able to correct the student, and the student must be able to take correction. Both reveal meekness.

You wouldn’t believe how much hatred is fomented when a leader or boss must remove rebellion from the midst of everyone else, to keep the rest safe from harmful intentions. And what is ironic, they claim the one leading is filled with hate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What did Christ say, you shall know them by their fruits. The fruits are what they have done to help others. The fruits are not what someone decides they are. When I created a forum based on my work of the books and my teaching and directon. Everyone that joined was based on my work, they became the fruits of my labor.

If anyone begins to respond differently, then I have every right to prune the branch and remove the bad fruit. Often the bad fruit is not even tied to the true tree of life, they are simply ants who have come to the honey.

We live in a society that teaches, do not correct, do not punish. Just let others be themselves. This is not the way of the Father or Christ, everyone must be teachable, and be able to learn and grow via correction, because this is true love. I have been corrected my entire life. And that is why I was able to move forward because I did accept the correction and learned from it.

This is the question you have to ask yourself. Are you teachable, can you be corrected or are you in a spirit of do not tell me what to do?

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If you say, I do not have to listen to you, then be on your way. What would possess someone to want to hang around where they are not happy or comfortable or they do not feel they belong.

My friends the true way, the true path cannot be mocked, those who are of this false spirit of rebellion will not win, they will not succeed. There are some I had to get tough with because they would not stop and learn what they were doing was harming others. Some of these people I became close to, as close as I could in the world of the Internet.

I was tough on them, but it was because I loved them and cared about them and I knew what they were doing was very wrong. They can say I hated and abused them, I did not. I showed them the proper love, a love they probably never had in their entire life.

Now there are others I have no direct connection to, just more like passerby's. I do not feel that same concern towards them so I do not even go out of my way to say anything personal. If they need to be removed, they will be removed...

Those in a rebellious spirit turn to witchcraft spreading lies, and hatred and they act as if they are so righteous but the true spirit is not even with them. They cannot repent, because they have allowed that hatred to take them over so much they lose control. And guess what, right after meekness, is temperance, meaning self-control.

I wrote an article about Self-Righteousness, and I revealed why it is the most damning sin there is. It is because, a person who is self-righteous does not see that sin in themselves, and if you try to point it out they simply lose control.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before afall.”

Did you know there are some that used to love this work, and everything I taught, and because I had to correct them once or twice or even a few times, some of these same people are now advocating book-burning to others on other formats.

What could bring on such hatred? Why did Christ warn against being offended where all truth will be removed from them? It is because a meek person cannot be offended, they will try to learn what they did wrong, and try to do better.

Psalms 119-165 "Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them."

This is the only true spirit of meekness and temperance. Rebellion goes beyond throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater, it is a spirit of hate to destroy and burn down everything else of production, because the rebellious get their feelings hurt.

I have learned first hand in trying to be a teacher of faith. And what some said about me is unbelievable. I gave this all to them and never asked anything in return, these are the true fruits, and now they accuse me of all sorts of sick melodramas as if I am out to destroy people. They are telling others I am hateful filled with spite and animosity and I am simply a well spoken con artist set out to deceive and lure people unto their destruction.

I can’t even begin to share the hurt and pain this gives me when all I ever did was give to them and asked to take nothing away. But when they went sour, I had to correct out of love, and then they turned on me like vipers and snakes, but acted so righteous in their attacks.

Once again, you shall know them by their fruits, what are their fruits? What I have accomplished due to the direction of Christ has changed people all over the world. Lives were changed, lives were saved from destruction.

I received emails from all over the world and I still do, how these books transformed them unlike anything else they have ever read or witnessed. These are the true fruits Christ was speaking of. When people get bitter, and filled with self righteousness and act as if they are so in the right of the light, yet they damn the very messenger that changed people all over the world, including them, something is very wrong.

It just won’t fly, I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I stepped out in faith on a long hard journey to help many all over the world, and I have accomplished that. Tell me even one thing these who turned on me have done other than gossip, spin webs and lie? Some even call me a cult leader, If I am a cult leader then I forgot to take Cult101 in school because I ask for nothing, and I allow you to come or go.

No one is controlling you here. If you feel like you are being controlled then leave. I spend upwards to 10-15 hours a day doing this job, working hard like crazy for all for you. I am not getting paid, nor do I even desire to be paid. I am doing things most of you can't even imagine behind the scenes, nor would do if given the chance.

And this is not even all... There is so much more going on behind the scenes. So tell me, show me the fruits when it comes to what I have done and accomplished versus those who got their feelings hurt, because of rebellion?

As James said, show me your faith without works and I will show you mind with works.

So why do I have to reveal these things, it is out of love so maybe one or more will understand how the Father and Christ operate in our lives. We all must go through a powerful training lesson, to grow in spirit and move forward, it is only bad mojo to those of the wrong spirit.

I have taken my life's experiences and then turned around and have revealed to others the meaning of life and death and where we must change. If change was easy the path would not be narrow.

But this NewsLetter is my hope along with many other faithfuls, that somehow we penetrate the lies of this world to bring the truth home, so that all of the True Children of the Father can enter his Kingdon.

It is not easy, the trek is dangerous and difficult. However, it is the only way, Correct Love

BY: John V Panella

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