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The House of Israel Wake Up!
By: John V Panella

I have tried to reveal a very important piece of the puzzle as to why I know what must occur while the rest of the world is in the dark. My friends,

The United States of America is the
House of Israel!

I have been revealing this for quite some time to a blind and deaf world. Nearly all end-Time Prophecy is connected to the house of Israel. If you are looking over to the Middle East to the place named Israel, you are lost and will never understand prophecy.

My friends as I revealed in my books that there are only two places on earth that take the name Israel when concerning Prophecy, and they are Great Britain and the United States of America. In my books I prove this without a doubt.

I also proved that when Satan Infiltrated Israel, he took over Great Britain and then America and they became the 6th and 7th heads of the beast. This was the voice within, the demonic overlord who controls the world.

So why is America so important? Where America goes so goes the world. Some may think it is not fair. Why does America lead the world. America has done terrible things in the last 100 years to other countries.

This is why you must understand prophecy and learn who Israel is and why they were chosen by their God that happens to control all of this local universe. Israel is God's children, his chosen ones. Wait, are you telling me this is all about Jews?

Excuse me, where did you read the word Jews in my statement? I said Israel. The fact that you think this means Jews reveals how you have been brainwashed. Jews were only one of twelve tribes of Israel. I reveal all of this in my books. All Jews are Isralites, but not all Israelite's are Jews.

Wake up and learn the real truth and stop following ignorance. I am trying to tell you why Israel/America is so significant but to do so one must comprehend all of Israel were blood children of Abraham, but they were not a race called Israel, they were a people named Israel.

In the beginning these ancient Sumerian Hebrew Egyptians were then brought into the ancient land that was named Israel becaue of their Father Jacob. There were 12 sons born unto Jacob through various women and they became two different tribes, known as the Judean Tribe and the Isralite Tribe. These were separated in territory but were still blood related.

These people led a life in the Middle east and Asia Minor, until Assryia and Babylon conquered them and raped, pillages and destroyed them. Israel was scattered North, and Judah was scattered all over the world. Isrel not the Judah, became known as the lost Ten Tribes.

The reason it says ten, because Joseph was the 11th son, and the promised prophetic blessing was handed down to his children, Eprhaim and Massaseh. When Jacob who had then had his named changed to Israel offered his first birth rites blessing, he took his name Israel and blessed Joseph's two sons. Thereby, the ten lost tribes, are

Judah Separated
Joseph Separated

Joseph equals Eprhraim and Mannaseh

Notice there is no Joseph nor is there a Judah within the ten lost tribes, Judah was separated from the 12. As was Joseph. The great first born blessing went onto Joseph's two sons only, not any of the other tribes and only the two sons took upon the name Israel. All the rest received their personal blessings and identification individually.

These two children called,the House of Israel today, were to become very powerful nations upon the world as the seed spread beyond blood and into territory and other tribes, literally guiding and directing the world. The first was known as Ephraim, which it was stated he would become a commonweatlh of nations where their boundaries were all over the planet.

Sure enough that happened under Great Britian as in the 19th century the sun never set on the British Flag. And they are the British people that became the first born in blessing to rule the entire world under the name House of Israel, but the world had no idea. The very name British means, 'Covenant Man' - the chosen son. He was the blessed one. He became separated from the 12 tribes and became known as the futuristic house of Israel.

It then revealed out of this blessing, his very brother Mannaseh who had actually been born first but Jacob switched his hands and gave the first or rite of firstborn to Ephraim. Manasseh was said to become a single Great Nation. It was unlike the British commonwealth it was a single nation that would rule over the world. And the very word 'America' is 50. 50 states combined. A=1 - M-13 - E=5 - R=18 - I=9 - C=3 - A=1 >>> 1+13+5+18+9+3+1= 50!

The problem is when America became that single nation it was derived from this very blessing, but eventually they allowed Satan in their midst as did the British people prior, and Satan took Israel and made her the 6th and 7th heads of the dragon beast.

It was done through infiltration.

Great Britan became the 6th head and then to follow America became the 7th head. The first five heads were of he Holy Roman Empire, this is all detailed and explained in the books. So now not only were they the two chosen ones, Satan got in and made them his leaders in his satanic Empire.

Where everyone makes the mistake is there is going to be a mysterious 8th head. I even detail who they are and where they came from and why.
Satan's goal then led down to using America to bring in the Global Communistic Government. This is why it was called the New World Order, Because America after leaving Britain and Europe became the New World. And Satan wanted to use America to rule the world.

Satan wanted to use the chosen ones to take over the planet and bring everyone under the power of Satan, it would be a big bow in his cap. I have been writing for 30 years before hardely anyone ever really spoke of the NWO, that it would never be allowed. Israel cannot be part of the final Global Empire.

The prophecy revealed the final Empire destroys Israel. This could not happen if Isreal was leading it via Satan's demons-offspring-children. However, Satan wanted this and so did all of his children who proudly sell America out to bring in their global demonic realm. But it was never to happen, it is not how the Prophecy reveals.

This is why for 5 years when I learned of Trump running and what he was saying I knew he was the chosen one to bring America out from the Globalist plans, he is the latter day prophet sent unto Isreal. America will become a bitter pill in the Globalist heads because it will not surrender to them, YET. In fact, the demonic children in drag that try to destroy America now, will themselves be destroyed, in what is called the Tare purge from the Wheat.

And that is where the story turns and I reveal it all in my books. Trump cannot fail because he is now the one accomplishing this removal of Satan and his children in America, as well as restoring the laws and government as is also prophesied. He is hated above all men, because he is Satan's direct #1 enemy and he is the one who is calling the shots now to restore the country and remove it from the demons, and he grteat help from the God of the heavens and the watchers. If you side with Satan you will be destroyed, soon!

The world does does not understand these truths. Satan cannot have Israel as his play toy any longer. But until you realize who Israel really is, you will be blind, deaf and mute.

Yes, Israel will be punished because they fall into the sin of wickedness in immorality, and they allow false Gods to teach and guide them and theuir children unto their destruction. This has always occured, and it will continue to occur in the realm of the Knowledge of the tree of Good and Evil, which I have also explained in massive detail in my books.

The fact is, the people are stiffnecked, stubborn and refuse to repent. They love their sins, they love error, and often they hate and despise the truth. Well that is too bad, because the people of Israel were always taken into captivity and punished while their nation was looted and destroyed. And then a 'newer' old covenant had to be created.

However, there is always one caveat, and that is, Israel is always given a chance to repent before their destruction. This is te very time we are in now! If the people repent then nothing will come against them, if they choose not to repent, they are ultimately destroyed and it all starts over again. I have also explained about the Time-Loop.

Isrsel has always had a serious problem, they live in luxury, they are fed and taken care of like fat calflings anove all nations upon the earth. But they always allow foriegn Gods to enter and they start following after the gods of immorality. Israel becomes deprived of truth and they slowly succumb to death. It never fails and it will never fail as long as Earth remains and there are still true children of the seed of Christ remaining.

Until Israel repents of their deviant lifestyles they will continue to be destroyed. However, before destruction, is called the time of Judgment, decision, discernment. Obviously, if the demons are controlling the people there is not much they can do against this force.

However, the demons will be removed, and the Children must be set free to then decide. The judgment is usually not long, if the people continue to follow in the ways of Ba'al and the other demon gods living a faulty sinful immoral lifestyle, then the people will no longer have any more chances or excuses.

They are given one chance FREE to repent, like a "get out of jail free card", if they refuse, then comes sudden destruction. There won't be another Trump or any deliverer in this timeline. There won't be another reprieve or message to repent. It will end there and quickly.

I am sorry to say, but to this very day, Isreal has always loved the reprieve they are given and the blessings that come with it, but they have never repented, ever, and they are always destroyed by an enemy that hates them.

Remember, when Moses delivered the Israelites from bondage and they still rebelled and went into every deviant sin imaginable while Moses was gone for 'JUST' 40 days. And those who sinned were still given one chance to repent and return, but those who refused were swallowed whole in the earth that very day. Nothing is new under the sun.

And the prophecy reveals Israel as a nation won't repent this time either. Listen, do not fret, whether Israel repents as a nation or not, you as an individual can repent and be taken into safety and protection. A repented sinner will never have to suffer the Great Tribulation while there is judgment time...

What is going to happen after the judgment is the worst of all evils to ever happen to any nation ever in this time, it is also called Jacob's Trouble. Look around it is already beginning, Satan and his demon spawn want us dead now if we do not comply, and they are telling us what will happen to everyone who refuses to bow down to Satan and take his Mark of allegiance. They want us removed from the Planet. One way or the other, those of the House of Israel shall perish if they refuse to repent.

This is it my friends, yes everyone gets a repreive no matter what sins you have committed. But there is no tommorrow. There won't be another chance in this Time-Loop Harvest. It is called Jacob's trouble, because prophetically, 'Israel' now is his offspring that shall perish in the worst ways imaginable.

My friends as long as Israel is given a reprieve so will the world. What happens to Amwrica happens to the world. But when it is over, all nations of Israel type nations which there are many scattered all over the world will be punished in the worst cataclysm anyone could ever imagine. And America will lead the way in her destruction. Read Revelation 18!

So maybe you are thinking why would a loving God do this? Again read my books again and again, until you understand, neither God or Satan is who you have believed them to be. Neither one is your friend. There is only one Hope and that is Christ, who then must link the true children back to the Father whom has nothing at all to do with this world or this 9th lower universe, Nothing! We made our beds and unless we repent we shall remain asleep in them forever!

Read my books and begin to awaken or remain asleep. They are all free, at the end of every article in this Newsletter are links to all the books, audio and text, free of charge, I don't want your money, I just want your attention.