Updated Newsletter Feed

Due to deeper understanding, I have made an editorial decision to remove the Twitter feed as it is becoming more apparent that deceptions, lies, inuendoes, pride and ego are getting in the way of revealing only the truth, thereby, leaving nothing but confusion in its wake.

I have desired to reveal where we are at in prophetic terms, however trying to accomplish this in this atmosphere, is defeating the purpose. And the truth is being muddied in the waters of confusion and the air of despair.

We that understand do not need to concern ourselves with worry or fret of what we already know is the destined prophecy to occur and why it must occur. Therefore, I have decided to remove the twitter feed so the true and valid Commmunication is pure and certain without confusion being added therein.

It is important we keep our minds grounded in the spirit of Father via Christ and not go wandering around in the fields of misguided direction. I realize, maybe more than most, how important this is in this stage of the world. I understand who America is and I know why we are at this juncture in time and what has been predestined to occur; not by guidance but by the fact it already happened so that we may learn from our mistakes and make the proper changes before it repeats the long process...

We are at the point in time where the nation of America is about to come under judgment. I have taught for a long time that this is the final judegment. I had written that the judgment will be fast and even though I had thought it would begin when Trump took office, I then learned immediately that the truth is solid but the timeline is not. Therefore America was given a longer reprieve to enter the judgment.

What many do not understand is, the judgment is two fold. The first judgement is the giving of the last chance for America to repent of her many sins, that chance has now been given to all the true children. If she does not repent we enter the final judgment called, the Great Tribulation. Fortunately for us the tineline was extended, but the end is exactly the same. We are close to the final judgment.

However, because the timeline was extended, America and the world will get one final opportunity to change. And that is why the demonic rulers cannot take back their power. It is already past that time.

What we are witnessing is the demonic rulers do not want you to have a final chance, they want you dead and buried to repeat hell. They do not want you finding the Father. Therefore, they are doing everything to steal power back, but it will not be allowed. It is already been foretold.

However, just because that power will be returned for a short time to the good aspect of the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, it won't last long. So do not be lulled into sleep, you will either be prepared or you won't Time is that short. This newsletter is your preparation, and there is nothing like it in the world considering the content.

This is it my friends, do not be lulled into deception or covenience, and do not be swayed by fallen powers that seek answers from all the wrong places, or your destiny, will be fated badly.