September 2020 - The Divine Secret Garden Newsletter - Volume 001 - Article 009

The Great Transformation
What are the parameters of changing from death to life?

John V Panella
The Divine Secret Garden Magazine, Author & Contributor.
John V Panella

Two things I learned in life, the resurrection is not about coming out of a literal grave but a metaphoric grave. And rising means to awaken. When you add these two things up, the resurrection means to change from death to life, of limitation/death to eternal/life. And rising represents a greater awakening. But reincarnation is death continuously rolled over inside a loop. A continuous sleep in darkness where the dead know not anything.

This reveal the transformation from the lower dimensions to the higher dimensions of the Father's realm, and this transformation can take place in a twinkling of an eye. Sin is the poison that keeps our spiritual energy, which is our divine connection, low, if we do not have the proper connection, in a constant repentant attitude, then when the change occurs, we won't be able to transform. However, if the connection is there it will happen instantaneously.

Remember, the flesh is death/illusory, not eternal and it is not real as in by spirit. It was made in corruption, unto the lower damnation, and it can never access eternal life. It is what is within, our unique connection/creation of the Father via Christ that opens the door. And that allows one to advance. If that connection is not there it is not possible to advance. Thus it is written, it is impossible for Flesh and Blood to obtain eternal life. Nor does our flesh and blood please the Father.

It appears our moving from the lower world Earth into the Father's Kingdom, the higher world Earth is not as much about judgement as it is a natural process. Just like gravity, you fall off a building you come crashing to your death. No one made the judgment to execute you, your actions did. Thus our moving into the higher precipice of the Father's Kingdom is as natural as gravity.

It is a dynamic created response to the actions we perform in this realm, but not by body but by spirit. This represents the new law Christ brought. The old law was of limitation of the flesh, the new law is life eternal in Spirit.

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The Father judges no one, all Judgement is given unto the SON, Christ said, I came not to judge, but to give life. We are, each of us, represent that son/daughter who makes the judgment. If we make wrong choices, living in wrong lifestyles, we condemn our-self, just like if we decide to step off a tower unto our death. No one external had to play the executor. Christ and the Father designed life eternal to be a natural progression via our spiritual actions.

The division between the wheat and tares is not so much a physical separation, it is a natural by-product of our actions. We are simply removed or better stated we/SOUL join a higher plain of awareness when the GATE/door opens, it is not given to our bodies to advance, but to our soul connection to the spirit. This gate opens at the Harvest before the Tribulation. Many will be made white/righteousness, pure as snow.

However, the gate does not open unless we are in sync, connected, tuned in, within the true spiritual temple. It only opens for those who carry the key card, the Panem Patai or bread of life as the Word of Christ within, that opens the door. Else-wise you won't even be aware of the gate... The more I am aware, the more I am realizing one day in the near future all those that are connected will miraculously enter a higher Earth leaving the lower plane behind.

Yet many as true seeds, will fail to access this gate, and now their only option that will be left is martyrdom within the tribulation. They were not quite in sync, they were still too attached to this lower world and to the lower bodies in pride and ego, and the only thing left for them is to prove themselves detached by denying their life in this fallen realm. Otherwise one is destined to repeat the long process of repetition in hell again, in shame and everlasting contempt.

What we are witnessing before our eyes, is a convergence of the Father's kingdom advancing as if orbiting past our realm at a precise time and date, and if we are are ready, in tune, in sync, we shall change in a twinkling of an eye.

BY: John V Panella

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