Updated Newsletter Feed #1

Why we are here and what is coming in these last days!

It is important that I remind everyone that we are here because of the fall, and we made the wrong choices, and now we have been awakened to realize the depth of that fall and now we understand we are here but not truly here. We are in the world but not truly of the world.

We now are travelers sojourning our last steps in this lower realm and we must pay attention, we must observe, and we must comprehend, but not be part of the fallen world. It is a must we remain separated but also alert.

I say this to bring deeper understanding in that we must disconnect and yet keep a watch. We are the watchmen now knowing the enemy, and knowing the thief is near.

We cannot be emotionally connected, we must remain disconnected and yet fully aware. And that is why I want to remind you all. Trump was chosen, he was chosen for the last days of Israel. He is a very important cog in the wheel of this world, but understand it is of this world.

Trump was and is the final and last option. He was not placed here to make a dent in the evil ones plans just so they could carry on and continue as usual.

As much as it is frustrating to watch and listen to all the negative types, as well as constantly being bombarded by Satan and his children. We must awaken to the fact that this story has already played out, and we are making crucial decisions as to our destiny. We are getting to witness first hand how corrupt everything is, and how evil it all is.

And we must understand, that this is a war between the Gods of good and evil, not the Father and the planet. We are here, and yes we are hip deep in the middle of it. But we must understand, nothing happens that the Father does not reveal to his faithful children first. We are not in the dark like the world is, and we must not become part of the dark.

We are here to witness like galactic time travelers a scene that keeps repeating itself over and again. And we know that a great evil is coming called the Great Tribulation, but we are not there YET, but we can see as clear as a bell just how close it is. The thief is coming, and it is getting closer, but where we are right now is called the judgment period. We are about to enter the judgment of Israel.

This is the time when the people will be given a last chance to remove sin and wickedness in their life and lifestyle. This will be the final warning before the Harvest.

I had believed this would begin when Trump was elected, I learned in 2017 it was not the time yet. There needed to be a time of removal of Satan's children inside Israel before the final judgment. Rest assured this will indeed occur. And then the clock races! The people will no longer have the excuse, it is not fair we didn't get a chance.

Israel has always been given a final chance when the leaders have turned to false gods, one is then sent in to remove the wicked to give the people a chance to repent. If the people fail to repent from their sins, then comes the great tribulation or Israel's great trial. This is why the time is called the judgement, the discernment time.