September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 012

Poor in Spirit
As we surrender & humble ourselves to our divine calling, as the true children, we grow and do not stagnate.

John Martinez
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John Martinez

There is a calling in our heart that is always longing to be expressed. This is the expression of who we really are. Who we really are is Spirit and our Spirit is being tested against the illusion of death and at times is suppressed by the flesh, and on the way we think and live. No matter how stuck or ingrained our way of life may appear this voice within still ceaselessly calls out over lifetimes.

Sometimes we hear it through pain, sometimes in our own discomfort and sometimes it shows up as as a beautiful spark which shows up as inspiration to try something better. This voice within is our Father and Mother via Christ and once we experince this connection via their love, guidance, grace and protection that spark then shows up as a passionate flame guiding, no longer from without but from within.

What are we learning to grow and build by being here in this fallen world of death and illusion? What we are learning is to build spiritual character, fruits and integrity and regain a connection to our Father and Mother via Christ.

The spiritual character we develop here can only be transformed through the Father and Mother awakening us through Christ. It is also by our sufferings, mistakes and failures that we begin to experince becoming like a little child in faith and surrender learning to exercise the muscle of faith and the fruits if the spirit, which are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faith, Gentleness, Kindness, Meekness and Temperance.

Is this easy at first? No way! But eventually we start to become and express who we really are without the mask of the world all with help from our parents along the way.

Some have concerns, doubts and fears about lack and personal and worldly baggage and more importantly not feeling worthy or ready when it comes to the Father through Christ. I too have had these same thoughts and doubts in the past until I realized the true meaning of surrender, repentance and grace and love. Each must come to this realization on their own through experience.

There is no way to be free from the sins of the flesh on our own until we give our will to our Fathers will in complete surrender, faith, repentance and in humility.

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The Father knows and is completely aware of all of our struggles while here there is no need for any pretense when it comes to the limitations of our flesh and where we fall short. In fact it is only through experiencing and acknowledging failure and the futility of our own will and flesh that we will become ready and surrender.

John Panella had revealed something very important that "too many are tied to their carnal baggage and refuse to change, because they are married to their own faults and desires as if they are medals of success even though they are revelation of failures. This is why we desperately need Christ. All of us do!"

Realizing our flesh has failed us and being painfully aware of its limitation should lead us to surrender in repentance and allowing Chirst in us to be formed in us. For of ourselves we can do nothing yet in Christ we can do all things.

This battle between flesh and spirit although we may fall short should be seen as a confirmation that we are the Father's children and do not belong to this fallen realm for if we were never connected to something more than the flesh there would simply be no battle and the flesh would be all that there to accept and experience.

Will we fall short? For as long as we are here in flesh there will always be sin but "a true spirit guided soul when they fall they will always get back up and take a hold of Christ to keep them moving forward" -J.V.P.

This is the key difference! We all fall short but how are we reacting to it? Do we stay stuck in doubt and unworthiness or do we recognize the failure and limitation of the flesh that comes from doing it all by ourselves. This recognition of limitation should lead us to surrender and repentance and allowing Christ to be formed in us.

Why do we need to surrender? Because through personal experience we have each realized that there is no way to win this game of duality or escape and awaken on our own. Without the connection to something other than the flesh the odds are not in our favor. All true children have this connection but it will never be found outside in the illusion, but within where the Spirit is invisible and knows not this world of illusion or limitation, with suffering and confusion.

It's dangerous to go back into the world alone and I pray this helps anyone experiencing these same doubts to realize it's not about being worthy its about accepting the grace and choosing to surrender our own will of the flesh for the will and care of our true parents as their children through Christ. May the Father continue to guide you, protect you and reveal to you all that is needed for your awakening and service through the Spirit of Christ.

BY: John Martinez

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