September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 017

A Father's Reply
The Father answers and gives a reply!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Now my son let me speak, you have fulfilled your responsibility, you owe no one anything. You have given more than all of your enemies would ever even think of giving as they set up their divisive platitudes and false machinations believing they honor the truth but in their heart they honor error. If you walked away today you would still have fulfilled my desire.

You honored my request to give your work that you spent so much time for decades learning growing and becoming, and you simply gave it all away for free and you fulfilled that obligation and you honored me in so doing.

Now some have decided to take it upon themselves falsely believing they honor me, but it is not me they honor. There prayers are built upon pretense of those things I have not shown them. Their tears are only self witnessing how they have defiled themselves. And their words, oh their words, make me sickened like a dog eating tainted food.

They seduce one another with flattery and fake words that have no real depth. They mock the spirit believing they have a better way unto themselves. And that is the crux of it all, they are all about honoring themselves and not my children. For if they cared about my children they would never separate to honor and glorify themselves.

They steal hearts, and they damn truth under illusions of grandeur. They see themselves as the council of my glory and yet I have and do not have anything to do with them unless they repent.

I am not divided, there is only one body, one mind and most powerfully of all, only ONE SPIRIT- MY SPIRIT. And I assure you it is never divided, it never seeks for self, it never glorifies itself with pretentious sounding words, it is always selfless, humbling itself and placing the need of others above their own needs.

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My son, I know you do not even want this burden, I assure you I understand. But you have taken it upon yourself to follow my Will even at great expense and pain unto yourself and family. Just hang in there a little longer...

There is no such thing, that you go your road and I go mine and together we shall meet again. I assure you one will end up into a pit of vipers while the other will be glorified in my kingdom. I am not mocked.

My son take heart, I chose you to do this work, I will never choose the fruit of one’s labor and then seek out others to use that very work and go off to plant other seeds for new fruit. Their fruit will be corrupted and in eating their fruit it will be poison.

Where I plant my seeds is where the trees grow, if I have not planted the seed, then it is not of my spirit. How dare they steal your fruit, which is my fruit.

Everyone of these who have chosen to go off on their own, where are their fruits? Where is their work of my testament? What has their work contributed towards? Everything about them is the fruit of your work, even themselves. They have no leg to stand on. They are in error.

If they truly want to be my messengers as I will be thrilled to use them in anyway possible, they need to rebuild my temple, and they must throw away all of your work and then they need to start all over again as you did. They need to spend a lifetime or more in personally experiencing what you experienced and then maybe they will would understand.

They need to learn the precepts of truth one step at a time, and then they will be awed with great humility how bold and sin-filled they were standing against the work of the hands of my messenger, claiming it from one side of their mouth to be their own, while never really knowing the true steps of humility, where I could even begin to use them as a testament and seed bearer.

No my son, this is your work inspired by my spirit, it is not theirs, it does not belong to them. Yet they treat you with such disregard it is truly darkness spinning a lying web of deceit. Fear not my son, I am with you always.

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