September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 008

Sin is actually a Frequency Trap
Sin can be measured as a Frequency Band!

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Were you aware that sin is a frequency. Yet it is more than that. We experience a world where all the channels are inside the matrix of good and evil. It is the knowledge of good and evil. It is a frequency trap. Whether high or low, it is on the same bandwidth channels. It is better to access the higher channels because they are more conducive to our true spirit. Yet it is still in the matrix.

The Father has his own bandwidth channel. He does not use the matrix. Let's begin to understand. The matrix is the WORLD band. it is what creates the illusion of the world. The Father's band, frequency network can only be connected internally via the spirit. It is completely different. If you were to move through all channels of the world frequency you would never find the Father's band. It is not there. You might find things that are seemingly alike, copied, shadows and replicas, or may be close to what you desire, but it is not the Father's frequency.

To access the Father's frequency we must go within your soul connected to spirit. And that frequency is tied into our thoughts. So it is our thoughts that are either matrix oriented or Father oriented. But neither are on the same band. It is a completely different channel network. Once linked to the Father's network, you must stay in tune or else you will lose the channel and go back to the external band network of the matrix.

It is important to understand, our access of either is based on our desire and efforts. If we desire the Father's band we go within to access it, if we desire the world band matrix we go without, it is all around us, it surrounds the entire artificial band network. The matrix band is the wide road that leads to destruction. The Father's band is the narrow path that leads to life eternal.

It is very important to understand you are either on the Father's network or the Matrix band. There is no other band. These souls who choose not to follow the Father via Christ thinking they can do it on their own, using some power of wishful thinking, are simply on the higher band of the matrix. They are still cut off, and are completely saturated in the tree/matrix of good and evil.

I have explained time and again, the two trees are family trees, either you follow the one or the other, you cannot serve two masters. When we follow the matrix we are hanging around the wrong family. When we follow the Father's band network we are being reborn, re-instituted into our real family. A reconnect, a rebirth, and renewal.

Remember, Matrix comes from the word Matrical or birthing, we are either birthing back into the Father via Christ or nrithing into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil via the false matrix?

And this brings me to why Satan wants so badly that we sin. It doesn't matter what the sin is, a white lie or heinous evil, it is all sin. And when sin is committed at any level, guess what happens, we instantly move to the matrix channel that supports that sin. The matrix channel allows for all sin, I want you to think about that.

A white lie might not bring you that far down, it still may keep you at a higher level of the frequency matrix band, but it is still the Matrix. Once we sin any sin a disconnect occurs from the Father, our channel changes, and unless we repent, desire to change and return back to the proper channel, we will sink lower and lower into the density of error, matrix bound.

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What happens is when we sin, we feel the disconnect, it can make you lose joy, peace and faith, it can distort your views instantly. It can make you feel lost and abandoned. You are literally lost in the matrix having left the Father.

Now it is time to rebound, seek the Father's frequency, and return. He is always there ready to grant you back. And this brings me to the reality on how we lose oil. Oil is also the frequency of the Father, when either we or someone else brings sin into the equation and it surrounds us, it changes our channel, this is why we feel so lost and abandoned, this is why the oil is so important.

Oil is the Haggion Pneuma, or divine air or wind. The Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is the frequency of the Father. Anything not of the Holy spirit removes us from its connection. The holy spirit tree of life, and the tree of good and evil cannot mix. It is like water with oil. When Satan can lead us to sin, we must immediately rebound back and return to the proper frequency because if we don't, we can become frequency locked.

I cannot repeat this enough. A soul that becomes locked into the frequency of sin, which is called lifestyle, becomes trapped. There is nothing anyone can do to help that soul. They must willfully choose to return or remain trapped.

However, it becomes harder and harder to return, because the mind forgets what the correct frequency even is. They convince themselves they are on the right frequency... They can call it whatever they desire, even love, but if it is not outside the matrix wall it is still matrix thinking. This is how many can deceive themselves into thinking sin is godly.

Once you truly reach the Father's band frequency, any disharmony will immediately signal to you that something went wrong. If you commit a sin or surround yourself with sin, it reveals itself instantly via your feelings that something has been defiled.

You will know something is wrong, you won't feel that joyous connection, because you pulled the plug. Christ atones for our sins, and that is how we have access back to the Father is via Christ and only Christ. No one can come to the Father without Christ. Christ is the link to reconnect.

This is why I cringe when I hear people tell me they don't need the Father or Christ. They are living in a lifestyle of Sin, this is why they are not connected. And sooner or later their sin becomes obvious to all minds properly connected. We all sin, the difference between a sinner and another is the desire to return. Read that again. If you desire to return, then you are not yet locked into the matrix mind. It is when we lose that desire, it becomes a serious problem.

There is no worse feeling than to have the connection with the Father/Mother and Christ and then lose it. you feel dirty, unclean, removed, separated and lost. However, you can regain that connection by simple desire to return and show fruits of that desire. And it will be and feel as if you never left.

Always remember, sin is in the matrix, the matrix allows for all sin, the Father does not allow any sin. But through Christ we can be redeemed and changed by simple choice to seek and exist on the Father's frequency, yet always remembering, every sin reconnects us back to the Matrix mind and removes us from the Father's band.

BY: John V Panella

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