1000-yr Timeloop of death & rebirths
The Millennium Deception

1000-yr Timeloop of death & rebirths Psalm 90:3-6You turn man back into dust and say, “Return, O children of men.” For a thousand-years in your sight are like yesterday when it passes by, or as a watch in the night. You have swept them away like a flood, they fall asleep; In the morning they are like grass which sprouts anew.Ecclesaistes 6/6 "Yea, though he live a thousand years twice told, yet hath he seen no good: do not all go to one place?"

Many Christian religions teach that Christ is coming back to the rule the Earth. I responded to these assertions within the Bible showing it is not feasible. So why does it say a second coming? And why does it says he comes to rule and reign for a thousand years?

Looking at certain key verses in the Bible it seems to reveal Jesus Christ is coming back here and going to rule over the earth. ANd yet as I revealed, it doesn't make sense. Something is no copacetic when one realizes this is a fraudulent world and not the creation of the Father or Christ.

I revealed in the books to take it one step at a time, The Bible says the Kingdom will reign for ever and ever, eternally. and Christ will rule for 1000-years. It is funny hw this time length is often used. Even Hitler revealed the 1000 year reign or Riech. It seem the sark side is all for a 1000 year reign. By why 1000 years, is there something significant about this period of time? Yed Ineed!

In revelation he speaks of the one-thousand- period as the kingdom of Christ. ANd he shall reign. The Old Testment is certain books of the prophets also spoke of this period of time. However, is this Kingdom on Earth or another world? Why do I ask this?

First of all, it reveals the time when Christ will reign for this period of time and then it states, Satan who was bound during this time, is then released for a short period to deceive the entire world. Now let's frame this thought process. Christ the King of King and Lord of all Lords comes back to set up an eternal kingdom, but then at the end of 1000-years, it is all turned over to Satan.

Now what is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with it, is why would righteousness ever give back the power to evil even for a short time? ANd how good of a Job did the king of kings really do when Satan can be released for a short period of time and deceive the entire world all over again?

This doesn't bode well for the eternal Kingdom. It then states that after this the Father will come down and make earth his Kingdom. Really. a physcial three dimensional earth to be the Kingdom of Spirits? What purpose would thaar serve, when the true KIngdom is a spiritual kingdom not physical.

Notice also it has been said there will be a new heavens and new earth. Well of course, because it must be designed for spirit beings not carnal humanity. So why the tickery in scripture? Is Christ coming here to rule, or is he coming to take back the children that are ready to serve in the true Kingdom of Heaven?

Christ said, where I am you shall be also. It doesnt say where you are I will be also. We are going to where Christ is really located, he is not coming here other then to retrieve what is his.

I began to teach about a 1000-year time loop, where humanity is recyled continuously in what has been claimed is the Kingdom on Earth. IN fact the Catholic Church claimed it was the Kingdom. The thousand years is what I call the time-Loop, it was shortened from the ages of cycles or 26,000 years to only 1000 years and it keep repeating. I do not have time to verify this here, you can read the books.

The key is, if Christ and the Father KIngdom has begun on earth, then Christ is the lord of Earth. If somehow Satan wss given back full power, it would mean Christ gave him the power. Why would Christ ever give evil back its power?If anyone believes they have the answer then they do not understand the perfection of the Father's kingdom.

The fact is, why only 1000-years. Why not forever. WHy was the very time revealed? Because it is the last thousand years of earth's existance, and rhen it is dissolved completely here the heaven and earth burn up. However, rirhg before it dissolves Satan is allowe to deceive the entire world, and if it hasn't hit you yet, you better wake up to the fact that Satan right now is in complete control until the power is removed and he is bund again for 1000 years.

This means the last 100 or so years Satan has complete power of this earth and he has deceived all nations, tongues and people. We are in that time now. When it reverts back to the 1000-years it is when Earth is recyled in the process of a complete do-over.. It all begins again to allow for the true children to make better decisions this time, because they failed under Satan again.

Remember Christ said, the way to eternal life is a narrow path and only a few find it, but the way to destruction and death s a wide path and many find it. DO you really think that is the end of the story, give everyone one chance to find a true path knowing only a few will find it?

This has been the scarred logic of many until I brought the true awareness to what is happening. Each cycle, is a planting and a harvest season, each cycle lasts 1000-years, and in each cycle only the true wheat are gathered into the barn, and the rest are toiled under for the next planting season.

I taught how there is more than one harvest, just like on earth, there are many harvests, to gather all the fruit/wheat possible. This is not a one time deal.

I revealed how for 1000-years the world is turned over to Lucifer, and at the end of the term he allows Satan to take over for about 100-years right before the 1000-year time-loop.

Of course you wont be taught this by anyone else because frankly they are not aware, they are lost in the cycles. They do not comprehend the over all truth. In that none of the Father's children will ever be lost, they will all eventually repent and change and return all in their own order of the awakening/Resurrection.

So in each cycle there is only a few that awaken, called the first fruits, these are they which walked the narrow path, and then the majority are brought in through their death but only to become citizens. But this enters extreme multi-dimnesionality, it is best that I not explain it here.

The key is, we must not look at this in a linear time frame, it is multi-higher dimensions that are at play here, but we are limited with a three dimensional view. And this is why scriptures are not understood properly. This is why reincanration is also not udnerstood by man Christian religions. They lack awareness of the complete plan.

There could ne 100 harvests and each one would represent the firstfruits, and there could be a 100 harvests where the majority fail but give up their lives for Christ and shall enter the kingdom as citizen. However, eventually all shall enter the Kingdom of the Father who were consecrated long before the world came into existence. There will also be many others, Satan's children, who shall not ever be saved. This is revealed in the wheat and tares.

Just like we have trees and plants that produce food each and every year until the plant can't produce anymore and it dies, because there is nothing left. The Father's kingdom is not a one time deal. That Fatehr via grace can allow for as much time as needed to rescue all his fallen children even if it takes millions of years. Time is not-relevant with the Father of eternity. He has all the time he needs to bring back his fallen children.

Again I ask, did you really think the Father would limit eternity to a one time deal, either make it or fail by allowing good and evil as out caretaker? Then yo have never know the Father. He cannot fail.

By: John V Panella