September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 010

Faith or Fear
A strange perplexing enigma that creates obedience to the dark side but rebellion to the light side.

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I have revealed often that the spirit of the Father is one of peace and sound mind, not of fear. Yet fear controls everyone at differing levels. Everyone is so afraid of this or that they cannot think straight, they cannot act properly and often it causes untold harm upon others because of irrational fear. And yet what I find ironic, if one is to have fear, if this is something that is within people, then why is it the majority fears what Satan can do to you but they do not fear what God can do to them.

I was meditating about this because I am truly witnessing how fear causes people to obey Satan, but it doesn't help in obeying the Father. And why would this be? Because people do not believe in truth, they only believe in the lie because they are afraid of the truth. And when they do not see thunderbolts coming out of the heavens when people do not obey the Father, but they do see jack booted satanic henchmen and thugs who will attack when you do not obey Satan. They tend to organize their thoughts in to a submissive outlook. They will submit to Satan, but they will not submit to the Father.

People do not really see the Father, they do not understand because the invisible working along side with faith is counterproductive to this world's allegiance. I was contacted recently by someone that basically said, that I am pushing fear and not faith by warning about what is occurring in this world and the failure of not obeying the Father. I thought about this. I was trying to reveal what Satan is doing, and to forewarn them not to follow or buy into the satanic tactics, but to resist. And to them that was fear based. They are not afraid of what the Father teaches and what he reveals as wrong, and what punishments come from disobedience. They are afraid of what Satan will do.

And then it hit me based on more what this individual told me in that there were afraid of what will happen to their family so they could not allow them self to believe these terrible things will be allowed to occur, because they said, God will step in and stop it. I thought, why would one believe God or the Father would step in to do anything when they are not following properly and instead giving heed to Satan's wishes? One cannot serve two masters. They are following Satan by giving their fear to his control. So they feel, that God/Father will intervene while they are not following God/Father they are being obedient to Satan.

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Boy this really began to hit me square between the eyes how Satan has pulled the wool over everyone. Our churches and religions have convinced people that the world belongs to God even though Satan is controlling it, so they basically have initiated this thought process that if we have to follow Satan, God/Father will understand, because surely he would not want tragedy to strike, he is filled with love right? But his love is on his warning.

What a delusion, all because they do not understand... This is not a game, our very spiritual and physical lives are at stake. And the idea God/Father would not allow something terrible to happen is complete blindness to all the evils and terrible wickedness that is allowed to occur every second of every day. No one is stopping it, but if you can go blind and think well this can't happen to me or my own, this is the height of total spiritual blindness and the nonacceptance of what is happening all around them that they choose not to believe in. It is also the height of arrogance to think 'God' only cares about them and their concerns.

This is why 800,000 children go missing every year, but we don't shut the world down to try to end this evil like a fake pandemic. Children are tortured, both mentally and physically and raped, bludgeoned and killed... but, God/Father would not allow this to happen in their mindset. So it is easier to turn a blind eye from what is really happening and believe in a false perspective against the truth and the believe in the lie, rather than to admit, their entire philosophy is built on fear for the wrong deity.

The Father has nothing to do with this world, he is not the God of this world. This is an alien world and we have been kidnapped by darkness. This individual said, they believe God will not allow these evils to take place because he will cause a miracle to change it right before it gets too late. Sadly the imbalance in thought and improper recognition of the reality is, just because it hasn't happen to you doesn't mean it is not being allowed to happen, because it is happening to millions of others daily. If we want the miracle, if we want the Father's attention, and protection then we must obey and follow him and reject Satan.

We cannot live in fear and obedience to Satan and then hope like Magic God/Father will come in on a white horse and save us. Look around that is not happening. But it can happen if we are faithful & True and turn our fear into deep respect for the Father and reject Satan, that his warnings are not fear based but are a message of love to help us to awaken, not a message of fear to keep us asleep as does Satan function.

BY: John V Panella

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