The Great Fall and the Return - The Process

I was thinking this morning in what John wrote about being that little child and how in the spirit world we were very young and we never even aged, and you know I am so sorry for disobeying the Father to come and play this game called, illusion.

There we were only a child and we thought we understood so much and yet we became deceived, we decided to follow after those that were spreading disinformation around the school-yard about another way of being educated.

While in the process, one of the security officers who was to look after us and become guardians at the school we were part of, decided to break ranks and become the wise ole guru, and this miscreant created their own school and invited the original students to come and learn there. It was stated they had a better way, or more fun way to learn. Because our old taskmasters were rigid and out of date in their thinking.

In the mean time when the school faculty realized what happened, they removed the security officer and fired them. After being removed this officer decided to bring in their Malevolent issue to act as a watchmen in this new school.

He was chosen to create mischief among the students that were mind-napped, you know the type of kids we had to deal with when we went to school, the troublemakers. Well this malevolent son decided that he was going to enter the school as the Dean of Students, but only to cause chaos and anarchy.

Therefore he devised a trap for the first two initiates to go against school policy and create his own rules that rejected the original campus policy. The original Security officer didnt seem to have any problem with this new policy.

In fact it was named the duality philosophy. It was thought why does education have to be so perfect why can't it have error also? So this is what was created.

The Malevolent one decided to bring in his own gang of kids so he could control the new followers much easier, as more and more would enter the new school there would be a need to have an equal amount of distractors to create an opposite influence. For the orginal students seemed to carry the ancient education deep within them, so their needed to be an equal amount of re-education.

In time the original seccurty officer's presence was not even neccesary anymore. It was allowed for the malevolent's will to infect everyone via the school intercom, and the malevolent one knew this would go along way to accomplish this indoctrination.

We have learned about this story even greater from what has been revealed to us in the Divine Secret Garden books.

We were given full details in The Divine Secret Garden that exposed to all about his new school we find ourselves within. Yet I am bringing this forth from another viewpoint as to how I understand it.

Therefore, our original School leader decided to send his best student to this fallen school to also become a student. He was to learn how traumatic and utterly rejecting of real truth this academic ruse really was.

Therefore he came to awaken and bring back his friends who became falsely indoctrinated in this new school. However to return, they first must reject this school and be willing to shed the tenets of this false indoctrination by being renewed back unto the true education by showing fruits of that discipleship.

Our true guidance rejects this world and all of its faulty imitations, because of its contaminated error injected by this school and operated by the one who wrongly believed that they were the headmaster, while also allowing the malevolent One to deceive the entire student body.

We decided to switch schools, and go along with everything that we were being taught, but we didn't understand all the rules once we were taken captive. Like, we might have to return to the same classes over and over again, even after graduation. We might also get horrible teachers, who were also in-tune with the malevolent one.

In time, being heavily educated in this faulty system, we then began to surmise we dont need teachers, we can follow our own rules, this was the example taught to us so why not follow it.

We then went about on our own and then learned we must work to the sweat of our brow to create our own schools, teach our own indoctrination, which was the same faulty knowledge we were given.

And we discover just like we became, that our own students also became contentious, disobedient and rebellious, and they also wanted to break away and create their own schools. It is a never ending cycle of dread, all because our indoctrination is flawed.

We then cry out for help knowing the new rules do not serve us they only hinder us. We cry out for help but we have come to ask for that help from the wrong leaders.

The ones we were told to ask for help from are the ones we thought had our best interest but they hide from the people so the answers are never forth coming.

And sadly we die and then discover we are back again in the same school following the same faulty teachers,

Albeit in different garments this time, and yet we still have not figured it out. It is a constant loop of error.

And then when we finally do awaken to this error, we cry out to our first School Master saying, I am so sorry that I joined in this rebellious coup long ago and signed on the dotted line to allow myself to be indoctrinated in supreme error.

Nevertheless, we have been given the chance again, and it is imperative that we read the Divine Secret Garden continuously so that we can recognize our error and to realize just how much the true School Master cares for us, and not the fraudulent officer that stole our heir of right

Now we know we must be careful that we do not go off on a tangent to think we are better than the other students that are still blindly following. Everyone in their own time will be given the same opportunity to return. We were the chosen students of our school and our Leader truly cared for us, in so much he sent his best student, his first student, to this fallen school, for our sakes.

He was not sent to save the entire student body, because it had become mixed with a faulty student body, but to awaken the students that fell in the great ruse at the original school, and to help us understand that the educational garments we wear now are disgusting and not pleasing because it reveals just how far we had fallen, it was all a trap, for these are not the true garments of the original Student body.

Once we grasp the hidden inner truth that only the direction of our true faculty leader has the true spark of our initial calling & edcuation, which is in each of the primary students which were of the correct school of life, then we will eventually remember who we were and are.

Our Grand Dean of the Academy is deeply concerned about our education, growth and awareness. The true way is the way of advancement, not to continually rehash the old false indoctrination, which continually causes us to suffer, but to be renewed in the correct doctrine having learned great character and acheivement, for all time.

This is what I was thinking about this morning how we were trapped in a plagiarized school long ago to be educated in a false way of life that never ends. But now we must learn from it and take our lessons to acheive a greater opportunity than we ever imagined possible and return back home.

By: Michael Ciconte