The Birth of the Newsletter

The dynamic small beginnings of the Newsletter!

Our Newsletter was a process in motion that took a solid year to bring out the true fruits. It was needed to begin a forum of people who came in as a result of the Divine Secret Garden books and then to create a testing ground to find true souls who were humble and teachable.

This was a very difficult process as we had to deal with many spirits and attitudes that were not in alignment to the Father, but in fact aligned to their own deceived spirit and ego. The forum allowed interaction but was well guarded by Christ and the Father to discover just who it is that realizes what a blessing this is for them.

Many never truly understood where the great blessing was and instead they wanted to play the worldly game of liberalism. Not everyone agreed with the central core purpose, and not everyone was on the same page spiritually. Thus they revealed their inner intentions and truer ideology, thoughts and beliefs.

What the Father and Christ were doing was seeking for applicants to a greater job of feeding the true Seeds, or Children of the Father who have been lost in the world. Like applying for any job, not everyone would be fit, or acceptable. It didn't matter what credentials they had, it only mattered what spirit they were operating with.

Those clinging to the spirit of the world of competition, infighting, arguing, unwilling to humble oneself to apply the true fruits of the spirit, became readily known. But our job was not to judge, it was only to discover who was going to move to the next part of this phase in the plan.

It is up to the Father to deal with all those who were not ready, but in a true sense it is like the kingdom. Those of the first-fruits will become the Teachers, Priests and Monarchy in the Kingdom.

However those who failed as first-fruits can still enter but via great suffering. I have personally taught this as those who must become martyrs in the Great Tribulation, called the Great Multitude, who are willing then to give up their life for Christ. Yes they can be in the Kingdom but it is not a path I would desire.

These will still enter the Kingdom as citizens and not the leaders or teachers. The Father wanted to see who could become a teacher by becoming a leader in the student body, and being prepared to be humble teachers for everyone else. Not everyone of course can be teachers, only the select few.

One who is unwilling to be taught, or instructed can never be a good teacher, because they will only serve themselves. The issue at hand is, there is still a great end-time work to accomplish and unlike other groups, one person cannot be the only teacher.

We must be varied, having ministers, pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists and so forth as the work must continue. But it must continue without burden. We are not a work to make money off souls nor to save anyone. That is the Father’s business.

We do not strive to gain personal followings. We seek to provide the truth to make it available to any true soul that desires who then will follow the Father and Mother via Christ. As the statement I was told early on in my life, I am not here to seek for followers I am here to find teachers. And that has been my creed from the beginning.

“How does one find a great teacher, they are the ones who were the best students.”

However, to be a teacher or leader or guide one must be trained in that art. One must not be offended easily, where they lash out at others. The fruits of the spirit must be visible to everyone. They must show their true intent.

As an example I gave leadership to one of the people in my forum who exhibited abilities to lead. However, this individual created a problem with someone else also in the forum. I then decided to intercede. I defended the leader because if you don’t then it creates massive confusion.

My belief has always been to allow Christ to iron out the problems and we must humble ourselves. This issue became more than this other person could handle and they were greatly offended.

So, I defended the leader. I told this offended person, do not allow this to cause you to leave, because it is not worth it. Everything in time will be resolved, but I must keep order, because Satan is the author of confusion.

It was important that the person I placed in charge was able to recognize their own flaw without me destroying their leadership quality, and if they could not understand where they were at fault, then in time they will either see it or leave also, but my job was to keep order.

However, the person that was offended, I felt had great potential, and I even told this individual who had become greatly offended that they were not in the wrong, however they needed to learn to get along with the structure of things. I said, leaving won’t solve anything it only weakens yourself.

Sadly they left anyway to never return again, but lo and behold so did the one I placed in charge, they also left due to offenses. And thus, both are out in the cold in the same place they were before entering. And all for what? Pride, ego, being unteachable, not being able to allow for the proper pattern of discipline? Whatever it was; it was not worth it.

The reason the Father had the forum opened was to work with the true seeds that could be tested and sometimes tried in very difficult situations to really discover if they have the brawn and mental toughness as Christ did.

Or were they easily disturbed by others and offended. Like the Pharisees in Christ day, they nitpicked about everything, even tiny things bothered them, it was called straining at the gnat.

They were not humble, they were very proud, and one of the first things Christ taught us is we must be poor in spirit, meaning to be meek, humble and teachable even if the journey is difficult, even if we were right in being wronged.

Even if you have to take it for the team time and time again, you just do it. Great leadership comes from great endurance.

We must suffer for Christ, it was never meant to be an easy ride.

Rom 8:17

"And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we "suffer" with him, that we may be also glorified together."

1Co 12:26

"And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it."

2Co 1:6

"And whether we be afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation."

Like a military soldier. No one wants a crybaby that can’t take the heat. Everyone there depends on everything else there, no one is more important than the other. And if anyone is in a wrong spirit, it could also mean the death of everyone around them.

So the Father seeks those who are able to be trained even in the most difficult and most dire situations. Those who can resist the fire and still be courageous leaders are the exceptions not the norm. And these attributes are difficult for mere men or women to discover, it must be via training. Eventually the true spirit is revealed in everyone.

Once we discovered those who were the best students, we then knew who could become the best teachers. And thus a Newsletter was born to reveal the most powerful truth ever disseminated throughout the world, and it is not being done by just one person, but by the trained ones and associate helpers also.

It has been my great pleasure to witness the growth in these selected ones. A growth that could only come from the Father using Christ in their lives. I have seen novices of the spirit become teachers of that spirit in less than a year and it is one of the most exciting things I have ever personally witnessed.

Not everyone that writes in this newsletter is all that are here. But some take on other roles. Selected roles to being encouraging, and helping to keep the spiritual oil trimmed. Everyone plays their role. However, the key is they are here to play that role.

And thus we have built a News-letter. It is not about frills, and pictures, and videos, although at times they are added to enhance content, it is about the Bread of Life, the true knowledge that Jesus taught while being part of humanity. He is simply teaching it again through those selected and teachable children of the Father.

There is nothing like this anywhere. We do not ask for money, we do not need to bolster our own private lives. We live humbly as servants, doing a great work on menials means that happens to be the most powerful work than anything else in this world.

We are not asking anything from anyone, we are simply teaching the secrets of the Kingdom of the Father and how to be prepared to enter that kingdom when the time comes.

It is a free gift testament being handed on a silver platter, however the free-gift is only the first part of it. It now becomes, what you do with this gift when you receive it? If you put into practice the principles we teach, it will forever change your life.

The newsletter is hard hitting and impactful, but it is designed to keep the trouble makers at bay because this information will never make sense to them. And that is good for us. For if they knew and understood what was really being offered here, they would cause great strife and turmoil.

Thus welcome to the TDSG News-letter as we enter 2021, as the final judgment upon America and the world. We have now turned the corner of the prophesied last days on earth before the Harvest.

Will you be ready?

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The eight books called, The Divine Secret Garden, which are still free to everyone, and they are located at the bottom of every article of the Newsletter in both audio and text, is the calling card of the first fruits.

And once you respond then the serious real spiritual teachings begin with the Newsletter, as greater more profound truths are being revealed often. However, without the guidance of the TDSG, your foundation will be non-existent and your building shall fall apart.

Therefore, you must first read the books, or else you will not have the proper spiritual foundation to become open to these deeper truths!

By: John V Panella