September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 017

Prayer & Supplication
The Enigma of obedience in faith while being persecuted
Authors own true story of this difficult work!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

I spoke with the Father asking him where I have done wrong? Did I go off track? I asked, why is it when you try to do the right thing it is met with such adversity. I know this always happens, yet I ask, am I the one at fault. Is it I that fails to see things clearly when others see it plain? Is there something I could be doing better? Where am I failing?

You know full well I never wanted to put myself out there realizing I would become a target. I always understood that the dark ones would target me over every little detail, every crossed T every dotted I. It is understandable they would do this, but they are clever, they come from among the fruits dangling high praises and yet underneath the table they make plans of treachery and deceit plotting and planning to overthrow this work.

They call out and speak high words of praise when the heart reveals differently, they say with their lips, that I have done well and I am greatly loved and admired while at the same time they are scheming to overthrow the desire of this work. And it is all done in glorious sounding words that appear as love and kindness, while the knife is wedged deeply into my back.

I ask you Jesus Christ, how did you do it? You are obviously so much wiser than I, because I canít see to crack through this enigma. When I put this work together, they were not around. When I worked into the late hours, losing sleep, becoming ill. No one was with me, except you.

When I lived through this and walked this path and experienced the words of my own writings as a testament of your direction, as a revelation as to how you trained me through great trial and tribulation, as to what you were teaching me. Yet no on else was here in those times of deep agony.

I worked hard and diligent to make it simple for even the young among us to understand. I did not realize at the time how my own life would be a pattern as a blueprint unto others for grasping the truth, your truth. And yet now some look upon me as the one who does not understand the one who is not getting it.

I wrote the words you taught me as best as I could even though they were not perfect because I am deeply flawed, but you showed me it doesnít matter because the spirit of truth is behind the Word of life.

I fell short at times, I went the wrong way at times, but I continued by your grace and mercy to get back up and struggle through this day and night having no knowledge where it all was taking me. Yet they were nowhere to be found in the midst of this journey.

After this work had been completed I recognized the great value of my labor which was born. I had taken these newly offered seeds you gave me and planted them, and I witnessed this work become powerful as if an unseen hand planted the message and the seeds exactly where they needed to be. I knew that unseen hand was your hand, it was not mine.

Your inspiration led me, but this was my work. Your direction is what kept me on the straight and narrow, but this was my offering. And when it began to be consumed, I witnessed the marvelous change in others, via my labor, and I saw the miracles take place. Your hand of glory placed your mark and seal upon this work and it became a light and salt to the world.

But Father, many that have taken in this offering did not fully understand and now it has corrupted them. And I am at a loss as to how to prevent this from happening or how to stay the wicked one's hand as they speak words of flattery and deceit while stealing the fruit of my labor away for their own lusts and desires.

They were not there when I typed these words. They were not there to see your spirit hovering over me to grant me understanding and knowledge that the world has never witnessed.

And yet in their pride and pretentious manner they now think they know better. Yet they knew nothing before these words came to them in spirit. They have bartered your spirit to play games with fanciful words so no one else witnesses their lack.

I have realized that when I told them where to go to find all of their wishes and dreams to be fulfilled, some were not ready. They were as babes in Christ, still carnal, still sold under sin. They became pretentious, and lifted themselves up among the rest.

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They said, we now have access to the Father and Mother we do not need you, and yet as you have revealed so many times, the spirit is not separated from the messenger, nor was your son separated from you, when he first came to reveal your glory.

Yet Father I make no pretense of who I am, I am a sinner, I have fallen short many times, yet I was given this work to do, they were not. I must do it the best way I can. When you give a recipe to a great supper, it is to be used to plan for a great meal, it is not to be used to change the recipe so it suits different tastes.

They took these words and twisted their meaning, thinking they could go off and be alone with you, and they failed to understand you have never operated like this. There are many who say LORD LORD, but they do not do your will, and they feign your will with fanciful words that mean nothing. While they denounce your messengers in a great haughty spirit claiming they are the true ones of your glory and they do not need anyone else.

And yet Father your work is all about everyone else, it is never selfish or shallow. It is never pretentious or self glorifying. It is always about waking up your true children and teaching them to honor the precepts and the way of truth. And mostly to forgive the repentant and those who desire and establish you in their lives always knowing they are sinners.

But they are proud and have become haughty and covet fame and honor unto themselves more than send aid and help towards others. They steal the fruit of my labor and your spirit while using subtlety and denouncing your messenger whom gave them the seeds in the first place.

They speak of love, but their fruits are not love. They speak of you and Christ but it is as if they speak of a stranger, one unknown from within our midst. They glorify pretension, while knifing the innocent of the truth in the back.

They separate and divide themselves among others thinking all along they were the true messenger of a word they never even knew nor yet still understand. They worship ideas, and covet what does not belong to them, and they exalt personalities, seeking glory to lead, guide and direct, but they know not they are the blind leading the blind into the ditch.

They pull away and resist your spirit because they have found another spirit, a tempting spirit, one that fears not to separate and bring division. It would have been better for them to denounce the work and go back into the world. Then maybe finding repentance would be possible.

You have told me, that if you were not backing this work of mine, and if you did not plant the seeds through this work of mine then it would be a failed work, and one not of your doing.

You have said, that if you had not blessed and honored this work and filled your spirit into this work, then all those who think they have come to me through this work are liars and the truth must be known, if the foundation is faulty, then the fruit is also fraudulent. Yet they fail to see this simple truth about themselves as they dishonor this work for their own desires.

You have assured me, however, if the foundation is built upon Christ, and only Christ then the building above must remain over the foundation. The building cannot move somewhere else and still call itself the foundation children. And once built upon Christ it is forever his building.

This is why you never give power to the novice and never throw your pearls before swine, all they will do is trample over it as if it is meaningless to them.

My Father I am deeply sorry in any and every way where I may have been wrong, or at fault. I am doing the best that I can as your spirit leads me. But I cannot care for the sheep if they are eating from another trough, or grazing in another field.

Some have stated, but it is likened unto the church when we discovered the error then we had to move on. Yet they fail to understand, the error is with them, not the truth. You do not separate and divide from the truth, and if you feel it is not the truth or no longer the truth, then you are above all most deceived, because then you have been honoring a lie.

Those that have moved on from the milk must now take the meat, but if the meat is too strong they will always go back to the milk. The milk is pretentious words, it is a mockery of spirit using vain similes and a darkened heart but never coming to the real knowledge of the truth.

BY: John V Panella

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