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Spiritual Atonement or Atunement
Are you spiritually in tune?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

In the last year I witnessed something that is very sad on its surface, how easily some can be swayed using human logic. And it can so easily be derailed by using one technique. If one uses this technique they can never be swayed...

The technique is what Jesus taught to us so plainly, and this is for all of us. The truth is not some sort of blueprint that you take out and read and are guided by, that is the human/non-spiritual way. It is spirit from the spirit, but their is a process.

Some ask of me and wonder often how do you know you are right, how do you know that you are speaking the truth? They do not even understand their own folly. They can't even grasp the depth of spiritual truth and reality even in the simplest terms. It doesn't matter what I know or believe... Now I wonder if the grind-mill in your brain is going bonkers right now?

Jesus said, the words that I speak are from the Father, if you were of the Father you would also recognize these words as they are also within you. Try to look at this way... You own a radio, you have many channels, you tune the radio in to your favorite channel and listen to the music, news or talk radio. Now if someone is on another channel they are not in tune to what you are listening too, are they?

Would you allow them to tell you what you are listening to, when they are not even listening to the same station? When the Father speaks he reveals it to all who are on the same channel. Christ said, if you were of the Father you would know that it is his words, because this is his channel.

Now what happens when someone cuts off a link to that channel and your area is unable to receive it anymore? It is still being broadcast, but you cannot hear it, this is what is called the process being terminated.

If you are not listening to the Father, then it means you are not tuned in. Thus you are not at that point of the Father. When someone asks me how do I know I am speaking the truth from the Father, all they are saying and admitted is they are not listening to the same channel or they wouldn't even have to ask or even think that question, they are not in tune to the same channel or they would never have to ask that... Because if they were it would be the 'same spirit' that all hear within on the same channel spiritually and internally, if they are in tune.

As Christ said, the words that I speak are of the Father if you were of the Father then you would understand... Now of course you will always get your disgruntled who claim, well you aint Christ. This is another full blown mental blowout because they simply are not in tune. We esteem one another as if they are Christ in the flesh, this was shown by the foot washing ceremony Christ revealed, we bow before one another as in service to one another.

We must understand, the words being spoken were coming from Christ, and he represented the Father on earth. Why is this important. Think deeply, if someone is speaking the words of the Father, this does not change the channel simply because it was not Jesus.

Understand! If Christ said, if you were of the Father, then the words I speak you would also know. This makes you in league with Christ, it doesn't matter whether you are Jesus or not, you still have the same exact access. However, it doesn't end there. Some then use personalities, they will say, listen I disagree with what this person says, but it doesn't mean I disagree with Christ or the Father. Really? Even if the Father chose that person to reveal the word unto you?

This is how Satan creates division and destroys unity. He plays on human emotional intellect... Try to understand, because I have run into many who come to the conclusion because of the gift of the books I gave to them, that they now have access to the Father. So some think since they have access to the word and directly to the Father, that they do not need anyone else. They have a spirit of; it is me and the Father I don't need nothin' else?

My friends this is not the WORD of the Father. Can you imagine Jesus saying, listen, it is me and the Father only, I don't need anyone else? Where we would we all be if he thought this? Many of you have told me over the years that my books awakened the truth within. But what if I would have said, hey look at all that I know, I don't need anyone else... It is me and the Father alone. I will go off fishing.

What selfishness, or service to self person. Our job is not to hide the truth, it is not to shelve it or vault it, our job is to feed the sheep, help others in their trek in life with the Word of Truth as we are able, because it is the only process, and not to run away and cling to our delusion of self. Now what does this tell you? There is no such thing as, Me and the Father alone. Sorry to break it to you!

Why do you think Christ sent the disciples out two by two? Each one became the personification of the Word. Their job was to share and teach others as Christ did for them, but why. So the others can also share the word in the same mind and unity. But it didn't mean these disciples became one unto their own self. They still had to work in unity of the spirit as a team from above to below. WHY? because there is only one true channel/source, and that is the Father via Christ. You can't have everyone going out on their own and think they are walking the correct path.

This walk is not a walk of selfishness, it is always about service to others. Our calling is about uniting and sharing. It is never about separating and doing your own thing. Now of course we are all at different levels, but this is why we must remain together in spirit. I have had many come to me now and say, thanks for all that you did, but now it is me and the Father and I don't need you anymore.

This is the epitome of pride, ego, self righteousness and service to self, it is delusional. They actually believe the Father is still there guiding them and directing them. How spiritually ignorant... The Father does not remain with anyone who separates themselves from the unity of the Word/channel that fed them in the first place.

Now understand, does this mean only one has the WORD and no one else can have the same word coming to them? Of course not, I just said, all on the same channel receive the same spirit. But it does not come individually it comes from the spirit of unity passed down, there is a process which forces all to be included.

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Christ had to give the word for the channel to even open up 'clearly' to the disciples or else they would have never received it. But how did Christ know to call or share with them, he witnessed that the Father had called them unto Christ in spirit even though they were still confused, but they needed Christ to comprehend what it was they were feeling within.

Do you think after Christ awakened the people that they said, we don't need Christ anymore, we now got the Father? Well some indeed did do that and they were cast unto Satan.

They might have been close in understanding before Christ came, but it never was defined or properly understood until one, the WORD gave it to them, then it opens the channel to the Father if they remain in unity.

I have had so many people who read my books just to tell me they always knew this within but didn't know how to bring it altogether to understand it properly. And so it goes for everyone that receives the word. If they now also do not share the word, others would have not received it on their own. It simply cannot work any other way.

This is called the spirit of unity. Passing the word one to another, but always remaining in deference to the one who gave the word first, whoever that may be. Just like older people or grandparents. We show them respect for their knowledge and wisdom because they came before us, we do not abandon them thinking we already 'got it,' we continue to learn from them all of our days until they are no longer among us.

To anyone who has read my books, some have completely missed the boat when it comes to how the Father works. If all we needed was the Father and not a messenger of the word, then Christ, the disciples, and everyone else through time, all of it was a waste of time. We don't need no stinkin' badges if we close off the source-link and think we have it all to our self.

But you see, that is not the mind of the Father. The Father is trying to restore the fallen children of his family, and he does it by teaching unity and service to others. Lucifer fell in rebellion because she was not interested in serving others, at least back then, she only wanted to serve herself. Therefore, this is how the gospel is sent, this is how the message is revealed, this is how the WORD, the Panem Vatai is digested, it is sent via others who then become the Word as in type, Christ. If you reject them you reject the Father.

This mind set is not now, nor has it ever worked this way. This is why when some fall away after coming to the faith, it is only the few at a time as Satan targets them, why is it this way? Simple, everyone else still recognizes the same channel, the same words, the same spirit. It never changed for them, it only changed for the few, because they lost the channel or were never on that channel in the first place. They were faking it only trying to serve themselves.

I had a person email the other day who has a great gift of teaching and sharing. They told me they didn't need me, or the forum, because they had the Father all to themselves. They had a piece of the word, which I gave to this person and instead of remaining in unity with the very person who shared the WORD, they now think they don't need anyone else. It is them and them alone. Truly how unfortunate.

Christ called this kind of selfishness workers of iniquity. My friends, it's never about what you need, it is always about how can you help others in the same spirit of unity in whatever level you are on. Often this is learned by socializing with those of the same mind. You cannot walk way from the core of the template of truth and think you will remain with it. You will be rejected until you repent. There is no other way.

The channel or station will be shut down, you will be closed off. And those that feel they still are of the Father in every case I have witnessed that the 'father' who is in their lives is not THEE FATHER, they have gone back to the false gods of the flesh, and of course they did because they only serve the flesh. You cannot shut the source of the WORD down and still expect to save the word. All of it begins to be taken away.

There is no way to hold on when one rejects the source, because there is only one source and it comes via two by two throughout all time spiritually. And they all work together in spirit. I hate to use this term but it is sort of like a pyramid, two by two, and then four by four, and then sixteen by sixteen, and so forth. These are the fruits and branches of Faith!

There is not many pyramids, there is only one TREE of LIFE. To remain in the power you must remain in your position/branch that granted you that power from its base source through all the limbs and branches, and then share it with others. As you do, more branches, leaves and fruits will stem from your growth and sharing.

There is no other way, there is no other tree. You cannot create your own pyramid/tree, it will never work because it is never part of the WORD/CHRIST it was abandoned in selfishness. It becomes confusion and destruction to the soul. Either you remain as a branch on the same tree, or the Father will prune you out.

And the truth really is, and read this carefully, when one wants to abandon everyone else thinking they have what they need. It comes down to one thing, they do not agree with the Word or the process where the word came from in the first place because they are not in tune. They entered a form of rebellion thinking they don't need the process. It all comes down to rebellion of the spirit of unity.

And once again we end with the follow up question that always enters the heart of the rebellious. Yeah! This is all fine and dandy, but what makes you the source of the word?

Well if you were truly called, that would be 'YOU'. The Father sent me with the word, the words I speak are from the Father, if you are of the Father, being called, then you will recognize those words. And like I wrote in my book, everyone who is the child of the Father is coded with the WORD within, but it takes the unity of spirit to decode it and keep it.

To be part of the tree of life, you cant walk away from it and start growing a new tree. Once you leave the tree of life there is only one tree remaining, the tree of good and evil...

So you see, unless you identify the word, as the Word within, then you will not understand it as the Word, and you will reject the Word and its source, and reject the tree of life.

BY: John V Panella

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